Portable tyre baling system

The new Gradeall portable tyre baler is a  system has been designed and developed to deal with the waste tyre problem in remote locations. The costs of transporting tyres to a location with a tyre baler are prohibitively expensive, with this system the tyre baler can be brought to the site to deal with the tyres.



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Product Description

The system was designed in co-operation with other local companies, who supplied the trailer and generator used in this system and cooperated closely with Gradeall during the design phase.

Located on both sides of the trailer are folding walkways and detachable handrails. These provide an extra area on which to work and walk around the baler, allowing operators to handle tyres safely minimising the risk of falling. In the transport position, the walkways fold and bolt up out of the way taking up no more space than a conventional trailer.

The Trailer is sufficiently large to give good working room around the baler for the loading and unloading of tyres. With sufficient space and tie down points to also transport a Telehandler easily and safely. Ramps are included and stored in the convenient undercarriage storage boxes.

Ideal for use in remote locations

The MKII Baler remains mostly unchanged when compared with its static counterpart, but does benefit from additional floor structures to bolt to the trailer, and an easy to collapse head mechanism which reduces the overall height of the system to safely drive on the public roads without hitting bridges. The mechanism allows the head to be uncoupled from the baler and then retract into the body of the baler to reduce its overall height. A system similar to that offered on a conventional MKII tyre baler but with a latching system to make the head installation process easier especially if performed multiple times per week in order to transport the system to different sites.

With the Portable tyre baling system it is now possible to take the MKII tyre baler to the large tyre stockpile, the cost of driving this one trailer is significantly lower than the costs associated with multiple journeys to a tyre processing facility.

Key Features


Move a tyre baler between sites


No wider or higher than a standard truck trailer on the road


Sufficient parking space for a telehandler


On board 3 phase diesel generator


Quick setup times


Full MKII tyre baler functionality

Product Specification

Working Area Dimensions

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