Complete remote monitoring for Gradeall compactors, now offered as standard!

Our unique Intelli-Fill technology acts as a complete remote system monitor, and is now offered as standard on all post-2014 static and portable compactors. It allows the user to remotely supervise the system, eliminating the need for personnel to report on fill-levels and operating issues.

* The Intelli-Fill system uses a GSM Sim card to operate and is subject to network operator costs.



With the system self-monitoring in effect, your service personnel can be deployed in other areas of your business, instead of spending their valuable time monitoring the performance of your compactor.


As soon as a fault occurs, or when the compactor reaches 50%, 75% and 100% capacity, notifications are automatically and instantly sent directly to key personnel of your choosing. This ensures that action can be taken immediately, whenever any action is required.


You don’t have to be a technical wizard to understand Intelli-fill and how it works. It is an internet based system so essentially it works away and simply notifies your team members via email, whenever an update or notification is required.


Intelli-fill is not an optional extra that comes with an added expense. Far from it, it is now offered as standard on all our post -2014 compactor machines – so when you choose to buy a new Gradeall compactor, you are getting the very latest technology at no extra cost.


The compactor’s control system features an integrated modem in which a standard SIM card is used. This enables the compactor to establish its own GPRS internet connection which allows it to be monitored and maintained via internet, regardless of where it is situated, provided there is full access to an electrical supply as well as sufficient mobile network coverage.

Intelli-Fill process

The interface on Intelli-fill is simple to use and offers adjustment of the different functional parameters of the compactors. This is particularly useful for Gradeall as it allows us to remotely monitor the compactors for any underlying faults, before any faults become serious.

The modem on the system has its own IP address with 4 different groups, each with up to 10 email addresses, allowing information to be sent by GPRS. This is the means through which the system informs the waste management company when the containers are to be emptied; it is also the means through which it informs the service company when the next service is required, or if faults occur.

All inputs are monitored so that your staff can see which components, switches etc, are active and which are not. This ensures that any errors can be found quickly, either directly on the machine or via a technician accessing the compactor’s control system over the internet to identify the cause of the failure and help your service personnel address any simple issues there and then.

In order to ensure that the machine operates according to the settings, the most recent press cycle is recorded graphically in diagram form. In this way, the functions are monitored and controlled, which is a great help to the service staff.

The system allows selection of up to 4 additional setups, are already programmed into the controller, to achieve an optimum level of compression with different materials e.g. the pressing of plastic, cardboard, organic waste or residual waste, with each setup configuration altering key operating characteristics to suit the material being processed.