Portable Compactors

Gradeall Portable Compactors (mobile skip compactors), are an all-in-one compactor and container. Designed to be used in applications where a fixed static compactor simply is not suitable. Essentially, they offer the same benefits as static compactors but with the added benefit that it can be moved from one location to another.

We offer a range of portable waste compactors, with size options ranging from 7 to 24 cubic metres. In two main size categories:

  • Chain Lift (Skip lift)  – Smaller portable compactors, these are lifted with a conventional chain lift skip lorry.
  • Hook Lift (Roll-on/roll-off) – The 24 cubic meter models, these are lifted with hook lift skip lorry.

They come either with scissor rams for use with dry waste, or pendulum compaction for use with wet waste types.

CHEM Compliant

All our portable compactors are designed and built to comply with the British CHEM Standards. An independent regulatory body ensuring a consistent application of codes of practice are met. This means that any CHEM complaint compactor will be fully compatible with a CHEM compliant skip lorry.

Optional Features

We also offer a range of additional options on our portable compactors, including deodorising systems and leak proof sealing, (designed to keep vermin away), bin lifts for handling a variety of bin types, and lockable manual feed doors. In addition, all our portable compactors have a tapered bin design as standard, to ensure easy tipping of waste materials.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

We offer a range of different compactors to deal with different material types and volumes, with solutions designed to specifically deal with compaction of cardboard, wet waste, medical waste, food waste, food manufacturing waste, mixed general waste, green waste, and any waste where the is a high liquid content.

The applications of portable compactors are wide and varied and include the following:  hospitals, hotels, fast food outlets, shopping centres, council recycling & amenity sites, schools, colleges & universities, entertainment complexes, as well as a number of private manufacturing businesses.

Intelli-Fill Remote Monitoring

Gradeall fit all new portable waste compactors with the Intelli-Fill remote monitoring system. This GSM based system (Subject to network operator costs) provides a number of functions:

  • Notify designated email contacts when the compactor is 75 and 100% full, thus emailing before a collection is required.
  • Monitor all hydraulic and electrical systems on board the compactor and warn in advance of problems developing.
  • Allow Gradeall to log into the control system to remotely diagnose and fix issues.
  • Should changes be required to the operating program for specific material types Gradeall can do this remotely.

Key Benefits of a Gradeall Portable Compactor:

  • Up to 80% reduction in waste volume
  • Reduced cost of waste handling methods
  • Increased payload of the waste leaving site
  • Reduced truck movements on site
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Designed to suit low or high waste volumes
  • Cleaner and more efficient waste
  • Control panels can be positioned on either side of the compactors

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