The Gradeall GV500 stands out as a robust, mill-sized baler designed to create 500kg bales.

It will create bales which are perfectly suited for efficient storage, transport, and processing in recycling facilities.

The GV500 is versatile with a sleuth of applications within the waste and recycling sector, it handles a wide array of materials. From cardboard and plastics to foam, rigid plastics and much more. This machine is engineered to transform diverse types of waste into compact, manageable bales, optimising your waste management practices.

Model GV500
Width (mm) 2545
Height (mm) 3430
Power Supply 415V 3 Phase
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Product Description

What is a baler machine used for?

A baler machine is used to compact any waste recyclable material such as cardboard, plastic, paper, etc, into compact easy to manage square bales. It uses a hydraulic press to compress the recyclable materials together, making them easy to store and transport to recycling centres. A baler machine is usually found in businesses where waste is generated, but that waste happens to be recyclable. Typical examples include as retail shops or warehouses where packaging waste is a significant issue and the need to carefully manage it is an important consideration. 

Bale tied and ready for ejection in Gradeall GV500

Baler vs compactor – what are the differences?

Both balers and compactors play crucial roles in waste management, both leverage hydraulic pressure to effortlessly crush and compact waste. However, they cater to different needs and use cases. 

A baler machine such as the Gradeall GV500 here. Is specifiaclly designed to to compress recyclable waste such as cardboard, paper, plastic into neat, manageable bales. These bales made up of valuable recyclable material are sized and shaped ideally for stacking and storage, and this also makes it easy to transport them on to recycling facilities. This facilitates quick processing and repurposing of valuable recyclable materials.  

Compactors, on the other hand, are suited for situations involving higher volumes of mixed or unsorted waste. They are invaluable in places where waste segregation is not practical. While compactors for homogenous materials do exist (and this depends on the operator rather than anything specific to the compactor itself), such as those seen in council run amenity sites where signs say, cardboard, wood, textiles they also serve a purpose of handling mixed and wet wastes such as food waste in hospitality related businesses.  Sometimes a compactors waste will go to a waste handling facility if it has been used to compact a single type of material, however for mixed waste compactors their priority is to quickly handle waste and get it off site as soon as possible. 

So while both machines will crush waste, a baler is designed to produce a bale containing one type of material so it can be taken fairly soon for recycling. A compactor holds vastly more material, and it tends to be a wide range of materials where the main aim is not to recycle the material straight away but get it off site as soon as possible.  

Product Description of the GV-500 Baler Machine 

Gradeall GV500 baler for cardboard waste

The GV-500 Baler Machine is a long-lasting, heavy duty piece of waste management machinery that will improve the waste management practices in your business. It has been built with optimal performance in mind, whilst still offering the user a simple, intuitive control system.

Sliding door to make material entry easy

A sliding feed door features a counterweight slider mechanism for easy lifting, simply slide the door up and forget about it until it needs to be closed. This provides a large and unobstructed material feed area, making it very easy to load material into the GV500. 

The door itself has been designed so that it will open automatically after a compaction cycle has been completed, as the baling head rises it lifts the door upwards. For operators it takes out the guess work, clearly showing the baler is ready for more material and this makes it easier to load in materials in. The twin mesh windows allow for the progress of the compaction to be viewed as the baler operates.

Mechanical bale eject system

Bale produced by Gradeall GV500

The GV500 features a mechanical bale eject system, therefore, permitting the user to safely and conveniently deposit the bale onto a pallet, pallet truck or forklift in a controlled manner. The fact that the system is mechanical, adds a degree of simplicity and durability to this baler.

A two-handed bale eject system ensures that the user is standing away from danger when ejecting bales. This requires the operator to press both bale eject buttons (each button is located at opposite sides of the control panel) in doing so this eliminates the risk of injury to the operator during the bale eject process.

Despite the two-handed eject system, the controls are simple and easy to use with a single-touch operation required to complete a full bale cycle.

Suitable for outdoor use

All electrical components of the GV-500 Baler Machine are IP55 rated. Moving hinge parts have grease fittings which combine to make the GV500 suitable for use in outdoor conditions. This is a great advantage for businesses that have little storage space inside their premises. It can also provide a solution for those who want to keep their waste management processes outside their building, for health and hygiene practices. 

Industry standard 500 kg mill-spec bales

It is worth mentioning that the GV500 produces 500 kg mill-spec bales. This ensures that businesses that produce large quantities of recyclable waste can easily dispose of their waste materials as these mill-spec bales are the most sought after by recycling facilities due to their uniform size and weight.

Reliability of the GV-500 Baler

At Gradeall, we build high-quality, durable and reliable waste management machinery. All of our machines are designed and built in house. We make machines that are built to last, with a long service period guaranteed. We take pride in designing and manufacturing innovative waste management solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of clients in various different sectors.

Our machines have safety features embedded into the design right from the initial drawing board sketches. We can also offer flexible and convenient service contracts to make the maintenance of the GV500 as effortless as possible.

Repairs and spares for the GV500 baler machine

No one knows our machinery better than we do, we can perform expert maintenance checks and provide breakdown cover, ensuring that your business continues to perform, with little to no downtime. 

We also have a healthy stock of spare parts that are ready to be shipped to customers based in the U.K. and Ireland in under 48 hours. This  means that if you need a spare part for repairs, you are dealing directly with us, the manufacturer, and no other third party that may cause potential delays, or added cost. 


Who is the GV-500 Baler Machine for? 


The GV-500 Baler Machine lends itself well to a wide range of businesses, it can cope with impressive range of materials for improving the waste management prospects of any organisation that invests in one. 

The ideal baling machine for retailers 

The Gradeall GV500 has proven to be a popular choice for large supermarkets where high volumes of waste cardboard and plastic are produced, due to how goods are packaged. The fact the GV500 can be also used outdoors provides these businesses with much more choice in where they situate the GV500 the number of locations it can be situated at, to exponentially increase.


Baler machine for agricultural waste

The GV-500 Baler machine can also be used within the agriculture sector. You may initially think of a hay or silage baler when you think agricultural baler. However, silage wrap, netting, and general waste are generated in agricultural settings and the GV500 is one of the best ways to deal with it. 

Warehouse baler

Warehouses due to the fact they deal with packaged goods are inherently dealing with large amounts of plastic, cardboard and paper waste. The GV500 Baler fits seamlessly into warehouse operations, making it an essential waste management solution for any warehouse. 

Cardboard baler machine 

Bale of Cardboard | Cardboard Bale | Gradeall Cardboard Baler
Cardboard bale from GV500 Vertical Baler

One of the main uses of the GV-500 baler machine is for baling cardboard. It enhances the waste disposal process and prepares this waste material for recycling centres. The retail, pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors are likely to benefit from this type of baler, but really any business that has a surplus of excess cardboard waste can leverage the power of the GV500 to ensure their waste cardboard is turned into neat bales which can be sent off for recycling.

Baler machine for plastic 

The GV-500 is an efficient solution for businesses dealing with large volumes of plastic waste. This versatile baler machine efficiently compresses both soft and hard plastics into manageable bales, significantly reducing the waste’s volume and making it easier to transport to recycling facilities. By ensuring that plastic waste is properly recycled, the GV-500 contributes to sustainable material recovery, helping businesses to not only improve their waste management but also to support environmental conservation efforts.

Variants of the GV500:

Stainless steel construction – GV500SS

Gradeall GV500SS Stainless Steel Baler

The GV500 baler machine is also available as a stainless steel version, with total construction from stainless. This is a particularly popular choice in the food processing industry, where cleanliness and a non-reactive corrosion-free machine are critical. We have supplied GV500 stainless steel variants to customers who regularly wash them with a bleach solution and the stainless steel ensures the machine suffers no rusting, something that would not be possible with the standard machine. 

Low Profile version – GV500LP

The GV500 Low Profile provides the functionality of the GV500 but with a scissor ram head arrangement to fit into areas with less available height. This makes it a great option for those looking for a high-performance machine that doesn’t take up too much space. The GV500LP has been popular with cruise ship operators where a low deck height limits available space but where material handling demands remain just as tough as on land. 

GV500 Heavy Duty Baler Machine Price

For current pricing phone Gradeall on +44 28 8774 0484

For a current price of this machine we recommend you get in touch with us the price point may vary depending on the machine specifications, product dimensions, operational extras, stainless steel finishes and of course where you want the machine delivered to. We are happy to provide you with a quote and to discuss your waste management requirements in detail. 

At Gradeall, our goal is to provide your business with reliable machinery that meets the needs of your business and is capable of handling the waste generated. We are industry leading manufacturers of baler equipment and have built an international reputation for the standard of machinery that we make. 

Baler machine manufacturers

At Gradeall, we are world-class leading manufacturers of baler machinery. In addition to the GV-500 baler machine, we also design and create balers for clothes, tyres, polystyrene, aluminium cans and much more. 

We are innovators in manufacturing waste management machinery. We have multiple baler models available, enabling your business to better manage its waste, increase productivity  and improve workplace efficiency. We make machines that are built to last. If you would like to find out more about how you can get one of our baler machines on your site, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Key Features


Sliding door for unobstructed material entry


Produces bales up to 500Kg from a variety of mateirals


Bales stack easily on standard euro pallets


Mechanical bale eject system


Two handed control panel for bale eject


Door retainers to ensure material remians down between press cycles

Product Specification

Model GV500
Model GV500
Width (mm) 2545
Height (mm) 3430
Power Supply 415V 3 Phase
Depth (mm) 1215
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle Time (Seconds) 55
Bale Dimensions (mm) 1500 x 750 x 1100
Bale Weight (Kgs) 400-600
Machine Weight (Kgs) 2850
Head compaction force (Tonne) 45
Number of bale twines per bale` 6
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading door height (mm) 1335
Loading door opening (mm) 1465 x 665

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall GV-500 Baler Technical Dimensions
Blueprint detailing the precise dimensions and design of the Gradeall GV-500 baler.

Optional Extra

Galvanised or Stainless Steel Finish

Custom Service and Maintenance Plans

Marine Specification

Low profile scissor ram arrangement

Paint can/oil drum crushing insert

Internet connectivity for remote monitoring

Shipping information

Rapid & Reliable GV500 Shipping Services

Gradeall GV500 baler for shipping on a trailer

At Gradeall, we understand that getting your GV500 baler delivered promptly and safely is crucial for your businesses waste management needs. That’s why we’ve established partnerships with well established and reputable shipping companies to ensure your machine reaches you swiftly, no matter where you are in the UK or Europe or beyond. Our logistics network is equipped to handle deliveries via flatbed trailers or shipping containers, adapting to your specific needs. The image here illustrates one of our GV500 balers being carefully secured onto a flatbed trailer, ready for departure. Trust in our commitment to deliver your waste management solution on time.

Delivery, Installation, Training – GV500 a turnkey waste baler

Gradeall GV500 Dispatch photo 300x225

To complement our delivery, Gradeall offers a complete turnkey installation service for your new GV500 baler. Our experienced technicians will not only install your machine but will also provide a comprehensive training plan tailored to your staff. This ensures that your team is well-versed in the safe operation and maintenance of the baler, maximising efficiency and extending the life of your investment, and for peace of mind training certificates are provided to ensure health and safety guidelines are followed. We are committed to supporting you beyond the sale, providing the training and resources needed to operate the GV500 with confidence and ease.

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