The Gradeall GV500 is a heavy duty mill-sized Baler that produces 500Kg bales which are ideal for storage, transport and recycling processors. The GV500 has many applications within the waste and recycling industry and can produce bales from a host of materials including Cardboard, Plastic, WEEE, foam and rigid plastics.

Sliding door for ease of material entry

A sliding feed door features a counterweight slider for easy lifting, provides an extremely large and unobstructed material feed area making it very easy to load material into the GV500. The door itself has been designed so that it will open automatically after a compaction cycle has completed making it easier to load in materials. The twin mesh windows allow for the progress of the compaction to be viewed as the baler operates.

Mechanical bale eject system

The GV500 comes complete with a mechanical bale eject system, therefore, permitting the user to safely and conveniently deposit the bale onto a pallet, pallet truck or forklift in a controlled manner. The fact the system is mechanical adds a degree of simplicity and durability to this baler.

A two-handed Bale eject system ensures that the user is standing away from danger when ejecting bales. This requires the operator to press both bale eject Buttons (each button is located at opposite sides of the control panel) in doing so this eliminates the risk of injury to the operator during the bale eject process.

Despite the two-handed eject system, the controls are simple and easy to use with a single touch operation required to complete a full bale cycle, All electrical components are IP55 rated making the GV500 baler suitable for use in outdoor conditions.

Service and Reliability

Like all Gradeall machines high build quality and safety have been designed into the machine from the drawing board, a long service period is guaranteed. Gradeall can offer flexible and convenient service contracts to make the maintenance of the GV500 as effortless as possible.

Ideal for Retailers

The Gradeall GV500 has proven to be a popular installation for large supermarkets where high volumes of waste cardboard are produced, the fact the GV500 can be used outdoors allows the number of locations it can be situated to increase.

Variants of the GV500

Stainless steel

The GV500 is also available in stainless steel which is particularly popular with food processors where cleanliness and a non-reactive corrosion free machine is critical.

Low Profile

The GV500 LP provides the functionality of the GV500 but with a scissor ram head arrangement to fit in areas with less available height

Key Facts

  • Sliding door for unobstructed material entry
  • Produces 500Kg Bales
  • Will bale paper, cardboard or plastics
  • Mechanical bale eject system
  • Two handed control panel for bale eject


Model GV500
Width (mm) 1745
Height (mm) 3430
Power Supply 415V 3 Phase
Depth (mm) 1215
Motor Size (Kw) 7.5
Cycle Time (Seconds) 55
Bale Dimensions (mm) 1500 x 750 x 1100
Bale Weight (Kgs) 400-600
Machine Weight (Kgs) 2850
Head compaction force (Tonne) 45
Number of bale twines per bale` 6
Noise Level (dB) 65-70
Loading door height (mm) 1335
Loading door opening (mm) 1465 x 665

Case Studies