Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor

The process of loading a tyre baler is known to be physically demanding, requiring the operator to bend forward and pick up over 100 tyres per bale. The repeated motion can lead to fatigue, and back-related pains ultimately leading to staff downtime and costs for the company. The mere act of having to search for tyres is also a time-consuming one, any time spent not loading the baler is time wasted. The inclined tyre baler conveyor aims to resolve these issues.

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Designed to work with a pair of MK2 tyre balers the aim of this system is to ensure that balers are always being loaded and earning money with the absolute minimum of downtime. For the initial first stage of loading the balers, the conveyor platform is retracted providing full access to load tyres at floor level. For each subsequent stage of bale loading, the sliding platform is pulled up against the baler. There is no need to bend down to pickup or place tyres in the baler.

The standard hopper is large enough to accommodate a truck full load of tyres, its modular design allows it to adapt to the specific loading method your organisation prefers.

The conveyor itself is a chain-type conveyor driven by an electric motor to ensure slip-free drive. The chain drive ensures that the side-to-side belt roll-off that can happen to belt-driven conveyors does not occur, and the chain itself is much stronger and less prone to wear than a belt. A foot pedal operates the conveyor at a slow and safe speed and brings tyres at waist level to the operator.

Load tyres directly from truck into hopper

It still remains possible to load the tyres in by hand or by loading shovel

Able to feed two MK2 Tyre Balers Simultaneously

Convenient foot operated control

Sliding platform at ideal height for loading baler

Wide aperture provides a good selection of tyres to the operator

Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Length (platform extended) 11m
Width 4m
Height 2.5m
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Product Description

Feed tyres directly from the side of a truck into the hopper of the conveyor. The ground-level hopper is at the ideal height to accept tyres, no need to load onto the ground and then use loading shovels to pick up tyres in multiple scoops this accepts the tyres in one go. A huge time saver in itself.


Key Features

Reduces operator strain

Chain conveyor for slip free operation

Sliding platform at baler deposit height

One full hopper load will produce more than 2 bales

Constant baling for two tyre balers

Product Specification

Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Length (platform extended) 11m
Width 4m
Height 2.5m
Platform Height 700mm
Power Supply 3 Phase 415v
Weight 6 Tonnes

Working Area Dimensions

Inclined tyre baler conveyor dimensions 02

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