Inclined Tyre Conveyor

Tyres are considered one of the most neglected sources of recycling materials and because of that, rubber waste has been increasing in the past years. Due to the size and high cost of moving worn tyres from the original location where they become ‘waste tyres’ to the processing factory or facility, the choice made for too long was to simply dump the tyres, to ignore the problem and put it out of sight.

Recent studies show a total of between 1 to 1.8 billion worn tyres were disposed of every year, and since rubber is not biodegradable, this poses a serious environmental issue.

We at Gradeall are an environmentally conscious company and strive to make good choices which reduce our negative impact on the environment. We also strive to allow our customers to do the same with machinery that reduces their carbon footprint.

For more information on our environmental impact you can read our Environmental Policy. By using our Inclined Baler Conveyor in partnership with our Mark 2 tire balers, your business can recycle rubber waste in a cost effective and efficient way.

The process of loading a tyre baler is known to be physically demanding, requiring the operator to bend forward and pick up over 100 tyres per bale. The repeated motion day in, day out can lead to fatigue, and back-related pains ultimately leading to staff downtime and costs for the company. The mere act of having to search for tyres is also a time-consuming one, any time spent not loading the baler is time wasted. The inclined tyre baler conveyor aims to resolve these issues.

Designed to work with a pair of MK2 tyre balers, the aim of this system is to ensure that balers are always being loaded and earning money with the absolute minimum of downtime, more importantly is that it makes it as ergonomically pleasant as possible for the operators, with no need to bend down or walk about looking for tyres operators do not suffer from sore backs or other issues, happy workers are productive workers and any instance where the inclined tyre baler has been installed we have found the people operating them to give high praise to the improved working conditions they now enjoy. The numbers have also spoken for themselves with companies that use the tyre baler conveyor getting through at least 30% more tyres per week.

The MK2 tyre baler can produce up to 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales (between 400-500 tyres) per hour meaning with the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor set up also, around 1000 tyres can be processed per hour. This combination of the conveyor and the set of MK2 tyre balers creates a highly efficient tyre waste solution for businesses processing a high volume of tyres.

The MK2 Tyre Baler also removes heavy bales using chain release to help with the heavy load of the compressed tyres. This system aims to reduce the physically demanding elements of tyre baling to encourage the recycling of rubber waste.

Watch video of the tyre baler conveyor in action below:

Load tyres directly from truck into hopper of the conveyor

Loose tyres being efficiently offloaded from a curtain side trailer onto a Gradeall inclined tyre baler conveyor, showcasing the direct unloading feature that streamlines the recycling process

^ A standard curtain side lorry trailer parks alongside the conveyor for tyres, these tyres can be pushed directly into the hopper.

Unloading tyres directly from a curtain-sided truck onto the Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor, exemplifying the system's ease of use and efficiency.

^ Using a tele handler, or forklift on the other side of the trailer is enough to push the tyres into the hopper of the inclined tyre baler conveyor. This saves a lot of time and keeps the tyres off the ground therefore keeping your yard clean and tidy.

A Gradeall van parked beside an inclined tyre baler conveyor, loaded with waste tyres, illustrating the ease of loading tyres directly onto the conveyor.

^ It still remains possible to load the tyres in by hand or by loading shovel, this image shows the tyres being unloaded from a van. In a lot of instances small tyre shops will empty their stock of waste tyres by transporting them in their vans, this is demonstrative of how they will unload from the van directly into the hopper of the inclined tyre baler conveyor. It is a straight throw from the van into the hopper, the need to bend down or climb steps has been reduced significantly.

Tyre baler conveyor able to feed two MK2 Tyre Balers Simultaneously

Overhead view of a Gradeall inclined tyre baler conveyor system in an industrial yard, highlighting the comprehensive setup for tyre recycling.

^ An aeriel view of the conveyor sitting beside two MK2 tyre balers, the platform in this instance is retracted which is done to be able to open the doors of the tyre balers to insert baling wire or to attach the bale eject chains.

Close-up of an operator's feet on the safety grating of a Gradeall inclined tyre baler conveyor, utilizing foot-operated controls for tyre movement.

^ Convenient foot operated control, this is how the operators summon more tyres to come up towards them, the foot operated control activates the motor which drives the conveyor, it moves at a safe and controlled speed delivering tyres at a suitable pace for two tyre balers.

Anatomically Conscious Tyre Baling

Detailed view of the Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor with its sturdy platform, safety handrails, and foot-operated control mechanism

^ Sliding platform at ideal height for loading baler, this is where the operators stand for the majority of the baling operation, this height places the tyres at approximately waist height and it is then a simple rotation to take the tyres to the door of the tyre baler. Anatomically this promotes a favourable posture, substantially reducing spinal load and minimising the risk of musculoskeletal strain. In simple terms less chance of a sore back from using this all day, a stark contrast to the typical repetitive, bending that characterises conventional tyre baling operations. This promotes a biomechanically efficient workflow that not only enhances productivity due to increased tyre throughput it increases productivity because of the long term well being of your operators.

Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor system with a hopper and two MK2 Tyre Balers ready for operation.

Close-up of the operator's platform at the end of a Gradeall inclined tyre baler conveyor, featuring foot-operated controls and safety handrails.

^ The Wide aperture provides a good selection of tyres to the operator, which is useful as tyre baling requires two larger bales between compaction cycles.

Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Length (platform extended) 11m
Width 4m
Height 2.5m
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Product Description

Specification For The MK2 Balers Used With The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyer:

  • Each bale contains between 95 to 110 waste tyres on average
  • Balers are compressed with a force of 45 tonnes
  • The machine produces a bale of approximately 1.5m x 1.2m x 0.75m, which is to PAS108 specifications
  • Designed for the maximum output of tyre bales in an environmentally friendly way that is good for the wellbeing of the operator.
  • A single MK2 Tyre Baler can process between 400-500 tyres per hour.
  • Using the MK2, tyre volume is reduced by up to 80% drastically improving transport and storage efficiency.
  • This setup is ideal for tyre collectors, recycling centres, vehicle dismantlers and tyre depots. Any business dealing with large volumes of waste tyres.

The benefits of the MK2 tyre baler are doubled when used in tandem with the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor. For more information on how the MK2 tyre baler helps businesses dealing with rubber waste, you can read about the experiences of our previous clients. London Tyre Disposal and other customers have seen the benefits of the MK2 tyre baler which we pair with the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor.

Product Description For The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor

The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor Feeds tyres directly from the side of a truck or van into the hopper of the conveyor. The ground-level hopper is at the ideal height to accept tyres, no need to load onto the ground and then use loading shovels or manual labour to pick up tyres in multiple scoops. Our ground level hopper now accepts the tyres in one go. A huge time saver in itself!

The Conveyor system reduces the physically demanding elements of baling and recycling tires making the process more efficient and reducing the likelihood of injury to staff leading to downtime costs.

Once loaded into the hopper, the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor transports tyres directly to workers loading up two MK2 tyre balers. The conveyor is a chain-type conveyor driven by an electric motor which delivers tires directly to workers loading the tyre balers. The benefit of chain type conveyors is their high levels of traction, rubber belt conveyors do not provide the required torque or control for moving tyres at a nice controlled safe speed. Chain drive also ensures improved longevity of the conveyor itself.

The working area of the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor is shown in the image below:

Aerial technical view of the Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor in working mode with the platform extended, showcasing precise operational dimensions

When planning a new waste management system with us CAD site designs and site audits are offered to give you an accurate idea of how this new system will fit within your space or site. This is especially benficial with a large installation such as this. Our expert team will discuss your tyre waste needs to help you decide if the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor is the best solution for your site or business, with particular attention paid towards how tyres will be loaded and unloaded. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

Why Customers Choose Gradeall International Ltd

We at Gradeall International Ltd. are a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery. We have years of experience as industry leaders in recycling and waste management.

Our customers know we offer the highest level of excellence and expertise to their recycling systems. For more information on the work we do you can read a range of our case studies.

How Does The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor Work?

For the initial first stage of loading the balers, the conveyor platform is retracted providing full access to load tyres at floor level. For each subsequent stage of bale loading, the sliding platform is pulled up against the balers. There is then no need to bend down to pick up or place tyres in the baler.

The standard hopper is large enough to accommodate a truck full load of tyres, its modular design allows it to adapt to the specific loading method your organisation prefers. Be it another conveyor, or a larger hopper we can design and adapt this conveyor to your specific requirements.

Tires can be loaded by hand from the truck into the hopper but in the case of larger curtain side trailers the side panel can be removed to load a truck load of types directly from the truck into the hopper. This option reduces strain on workers loading tyres as well as increasing the efficiency of loading the hopper and the tyre baler. We understood that there would be no point in having this machine if it took as long to load the hopper as it did to make the bales. Now with the inclined ground loading of this conveyor a truck just needs to pull up to the conveyor and offload the waste tyres into the conveyor.

The conveyor itself is a chain-type conveyor driven by an electric motor to ensure slip-free drive. The chain drive ensures that the side-to-side belt roll-off that can happen to belt-driven conveyors does not occur, and the chain itself is much stronger and less prone to wear than a belt. A foot pedal operates the conveyor at a slow and safe speed and brings tyres at waist level to the operator. This removes the need for bending and lifting which may lead to back injury, improving safety and ease of use for your workers.

We at Gradeall pride ourselves on taking into account the common issues of waste management and solve them with efficient pieces of equipment and software.  We are constantly improving our machinery to make it the best solution to any waste management problem. Here are a few problems faced during loading a tyre baler and how it is tackled by the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor:





Bending over to pick up and load tyres into a tyre baler can lead to repetitive strain injuries costing money in staff downtime


The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor delivers tyres for baling directly to workers at a convenient waist height


Searching for tyres scattered around the site wastes time increasing the length of the job


A constant feed of tyres is delivered by the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor to workers at a safe speed on the conveyor controlled via foot pedal


Loading a single baler consists of a large amount of downtime as workers have to wait for the baler to compress the tyres


The Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor works with two MK2 Tyre Balers so that workers can load one baler while the other is pressing tyres, removing down time.


Unloading tyres from trucks is time consuming and physically demanding work for workers. Tyres can be directly pushed from trucks into the hopper via the side panels on the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor.


Enhance Worker Health and Productivity with the Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor

Minimise work-related back injuries and boost productivity with our Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor. In the UK, back pain accounts for 30% of work-related illnesses, with manual workers often attributing their back issues to repetitive, heavy lifting​​. Our conveyor system is designed to alleviate this by elevating tyres to an ergonomic height, reducing the need for bending and lifting. This not only aligns with HSE guidelines for reducing back pain risks​​ but also addresses the productivity losses due to musculoskeletal conditions, which cost the UK economy 8.9 million working days annually​​. By investing in our conveyor, businesses can foster a healthier workplace, reduce absenteeism, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Key Features

Reduces operator strain

Chain conveyor for slip free operation

Sliding platform at baler deposit height

One full hopper load will produce more than 2 bales

Constant baling for two tyre balers

Product Specification

Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Machine Inclined tyre baler conveyor
Length (platform extended) 11m
Width 4m
Height 2.5m
Platform Height 700mm
Power Supply 3 Phase 415v
Weight 6 Tonnes

Working Area Dimensions

Isometric Overview of Gradeall Inclined Conveyor and MK2 Balers
Architectural precision: An isometric view of Gradeall's conveyor and baler system, designed for peak recycling efficiency.

Optional Extra

Shipping information

Global Reach of the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor

Our Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor isn’t just a solution for local businesses; it is a globally recognized innovation. With successful installations across Europe, the icy landscapes of Iceland, and even Boston, USA to name just a few. This conveyor system has proven its versatility and efficiency in diverse environments. Our commitment to international shipping means that no matter where your operation is located, you can access this innovation in ergonomic tyre processing technology. By choosing our conveyor, you are joining a network of forward-thinking companies worldwide, all benefiting from a more efficient, health-conscious tire recycling process.

Operator Well-being a paramount objective with the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is engineered with operator well-being at its core. Its ergonomic design significantly reduces strain on workers by eliminating the need for repetitive bending and heavy lifting. This is achieved through its innovative height-adjustment feature, which aligns the conveyor with the worker’s waist level, ensuring a comfortable and safe posture throughout the operation. The conveyor’s smooth and consistent delivery of tires to the baler minimizes physical exertion, leading to a noticeable reduction in workplace injuries and fatigue. This focus on ergonomics not only enhances worker satisfaction and safety but also translates into increased productivity and efficiency, as a healthier workforce is inherently more productive.

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