Clothing & Textile Baler

The Gradeall Clothing and Textiles Baler is a reliable and efficient piece of recycling machinery designed for compressing clothing and textiles into densely packaged, easy to manage 50kg bales. With a focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, our baler provides a practical solution for charitable organisations or any business dealing with old textiles looking to streamline the storage and transportation of used clothing to recycling facilities or less developed countries.

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Model Clothes Baler - Vertical Type
Height (mm) 3157
Depth (mm) 2765
Width (mm) 2370
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Product Description

Clothing waste has become a huge issue in modern times, clothes with very little wear or damage are getting unnecessarily thrown out and discarded. Ending up in landfill serving very little purpose. Yet used clothing is a very useful commodity, charitable organisations frequently collect used clothing in clothes banks. These are packaged and sent to less developed countries. The advantage of baling the clothes is significantly reduced storage and transport costs.

In other instances the clothes are shredded, sterilised and baled, the resultant bale produces a bag of rags which have proven to be very useful with Automotive Technicians, Detailers and Cleaners, they are much more affordable than disposable paper towels yet much more absorbent and durable. The large bags of rags typically available from motor factors and tool retailers represent great value for money and are commonly seen in most mechanics workshops.

Efficient and Gentle Clothes Baling

The Gradeall Clothing and Textiles Baler is meticulously crafted with a smooth-walled baling chamber, ensuring that clothes and textiles are handled with the utmost care. This design prevents any tearing or damage during the baling cycle. We understand the value of preserving clothing items, whether they’re destined for reuse or recycling. With our baler, you can trust that your textiles will be compacted efficiently without compromising their integrity.

Textile Bale with Safety and Operator-Focused Design

Safety is a paramount concern in the Gradeall Clothing and Textiles Baler’s design. It features safety interlocks on all doors to keep the operator out of harms way during operation. Additionally, the baler features magnetic door interlocks to cease all baler operations should one of the doors be opened. We prioritize operator safety, providing peace of mind while handling textile recycling tasks.

Efficiency and Productivity from this Baler machine for clothes

When it comes to productivity, our baler delivers exceptional results. With a robust 18 tonnes of downward pressure, it can effortlessly produce compact 50kg bales. This high output rate means fewer cycles and increased efficiency. You’ll be impressed by the number of bales it can produce in an hour, making it a valuable addition to any textile recycling operation.

Clothes Baler with Low Operating Costs

Operating the Gradeall Clothing and Textiles Baler is not only efficient but also cost-effective. It boasts low electrical running costs, ensuring that your recycling efforts are both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. The only consumables required are baling straps and plastic sheets which are available direct from Gradeall at competitive prices. Additionally, the bales produced by our baler are not only environmentally responsible but also a valuable and sellable item, offering potential revenue opportunities in addition to cost savings.

Key Features


Produces bales between 45-55Kg


Easy and safe operation


Magnetic door interlocks


Bale full warning light


Double opening doors for easy access to completed bale


Smooth inside walls to prevent clothes from ripping

Product Specification

Model Clothes Baler - Vertical Type
Model Clothes Baler - Vertical Type
Height (mm) 3157
Depth (mm) 2765
Width (mm) 2370
Power supply 415v 3 Phase
Full bale cycle time (Seconds) 180
Motor size (Kw) 7.5
Compaction force (Tonne) 15
Machine weight (Kg) 1600
Average bale weight (Kg) 45-55
Bale size (mm) 430x745x350

Working Area Dimensions

Gradeall GV20 baler machine for used clothing
Side profile schematic of a Gradeall Clothes Baler, illustrating the machine's dimensions and component layout for efficient clothes baling operations
Gradeall GV20 clothes baling machine dimensions
Front profile technical diagram of a Gradeall GV20 clothes baling machine, detailing the height and internal compartment measurements for operational efficiency
Textile baler machine | Gradeall GV20
Overhead view of the Gradeall GV20 textile baler's bale chamber, showing precise dimensions for optimal bale size

Optional Extra

Internet connectivity for bale production stats and service alerts

Keypad coded start to prevent unauthorised access

Custom colour and decal packages to suit your companies branding

Shipping information

Clothes Baler Machine for Sale

Discover the exceptional Gradeall GV20 clothes baler machine, available for purchase. Designed for maximum efficiency in textile recycling, this baler is the preferred choice for businesses looking to invest in a reliable, high-performance solution. Crafted to meet the needs of any operation, from small charities to large-scale recycling facilities, the Gradeall GV20 ensures that your investment translates into tangible environmental benefits and operational cost savings.

Shipping the Clothes Baler with Gradeall

Gradeall’s commitment to excellence extends to our delivery process. With an extensive and reliable logistics network, we guarantee that your GV20 clothes baler will arrive on time ready to get to work straight away. We manage the complexities of shipping so that your operations can run smoothly and without delay. Trust in Gradeall to deliver not just a machine, but a pivotal asset to your recycling capabilities.

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