Former Wire – Wire for Automatic Balers

By:     Kieran Donnelly

We maintain a high volume of black annealed former wire, also referred to as baling wire or forma. Our stock is ready to go for immediate and fast dispatch to ensure your baling operation can continue to operate with little to no downtime.

Our former wire is high quality, versatile, durable and strong. It can maintain the integrity of your bale whilst still providing the flexibility for binding bales of different sizes and various materials. 

Our supply of black annealed former wire is one of the most popular choices for our clients and their baling needs.  


Former wire for automatic balers for sale

We stock 700kg spools for black annealed former wire in the following wire diameters.

3.25mm    3.5mm      3.8mm

We also stock 45kg rewound coils in 3.25 and 3.5mm

Why choose black annealed former wire? 

It is very important to have a baling wire that can be depended upon to hold strong, as there is nothing that will degrade the value of a bale more than a wire that is unable to hold the bale together. 

Black annealed former wire has many advantages, including: 

  • It is strong and will not break easily during the baling process or in transportation. 
  • It is flexible and easy for employees to work with.
  • It is durable and resilient to outside elements, meaning it won’t rust or corrode.
  • It has a long shelf life and maintains the integrity of the bale. 
  • It can be used in various baling machines. 

Black annealed former wire is hard-wearing and easy to work within automatic balers. Due to its density, it is possible to use it in horizontal single and double ram balers. It also has a much higher rate of elongation compared to other baling wires, making it an ideal choice for its flexibility and versatility. 

This wire is made from low carbon steel, annealed in a furnace, and slowly cooled, this gives the wire high levels of ductility (i.e. able to stretch and less likely to fracture when under tensile load) without any scale or defects. 

This process changes the chemical composition of the wire, resulting in its dark brown/black colour. The wire also has a thin coating of oil, which helps it pass through the bailing machine with ease and provides protection from the outside elements. 

The wire is ideal for baling with a smooth easy-to-handle surface with the perfect mechanical properties to suit this application.


Can black annealed former wire be used in automatic balers? 

Former wire, also known as Forma or simply baling wire is used in a range of baler types including Channel balers, and Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers. The flexible nature of the wire makes it very easy to tie off completed bales.

At Gradeall, we supply this wire to work with a wide range of balers from different manufacturers, coiled and ready to use. We also have former wire holders in stock, which hold the spool of wire in place beside the baler machine. 

What materials can black annealed former wire be used for? 

Black annealed baling wire will work with a wide range of materials including but not limited to; paper, cardboard, plastics, mixed waste, carpet, wood, aluminium, and tin cans. This makes it a very popular choice for the recycling industry, but due to its flexible and easy to use nature, many other industries, such as construction and agriculture, select this option for a baling wire as it reduces the burden on their workforce.


Baling wire can be supplied to work with all makes and models of balers.

What to consider before selecting a baling wire / former wire? 

In order to ensure optimum performance, increased efficiency and the best return on investment, there are some things that you should consider before selecting a former wire to use for your baler. 

The thickness of the baling wire

The thickness of the baling wire, also referred to as the gauge, should be taken into consideration in order to select the best option for your bales. You may initially think that the thicker the wire, the better, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Depending on what you’re baling, you may need a more resilient wire that can withstand the pressure, but if your baling needs are more lighter and less demanding, a thinner wire should suffice. 

At Gradeall, we stock black annealed former wire in the following sizes of thickness, 3.25mm, 3.5mm and 3.8mm. 


The baler machine 

You also need to take your baler machine into consideration and select a baling wire that is most appropriate to its capability and performance. 

Typically, vertical balers will be used for less strenuous demands and where a thinner wire is sufficient, whilst horizontal balers will take on more loads and heavier demands, which may require a thicker type of baling wire.

Where will your bales be stored? 

You should also take into consideration where your bales are going to be stored as you will need a baling wire that can maintain its integrity whilst being exposed to the outside elements. 

Galvanised and black annealed baling wire is the best option if your bales are going to be stored outside or at least exposed to the elements in transportation. They have been specifically curated to prevent rust and corrosion, making them resilient options for maintaining your bales.

You should avoid using painted or coated bailing wires if you need to maintain your bales for long durations of time. Coated wires are protected from the harsh elements, but they can become easily chipped in the transportation process, meaning the wire underneath will become exposed and open to rust and corrosion. 


Another important factor to consider when shopping around for baling wire is the cost of the product. Typically, thicker baling wire will be more expensive, so there is no point in purchasing a thicker wire, if a thinner wire would suffice. 

Finding the right baling wire may involve some trial and error before finding the most suitable option, if you have any questions, you can get in contact with us at Gradeall and we will advise you as best we can.

Former Wire Holder

Former wire / Baling wire suppliers

At Gradeall, we are international suppliers of black annealed former wire. As a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors and other types of recycling machinery, we are the best resource for supplying former wire to your business. 

All of our former wire is coiled and ready to use, ensuring that your workforce is able to start using it straight away. We also offer a fast dispatch for former wire orders, ensuring that your  operation is functioning efficiently and avoiding possible downtime. 


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