Hilton Meats Carrickfergus GPC P24

A hilton meats have a  large meat processing plant in Carrickfergus County Antrim that operates a GPC P24

They had been using an old Gradeall portable compactor which gave over 10 years of reliable service, but it was time to change to a new machine.

CAD site layout

Gradeall provided site drawings and renderings of the compactor to allow the customer to check over all of the important details first

Waste management site

There are a number of features unique to this site

  • Stainless steel chute which allows the compactor to be loaded from inside the building.
  • A sealed interface between the chute and compactor to keep bad smells and rodents away.
  • Liquid drainage ports on the container section of the compactor to drain away accumulated liquid.
  • Ground-mounted guide plate with wheel stoppers to ensure compactor sits in the right position every time.
  • Double hook lifts. As the front of the compactor is up against the building its main hook lift is inaccessible to a hook lift truck. The rear waste discharge door features a second hook lift point to allow the machine to be removed from its parked position and slid back in with ease.

Delivery of the compactor

Gradeall sent the compactor, stainless steel chute and a forklift to the customer’s site.

Delivery of waste compactors, waste management on meat factory


The machine installed on site, showing the second hook lift point mounted to the waste discharge door. This door is strengthened over a standard door in order to allow the machine to be lifted from this side. It is only used to manoeuvre the compactor out of its parking position. The front hook point is still used when transporting the compactor on the hook lift truck. Full compliance with CHEM standards still remain intact.

Hilton meats, GPC P24, wet waste food waste compactor,

The interface between the stainless steel chute and the compactor is sealed to keep out foul odours and prevent leakage.

Chute fed compactor, chute feed system, waste compactor

GPC P24, hilton meats,


The chute allows material to be fed from inside the building. The images below show how this interface looks to the operator.

Chute fed portable compactor

Feed portable compactor inside building

GPC P24 recent installation, waste management customer testimonials, gradeall review

  • LIquid Drainage Port
  • Custom stainless steel chute fitted to building to integrate with compactor
  • Remote control panel fitted inside the building
  • Guide frame on ground to ensure accruate parking of compactor every time

"The old Gradeall compactor we had prefromed really well, so when it came to replace it the choice was simple. We are really happy with the new machine and the work Gradeall did on site to integrate it fully."

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