The dimensions below are intended to aid when deciding where to best place the MKII tyre baler.

Working Area Dimensions

MKII Tyre Baler Working Area Dimensions

The MKII tyre baler uses up an area of 4402 x 3210mm, however, we recommend giving the baler 1000mm clearance on all sides to allow an operator to safely walk around the baler. An area of 6402 x 5210mm is advised, more space is also advised to give forklift trucks sufficient access to load and unload the baler.

Forklift Requirements

When unloading the tyre baler from the trailer and if installing the machine indoors the following dimensions are important.  Shown below is the forklift lifting channel dimensions, and the minimum height the baler can be brought to in order to fit under doorways.

A forklift capable of lifting 5 tonnes is required to lift this baler.



Transport Dimensions

These dimensions show the MKII tyre baler in its most compact state for transport on a flatbed trailer. If required MKII tyre balers can be loaded onto cradles to fit up to 4 machines on a 40-foot shipping container.

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler Transport Dimensions