Manufacturing Waste Reduction: Optimising Your Production Process for Environmental Responsibility

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall’s innovative approach to sustainability is evident in their range of advanced waste compactors and balers, tailor-made for the manufacturing sector. These machines play a vital role in efficiently managing industrial waste, predominantly consisting of materials like cardboard and plastics, which are frequently produced during manufacturing processes. The unique design and effectiveness of Gradeall’s equipment, such as the Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler, not only minimises the space required for waste storage but also fosters a safer, more orderly, and environmentally friendly manufacturing environment.

By compacting and baling waste, Gradeall’s solutions transform what was once a disposal cost into a potential revenue stream. The processed recyclables, such as compressed cardboard and plastics, can be sold, turning waste management from a cost centre into a profit-making venture. This strategy perfectly embodies the contemporary ethos of sustainability, where reducing environmental impact and enhancing economic efficiency go hand in hand.

Gradeall’s comprehensive range of balers and compactors, available in various sizes, caters to the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry, ensuring businesses of all sizes can find a waste management solution that meets their specific requirements. By adopting such innovative and sustainable waste management practices, manufacturers can significantly reduce their environmental footprint while improving their operational effectiveness.

Why Opt for Gradeall Solutions?

Efficient waste management in manufacturing is crucial not only for reducing costs but also for enhancing sustainability. Gradeall’s focus on effectively handling typical industrial waste, such as cardboard and plastics, is a key step towards this goal. In the space-constrained environment of manufacturing, optimising waste management is essential for both environmental responsibility and business efficiency.

Catering to Your Waste Needs with Our Wide-ranging Equipment Options

Effective waste management is a critical component of modern business operations, and with our wide-ranging equipment options, we cater to your specific waste needs, ensuring that you can manage waste in the most efficient, environmentally responsible way.

Vertical Balers

Exceptionally suited for compacting recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastics, these vertical balers are not only space-efficient but also remarkably user-friendly. Their versatile nature makes them an ideal choice for various environments.

G-eco 50S

The G-eco 50S Single Chamber Baler is a compact and versatile vertical baler, designed for a wide range of baling applications. Its efficient and robust construction makes it an ideal choice for small businesses seeking an affordable and convenient solution to reduce waste management costs.

  • Multi-Purpose Baling Capabilities
  • Versatile Applications: Designed to create compact and neat bales from any type of cardboard or plastic, making it suitable for a variety of recycling needs.
    • Compact and Efficient: Its single-chamber design ensures that it occupies minimal space while delivering effective baling performance.
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Robust Build: The G-eco 50S is constructed to the highest standards, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.
    • In-House Design and Fitting: Carefully designed, built, and fitted in-house, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
  • Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective
  • Reduced Maintenance Needs: Emphasising the low maintenance aspect common to all Gradeall machines, the G-eco 50S is both efficient and economical to operate.
    • Cost-Effective for Small Businesses: Particularly suitable for small businesses such as retailers, who require an affordable solution for waste management.
  1. Ideal for Small Business Use
  • Convenience and Affordability: Offers an effective solution for businesses looking to reduce waste management costs without requiring a large, expensive machine.
    • Space-Saving Design: Its compact design makes it an ideal fit for locations with limited space, such as small retail outlets or hospitality venues.

In summary, the G-eco 50S Single Chamber Baler is a practical, robust, and cost-effective baling solution, perfectly suited for small businesses in the UK. Its ability to handle various materials, coupled with its durable construction and low maintenance requirements, makes it an efficient choice for businesses aiming to streamline their recycling processes and reduce waste management expenses.

Horizontal Balers

More robust and powerful than their vertical counterparts, horizontal balers are the go-to solution for processing large volumes of waste. They are adept at handling an extensive range of materials, including more challenging industrial waste, with ease.

Here’s a list of our Horizontal Balers:


The Gradeall GH500 is a state-of-the-art industrial horizontal baler, representing a significant advancement in waste processing technology. It offers a host of features that make it an ideal solution for companies dealing with large volumes of recyclable materials. This baler is particularly suitable for waste processors handling over 50 tonnes of material per week.

  1. Large Volume Material Handling
  • Substantial Capacity: The GH500 is designed to handle large amounts of various recyclable materials, effectively reducing the frequency of disposal and enhancing overall efficiency.
    • Suitable for Diverse Materials: This capacity makes it ideal for environments such as recycling centres and large-scale waste processing facilities, where a wide range of materials like paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals are managed.
  1. Mill-Sized Bale Production
  • Standardised Bale Size: Produces uniform, mill-sized bales, which are preferred in the recycling market for ease of handling, storage, and transportation.
    • Baling Wire Usage: Bales are securely tied using four lengths of baling wire, ensuring their stability and uniformity.
  1. Hydraulic Door Operation
  • Automated Control: The hydraulically operated door is controlled via an electronic panel, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.
    • Minimised Operator Input: This feature automates the door lock mechanism, door opening, and bale ejection, reducing the need for manual intervention and the risk of operator error.
  1. Versatility in Material Processing
  • Wide Range of Recyclables: Capable of processing materials such as paper, cardboard, hard and soft plastics, light steel, aluminium drinks cans, and bottles.
    • Adaptability: Its ability to handle a diverse range of materials makes it a versatile addition to any large-scale recycling operation.
  1. Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality
  • Efficient Design: The GH500’s design focuses on operational efficiency, ease of use, and safety, making it a top choice for high-volume waste processing.
    • Customisation Options: Offers various options to cater to specific recycling needs and requirements of different facilities.

In summary, the Gradeall GH500 Industrial Horizontal Baler is a robust, versatile, and highly efficient solution for managing a wide range of recyclable materials. Its large capacity, advanced baling capabilities, automated features, and adaptability to diverse materials make it a top choice for businesses seeking an effective approach to large-scale recycling and waste management in the UK.


The Gradeall GH600 Horizontal Baler represents a significant advancement in heavy-duty waste management solutions, specifically designed for handling large volumes of various materials. This baler is ideally suited for facilities that manage substantial amounts of recyclable materials.

  1. Large Volume Material Handling
  • Substantial Capacity: The GH600 is engineered to manage large quantities of materials, including paper, cardboard, hard and soft plastics, light steel, aluminium beverage cans, and bottles.
    • High Bale Weights: Capable of producing bales up to 600 kg, depending on the material being processed, enhancing efficiency in waste handling and transportation.
  1. Mill-Sized Bale Production
  • Standardised Bale Size: Produces mill-sized bales measuring 1500x750x1100 mm, ideal for the recycling market due to ease of handling, storage, and transportation.
    • Manual Tie System: Utilises 5 baling wires to securely hold bales together. The manual tie process is straightforward and eliminates the complexities and reliability concerns associated with auto-tie systems.
  1. Versatility in Material Processing
  • Wide Range of Recyclables: Capable of processing a diverse array of materials, making it a versatile addition to large-scale recycling or waste management facilities.
    • Adaptability: Its ability to efficiently handle different types of materials makes it an essential piece of equipment for diverse recycling operations.
  1. Ease of Operation
  • User-Friendly Design: Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the GH600’s manual tie system is designed to be easy to use, ensuring a smooth operational process.
    • Reduced Complexity: By opting for a manual tie system, the GH600 avoids the potential reliability issues that can arise with more complex auto-tie systems.

In summary, the Gradeall GH600 Horizontal Baler is a robust, efficient, and versatile solution for managing large volumes of recyclable materials. Its ability to produce high-weight, mill-sized bales, combined with its ease of operation and adaptability to a range of materials, makes it an ideal choice for businesses seeking an effective approach to large-scale recycling and waste management in the UK.

Tyre Balers

These balers are intricately designed for the specific task of compacting and recycling tyres. By significantly diminishing the volume of tyre waste, they facilitate more efficient storage and transportation, leading to cost-effective waste management.


The Gradeall MK2 (Mark Two) Tyre Baler is a high-performance solution designed for optimising tyre recycling processes. With its capability to produce up to 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales per hour, each containing between 400-500 tyres, the MK2 stands out for its efficiency and productivity.

  • Maximum Output of Tyre Bales: The MK2 is engineered for peak performance, capable of producing 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales hourly, with each bale encapsulating a significant number of tyres (400-500).
  • Drastic Volume Reduction: The process reduces tyre volume by up to 80%, significantly improving transportation and storage efficiency, a crucial aspect in the recycling chain.
  • Facilitating Further Processing: The compacted bales are easier to transport to various processing venues, such as construction projects, civil engineering sites, shredding facilities, pyrolysis plants, and energy recovery installations.
  • Global Distribution: Gradeall has supplied MK2 tyre balers worldwide, showcasing its global appeal and versatility across different markets and recycling needs.
  • Ideal for Various Users: This tyre baling machine is perfectly suited for tyre collectors, recycling centres, vehicle dismantlers, and tyre depots, providing an effective solution for managing end-of-life tyres.
  • Unparalleled Reliability and Productivity: The MK2’s robust construction and proven design offer unmatched reliability, ensuring consistent performance with minimal downtime.
  • User-Friendly Design: The machine’s design focuses on ease of operation and maintenance, thereby minimising the risk of human error and maximising operational efficiency.

In summary, the Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baler is a robust, efficient, and reliable solution for tyre recycling. Its capacity to produce high-volume, PAS108 compliant bales, combined with its ability to drastically reduce tyre volume, makes it an invaluable asset for businesses in the tyre recycling industry, ensuring a consistent and productive baling process.

Waste Compactors

Ideal for businesses grappling with substantial waste generation, these machines excel in reducing the size of general waste. They are key in enhancing operational efficiency and cutting down on disposal expenditures.


The Gradeall GPC P9 is a specialised portable compactor designed specifically for handling wet waste. It is an essential tool for various industries dealing with waste types that have a high liquid content, including food waste, medical waste, and green waste.

  • Pendulum Head Design with Twin Ram Arrangement: This innovative design allows the compactor to develop pressure evenly from both sides. The twin rams work in tandem, pushing the waste into the container, which results in more efficient and effective compaction.
  • Concentrated Pressure for Enhanced Compaction: The smaller surface area of the pendulum head means that the pressure exerted on the waste is higher and more concentrated. This feature is particularly beneficial for wet waste, as it ensures that the waste is compacted more densely, reducing its volume significantly.
  • Leak Proof Loading Area: One of the standout features of the GPC P9 is its leak-proof design. This is crucial for managing wet waste, as it prevents liquids from escaping the compactor. This containment of liquids is not only important for maintaining hygiene but also for adhering to environmental regulations and standards.
  • Ideal for Various Types of Wet Waste: The GPC P9 is versatile in its application, making it suitable for a range of wet waste materials. Whether it’s food waste that often includes organic liquids, medical waste that may contain biohazardous fluids, or green waste with natural moisture, the GPC P9 handles it efficiently.
  • Portable and Convenient: As a portable compactor, the GPC P9 offers the advantage of mobility, allowing it to be used in various locations as needed. This flexibility is particularly useful for facilities that generate waste in multiple areas or have limited space.

In summary, the Gradeall GPC P9 portable compactor is a highly effective solution for managing wet waste. Its ability to compact waste with high liquid content in a hygienic and environmentally friendly manner, combined with its innovative design and portability, makes it a valuable asset for any facility dealing with such types of waste.

Glass Crushers

Specifically engineered to crush glass bottles and jars, these machines significantly reduce their volume. This not only makes storage more manageable but also streamlines the recycling process.

At Gradeall, our mission is to offer a range of innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly waste management solutions. Choosing our products aligns you with our commitment to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Discover how our cutting-edge waste management technologies are revolutionising the industry and making a positive impact on the environment. Our broad portfolio of products is designed to cater to a variety of waste management requirements, all while upholding our strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Workers feeding a baler machine with cans for recycling at a recycling facility using gradeall can baler.

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