Choosing the Right Compactor for your Industry: A Comprehensive Guide

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Here at Gradeall, we understand the significant role compactors play in modern waste management. Compactors are not just machines; they are vital tools in achieving efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly waste processing. By dramatically reducing the volume of waste, our compactors minimise the need for space, cut down on the frequency of waste collection, and consequently lower disposal costs. This not only leads to a more streamlined waste management process but also contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

The Integral Role of Compactors in Waste Management

At Gradeall, selecting the right compactor for your specific requirements is a process we navigate with you, considering key factors such as the type of waste, the volume generated, available space, and preferred loading method. For instance, our portable compactors are an ideal solution for locations where space is at a premium or waste needs to be moved frequently, whereas our static compactors are perfect for handling large volumes of waste efficiently.

We take pride in not just selling compactors but in providing holistic waste management solutions. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you invest in a compactor that not only meets your current waste management needs but also adapts to your future growth and changes in waste production.

Our Diverse Range of Compactor Solutions

In our extensive range, we offer a variety of compactors, including models like the GPC P9, GPC S9, GPC S24, GPC P24, G60 Supershort, G90 Waste Compactor, G120, G140, and G140 Pre Crush, alongside a diverse array of static compactor options. These range from manually loaded hoppers to sophisticated bin lift systems, each designed to cater to different waste management needs.

Let’s have a look at the Portable Compactor range we offer:


  1. Optimised for Wet Waste Management: The GPC P9 is specially designed to handle wet waste efficiently, including food waste, medical waste, green waste, or any waste with a high liquid content. Its leak-proof loading area ensures that liquids are retained, making it ideal for environments where wet waste is predominant.
  2. Advanced Pendulum Head Design: The unique pendulum head design, equipped with a twin ram arrangement, ensures pressure is applied evenly. This innovative design means that with a smaller surface area, the pressure exerted on the waste is higher and more concentrated, leading to superior compaction.
  3. Efficient Compaction Mechanism: The compacting mechanism of the GPC P9 is designed to push waste into the container with greater force, ensuring more efficient and effective compaction. This makes it an excellent choice for scenarios where maximising container space is essential.
  4. Ideal for Liquids and Semi-Liquids: Given its leak-proof design, the GPC P9 is exceptionally suitable for containing and compacting waste materials that include liquids or semi-liquids. This feature is especially beneficial for sectors dealing with organic or medical waste.
  5. Practical and Environmentally Friendly: The GPC P9 is not only practical in its operation but also contributes to a more environmentally friendly waste management process. By efficiently compacting wet waste, it reduces the overall volume, leading to fewer waste pickups and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Gradeall GPC P9 is a top-tier solution for businesses and facilities that deal with significant amounts of wet waste. Its specialised design, efficient compaction, and environmental benefits make it a standout choice in waste management technology.


  1. Scissor Type, Chain Lift Design: The GPC S9 features a scissor type, chain lift mechanism and comes with a 9 cubic meter capacity waste container. This design is especially suitable for efficient waste compaction.
  2. Portable and Convenient: The compact dimensions of the GPC S9, coupled with its ability to be moved using chain lift skip lorries, make it highly portable and easy to transport between different locations. This portability makes it a highly convenient and flexible solution for waste management.
  3. Ideal for Dry Waste: With its twin ram scissor arrangement, the GPC S9 is perfectly suited for compacting dry waste types such as paper, cardboard, and plastics. This makes it an optimal choice for businesses that predominantly generate these types of waste.
  4. Alternatives for Wet Waste: While the GPC S9 excels in handling dry waste, for waste with a higher liquid content, it is advisable to consider a wet waste portable compactor. This ensures that the specific waste management needs are efficiently met.
  5. Efficient Waste Management Solution: Overall, the GPC S9 stands out as a highly efficient waste management solution, offering ease of transportation, adaptability to different waste types, and effective compaction capabilities.

The Gradeall GPC S9 represents a versatile and practical choice for businesses seeking an effective way to manage dry waste. Its portability, combined with its specialised compaction mechanism, makes it a valuable asset in any waste management strategy.


  1. Large Scissor-Type Compactor: The GPC S24 stands out as a large scissor-type portable compactor. Its design is tailored to handle substantial volumes of waste, making it suitable for companies with extensive waste management needs.
  2. Hook Lift System for Easy Transportation: This portable waste compactor is equipped with a hook lift mechanism, compatible with any CHEM compliant hook lift lorry. This feature ensures that the GPC S24 can be effortlessly lifted and transported, providing a highly practical and versatile solution for waste management.
  3. Durability and Convenience: The robust construction of the GPC S24, combined with its easy transportation capability, makes it a durable and extremely convenient option for any business that deals with large volumes of waste material.
  4. Optimal for Dry Waste: The twin ram arrangement of the GPC S24 makes it particularly effective for compacting dry waste types such as paper, cardboard, and plastics. Its design ensures efficient compaction and easy handling of these materials.
  5. Efficient Waste Management for Large Volumes: Overall, the GPC S24 is an excellent choice for businesses requiring a reliable and efficient way to manage large volumes of dry waste. Its combination of size, transportability, and effective compaction capabilities makes it an invaluable tool in waste management strategies.

The Gradeall GPC S24 represents an ideal solution for companies looking to efficiently manage significant quantities of dry waste. Its large capacity, coupled with its mobility and effective compaction system, ensures it meets the demands of extensive waste management requirements.


  1. Large Capacity for Wet Waste: The GPC P24 features a substantial 24 cubic meter container capacity, making it an ideal choice for businesses that generate large volumes of wet waste. Its size ensures maximum waste compaction efficiency in a portable format.
  2. Roll On Roll Off’ RORO Design: This compactor is designed as a ‘roll on roll off’ (RORO) unit, equipped with a large hook lift point for compatibility with any CHEM compliant hook lift lorry. This design enhances its convenience and ease of transportation.
  3. Ideal for Offensive Waste: The fully sealed nature of the GPC P24, along with its self-cleaning pendulum head in the compaction area, makes it particularly suited for managing offensive waste such as perishing food items. This feature ensures hygiene and reduces the attraction of vermin.
  4. Twin Ram Pendulum for Efficient Compaction: The twin ram powered pendulum head applies concentrated pressure on the waste, maximising the compaction efficiency. This is particularly effective for compacting wet, malodorous waste like food and organic matter.
  5. Self-Cleaning and Liquid Retentive: The self-cleaning head prevents blockages in the compaction area, while the design is tested for liquid retention to ensure no effluent leakage. This makes maintenance simpler and enhances environmental safety.
  6. Advanced Features and Customisation: Equipped with on-board telemetry, including Intelli-Fill internet connectivity and remote monitoring, the GPC P24 provides vital statistics and service information. It also offers various material feed solutions, drainage ports, deodorising systems, and other bespoke options for tailored waste management.

The Gradeall GPC P24 is a highly efficient and versatile solution for companies handling large volumes of wet waste. Its large capacity, convenient RORO design, and advanced features make it an essential tool for effective and hygienic waste management.

Choosing the Right Commercial Waste Compactor

At Gradeall, selecting the right compactor for your specific requirements is a process we navigate with you, considering key factors such as the type of waste, the volume generated, available space, and preferred loading method. For instance, our portable compactors are an ideal solution for locations where space is at a premium or waste needs to be moved frequently, whereas our static compactors are perfect for handling large volumes of waste efficiently.

Beyond Sales: Comprehensive Waste Management Solutions

We take pride in not just selling compactors but in providing holistic waste management solutions. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you invest in a compactor that not only meets your current waste management needs but also adapts to your future growth and changes in waste production.

As well as out Portable Compactors, we also offer a Range of Static Compactors:

Static Compactor Options

            Manually Loaded Hopper:
  • Functionality: A simple and cost-effective material feed solution featuring a hinged door for straightforward waste depositing.
    • Safety Features: Incorporates a magnetic interlock to prevent the compactor operating whilst the door is open.
    • Design: Showcasing a hinged door for easy material feeding, this hopper combines functionality with safety.
            Sliding Door Hopper:
  • Capacity and Security: Ideal for large, bulky waste with a lockable sliding door to deter unauthorised access and enhance site safety.
    • Safety Mechanism: Equipped with a magnetic interlock to halt compactor operation with the door open.
    • Industrial Design: Tailored for effortless loading of bulky waste, featuring robust safety features.
            Open Top Hopper:
  • Loading Options: Available for double-sided or single-sided loading to suit varying site requirements.
    • Ideal for Bulky Waste: Perfect for accommodating large waste items.
    • Safety: Outfitted with four emergency stops for heightened site safety.
    • Design: Designed for flexible loading of bulky waste, prioritising safety.
            Tipping Skip Hopper:
  • Telehandler and Forklift Compatibility: Enables efficient material feeding using a telehandler or forklift.
    • Design for Loose Material: Features raised sides for effective containment of loose materials.
    • Efficiency: Enhances workflow in waste management, designed for ease and effectiveness.
            Bin Lift Systems:
  • Wheelie Bin Compatibility: Allows wheelie bins to feed material into the compactor.
    • Safety Cage: Standard safety cage for operational safety.
    • Types of Bin Lifts: Trunnion bin lifts, comb bin lifts, and combination bin lifts for versatility.
    • Customisation: Customisable positioning and safety cage door configurations with magnetic interlocks for safety.
            Chute Fed Hoppers:
  • Integration: Seamlessly connects with chute-based waste extraction systems.
    • Customisation: Tailored systems to fit existing infrastructure, with options for automated operation using infrared sensors.
    • Efficiency: Ideal for facilities with established waste extraction systems, offering automated compaction solutions.
            Amenity Site Custom Systems (Deck Load Hoppers):
  • Customisable Solutions: Specially designed for council-run amenity sites, adaptable to existing or new layouts.
    • Visualisation: Comprehensive 3D drawings and renderings available to support decision-making.
    • Additional Options: Remote control panels and electronic keypad start for enhanced operation.
    • Practical Design: Features such as split doors allow for straightforward disposal by the public and efficient cleaning by council staff.

Given the extensive array of configurations available for our static compactors, showcasing every possibility isn’t feasible. Our experienced design team, coupled with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, means the options are extensive. Therefore, we recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific needs. We can arrange a site visit to assess your space and requirements in detail.

G60 Supershort

  1. Compact Design: The G60 Supershort is designed as a compact static compactor, ideal for areas where space is limited. Its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for locations where traditional compactors might be too large.
  2. Versatile Container Compatibility: This compactor is compatible with waste containers of various sizes, accommodating up to a capacity of 32 cubic metres. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of locations and waste management requirements.
  3. Optimised for Space-Constrained Environments: The G60 Supershort’s design focuses on maximising efficiency in limited spaces. Whether it’s for small business premises, retail locations, or confined urban areas, this compactor ensures efficient waste management without the need for extensive space.
  4. Ideal for Diverse Locations: Due to its adaptable size and container compatibility, the G60 Supershort is an excellent choice for many different settings. From commercial complexes to residential areas, it provides a practical and efficient waste management solution.

The Gradeall G60 Supershort stands out as an efficient and space-saving static compactor. Its compact design, coupled with the ability to attach to various container sizes, makes it a versatile and valuable addition to any space-constrained waste management setup.

G90 Waste Compactor

  1. Popular Choice in the Range: The G90 holds the distinction of being the most popular static waste compactor in Gradeall’s range. This popularity underscores its reliability and effectiveness in waste management.
  2. Versatility and Adaptability: Over time, the G90 has evolved into a highly versatile and adaptable waste management machine. This adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of waste types and handling requirements.
  3. Ideal for Councils and Large Businesses: The G90 is particularly well-suited for use by councils and large businesses. Its capacity and robust design make it an excellent choice for handling the significant waste volumes typically generated by these entities.
  4. Efficient Waste Management Solution: With its proven track record and versatile nature, the G90 serves as an efficient solution for waste management. It caters to the diverse needs of both public and private sector operations, ensuring effective waste compaction and management.

The Gradeall G90 Static Waste Compactor is a standout choice for both council-operated and commercial waste management. Its popularity is a testament to its versatility, adaptability, and efficiency in handling a variety of waste management needs.


  1. Large Compactor for High Volumes: The G120 is designed as a large static compactor, specifically built to handle high volumes of waste. Its size and compaction capabilities make it ideal for environments where waste is generated in large quantities.
  2. Tailored for Large Businesses and Councils: The G120 is perfectly suited for large businesses and council operations. Its robust construction and efficient design cater to the needs of such users who deal with extensive amounts of waste material.
  3. Safety and Reliability: A key aspect of the G120 is its focus on safety and reliability. It is engineered to operate under the rigorous demands of high-volume waste compaction, ensuring safe and consistent performance.
  4. Efficient Waste Management Solution: The G120 represents an efficient solution for managing and compacting waste. For entities that generate substantial amounts of waste, this compactor offers a reliable, safe, and effective way to handle their waste management requirements.

The Gradeall G120 Static Waste Compactor stands out as a robust and efficient choice for large businesses and councils. Its capacity to manage high volumes of waste safely and reliably makes it an essential asset in large-scale waste management operations.


  1. Designed for Very High Waste Volumes: The G140 is specifically constructed to handle extremely high volumes of waste, making it an ideal choice for environments with substantial waste generation. Its design focuses on managing large quantities efficiently.
  2. Ideal for Large Businesses and Councils: This compactor is particularly well-suited for large businesses and council operations that face the challenge of compacting very high volumes of waste. Its robust build and capacity make it a reliable tool for these demanding settings.
  3. Safety and Reliability in Operation: Emphasising safety and reliability, the G140 is engineered to perform consistently under the heavy demands of large-scale waste compaction. It ensures that operations can be carried out safely, even with very high volumes of waste.
  4. Effective Large-Scale Waste Management Solution: As a waste management solution, the G140 offers effectiveness and efficiency for entities that produce significant amounts of waste. It provides a practical, safe, and dependable approach to handling their waste management needs.

The Gradeall G140 Static Waste Compactor is a powerhouse for waste management, specifically designed for large businesses and councils dealing with very high volumes of waste. Its capacity for handling such volumes safely and reliably makes it an indispensable asset in large-scale waste management operations.

G140 Pre Crush

  1. Designed for Bulky, Challenging Waste: The G140 is specifically engineered to handle large and bulky items such as furniture, pallets, drums, and wood waste. Its design makes it adept at dealing with difficult-to-compact materials.
  2. Efficient Pre-Crushing Mechanism: Equipped with a pre-crushing feature, this compactor crushes large solid waste into smaller volumes for more effective compaction. It uses a strengthened sluice door to break down waste before it reaches the container, ensuring maximum compaction efficiency.
  3. Advanced PLC Control System: The compactor’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system enables it to reduce waste volume more effectively than standard compactors. This technology ensures optimal use of container space, thus reducing the frequency of collections and associated costs.
  4. Variety of Hopper Options: The G140 comes with different hopper choices to suit various operational needs:
  • Walk-On Platform with Sliding Door Hopper: Designed for maximum user safety and convenience, especially in public areas like council-run sites. It offers controlled waste input and prevents unauthorised dumping.
    • Open Top Hopper: Ideal for industrial environments where large waste items are prevalent. This hopper allows for easy disposal of bulky items, suitable for manual or forklift depositing, making it perfect for warehouses and similar settings.
    • Sliding Door Hopper: A high-capacity enclosed hopper that prevents unauthorised waste dumping and ensures safety on site.

The Gradeall G140 Pre-Crush Static Waste Compactor is a versatile and efficient solution for compacting large and bulky waste. Its pre-crushing feature, coupled with a PLC control system, makes it highly effective in reducing waste volume, while its range of hopper options caters to different operational requirements, ensuring safety, convenience, and efficiency in waste management.

Commitment to Operational Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to enhancing your waste management practices with our state-of-the-art compactors, tailored to your specific needs. At Gradeall our goal is to help you streamline your operations, reduce your environmental impact, and achieve greater operational efficiency through effective waste compaction.

Forklift feeding wooden pallets into the Gradeall G140 Pre-Crush Compactor's open top hopper

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