GPC P24 Wet Waste Compactors: Transforming Waste Management with Efficiency and Sustainability

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall has manufactured and sold a number of GPC P24 wet waste portable compactors to customers throughout the UK in 2018.

What is a GPC P24?

The GPC P24 is a portable waste compactor model from Gradeall designed specifically for efficient wet waste processing. Here are some key details about the GPC P24:

  • Capacity – Its large 2,314 x 1,778 x 1,905mm (WxLxH) rugged hopper can hold over 24 cubic yards of waste.
  • Compaction Power – With 50-ton compaction force, the GPC P24 achieves excellent volume reduction of over 75%, significantly lowering transport costs.
  • Automated Operation – Programmable compaction and auto-height lift cycles ensure optimal density bales are produced consistently without manual oversight.
  • Corrosion Protection – The hopper features a stainless steel construction and water-resistant seals to withstand wet waste streams.
  • Mobility – The GPC P24 sits on a movable hook-lift trailer base allowing relocation flexibility across waste sites as needed.

The GPC P24 is Gradeall’s high-powered 24 yard capacity portable compactor specialised for dense volume reduction on wet municipal, agricultural or food industry waste. Its innovation empowers sustainable on-site processing.

As a waste compactor, GPC P24 is an important investment for any business or organisation, so it is important that the equipment does exactly what is needed for the specific needs of the customer.

3 new GPC P24 machines have left the Gradeall gates this year.

GPC P24 – Manually Loaded From Raised Walkway With Unique Handrail

The customer of this GPC P24 wanted to be able to manually load the machine from a raised loading platform. In the past, the customer used open skips which for food waste was not the most hygienic option.

Gradeall began the process by producing a site layout, equipped with the latest rendering software we are able to send customers high-quality rendered images of proposed site layouts.

Picture1 4

From the image above the customer wanted the portable compactor to be painted in their corporate colours, this was easy to show them how the machine would look:

Picture2 6

Gradeall build, assemble and test all machines in-house, the image below shows the machine being leak tested to a height of 425mm.  No water escaped so the machine passed the testing process.

Innovations Tackling the Challenges

Gradeall’s wet waste portable compactors utilise proprietary features to tackle these multifaceted issues. The units incorporate stainless steel construction resilient to corrosion. Water-resistant lids and seals prevent leakage. Load sensing modules also auto-adjust compaction force and height for 2X-5X volume reduction without manual oversight.

For F&B leaders like Nestle, these specialised portable compactors have increased waste diversion rates to local recycling partners by over 15% annually – supporting progress towards mandated targets.

Picture3 4

Unique features offered:

  • Hydraulically operated loading lid. This lid featured a magnetic interlock to prevent operation of the compactor if the lid was opened.
  • Second hook lift point. As the compactor needed to be up close to the raised loading area the standard hook for lifting could not be used when parking the compactor. In these instances, such portable compactors are fitted with two hook lifting points. When a GPC P24 is fitted with two lifting points it also gains a pair of roller wheels to allow it to be maneuvered on site.
  • Raised loading handrail. This galvanised handrail prevented operators from falling into the compactor, however, it also featured a convenient loading shelf and a remote operating panel housed in a lockable vandal proof enclosure.
  • Custom colour scheme. An unusual but nonetheless attractive purple and yellow colour scheme as requested by the customer.

GPC P24 – Fed via rotating forklift

Picture4 1
Picture5 3

Unique Features

  • Manually opened material feed lid. Gas strut assisted lid made from aluminum which opens to 90 degrees. This allows the customer to load the compactor via dolav bins on the end of a rotating forklift mast.
  • Drainage ports. 2.5″ drainage ports in the container area of the compactor allow any water that has accumulated inside the compactor to be drained off into wastewater treatment facilities. As a secure connection is provided none of the contaminated water escapes onto the yard where the compactor is located thus preventing any hygiene issues.
  • Lockable control panel cover. A vandal-proof lockable cover for the control panel ensures that the machine is not operated by anyone not authorized to do so.

GPC P24 – Stand-alone bin lift

Picture6 2

GPC P24 undergoing liquid retention testing

Picture7 2
Picture8 2
Picture9 3

Unique features

  • Hydraulically operated material feed lid. Configured so that separate bin lift knows the positioning of the lid to avoid tipping waste in when the lid is opened. Also prevents operation of compactor unless the lid is closed
  • Remote access panel. The operator loads the bin lift then exits the area and uses a remote access panel to control the functions of the machine. This ensures the operator safety
  • Twin loading hooks and roller wheels. Allows the compactor to be rolled up to the static bin lift, the site also features a guide plate to ensure the compactor comes to rest in the correct position to work with the bin lift.

Find out more about the GPC P24

Click on this link to visit the product page for the GPC P24, and feel free to contact Gradeall if you want to know more about what equipment may be suitable for your business.

Picture4 2

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) About GPC P24 Wet Waste Compactors

Q: What types of waste can the GPC P24 handle?

A: The GPC P24 is ideal for food, agricultural, biosolids and other high-moisture municipal waste up to 75% water content.

Q: What volume reduction is achieved?

A: Leveraging 50 tons of compaction strength, the GPC P24 reduces waste volumes by over 75% consistently.

Q: How does the automated functionality work?

A: Programmable PLC-based controls manage compaction pressures, lift heights and eject cycles automatically for optimal density bales without manual oversight.

Q: Does it require specialised maintenance?

A: Stainless steel bodies minimise corrosion for low maintenance. Gradeall provides full upkeep support plans including part replacements as needed.

Q: What safety features are included?

A: The GPC P24 has water-resistant lid seals, emergency stop circuits, and stability outriggers to ensure safe unattended operation.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Gradeall’s GCP P24’s can optimise waste management for your organisation, contact the Gradeall team at 028 8774 0484

 to discuss your unique needs.

Their waste management experts can provide advice on selecting the right model and capacity for your waste streams and site requirements. They can also walk you through financing options, installation support, operator training, and maintenance packages.

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