Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler: A Game-Changer in Tyre Compression and Waste Reduction

By:     Kieran Donnelly
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After months of development and extensive testing Gradeall introduced the new MK3 tyre baler.

Achieve Over 60% Faster Recycling: How Gradeall’s Pioneering MK3 Tyre Baler Accelerates Circular Economies

With over 1 billion end-of-life tyres discarded annually, developing ethical recycling ecosystems is no longer optional – it’s an imperative. However, bulkiness and durability challenges have throttled reprocessing productivity using legacy solutions. Gradeall’s new MK3 tyre baler spearheads the transformation using cutting-edge technology.

Inefficiencies in Traditional Tyre Balers

A customer complained about how PAS108-compliant bales went into a shipping container. The need to set 3 horizontally and 1 vertically when loading them into a container meant that loading 32 bales into a container could take up to 1 hour.

With the MK3 tyre baler, the aim was to allow bales to go straight into a shipping container 3 at a time, reducing the loading/unloading time from 1 hour to 20 minutes per container.

Loose bales needed securing with metal wires before shipping – a tedious manual task. Their expansion during ejection also prevented directly loading into containers – needing realignment using forklifts and postponing transportation. Such issues restricted lines to under 50 bales daily, hampering circularity goals.

The MK3 tyre baler is itself based on the MK2 tyre baler but features 3 hydraulic rams developing a total force of 75 tonnes. The structure of the machine itself has been strengthened where necessary to cope with the additional pressures involved, Finite element analysis has been carried out to ensure that the baler will withstand these forces.

From testing an average bale weight of 1300Kg was obtained. The bales contained an average of 140 tyres.

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Pioneering Upgrades Unlocking New Potential

Gradeall’s MK3 tyre baler platform utilises three patented enhancements focused on automating, securing and transporting bales for maximising plant throughput:

  1. A 75-tonne compaction force hydraulic system produces 1300Kg bales densely packing 140 tyres needing no additional wires.
  2. Finite element structural reinforcements prevent shape distortion enabling container direct loading without intermediate handling.
  3. An inverted pneumatic ejection system slides completed bales out uniformly without sudden expansions – maintaining densification.

Quantifiable Improvements, Immeasurable Impact

By producing stabilised, optimised PAS108-grade bales every 4 minutes sans manual interventions, MK3 balers deliver over 60% production capacity jumps while aligning to international shipping formats seamlessly.

For pioneering waste management firms like Cawleys, investing in Gradeall’s breakthrough platform cements leadership driving the circular tyre economies of tomorrow via infrastructure innovation today. The numbers corroborate the vision. Our future beckons sustainably.

Advantages of the MK3 Tyre Baler

  1. Higher Throughput – By delivering a bale every 4 minutes, the MK3 enables over 60% increased tyre recycling productivity versus traditional balers.
  2. Optimised Bales – Its 75-tonne compression forms ultra-dense, dimensionally stable 1300Kg bales without needing external wires for securing.
  3. Automated Operation – Inverted pneumatic ejection and other automated features minimise manual bale handling, allowing around-the-clock unmanned production.
  4. Transportability – Distortion-resistant bales can load directly into shipping containers, skipping intermediary reorientation steps for faster downstream logistics.
  5. Compliance – Consistent PAS108 grade output meets international recycling regulations, facilitating mainstream acceptance and revenue.
  6. Rapid ROI – With boosted throughput delivering over 80 additional bales daily, attractive 12-18 month ROI potential significantly upgrades recycling capabilities.

Information on Gradeall’s MK3 Tyre Baler

Core Capabilities

  • Processes car, van and truck tyres up to 2100mm diameter
  • Handles rimmed and rimless tyres through automated sidewall cutting
  • 75 tonnes of compaction forms stable, wire-free 1300Kg bales

Innovative Features

  • Programmable PLC-based controls automate compression to ejection cycles
  • Heavy duty inverted ram powered by dual-actuator system slides finished bales out uniformly
  • Reinforced modular construction designed for container loading durability

Assured Compliance

  • Consistent PAS108 grade output meets international regulatory directives
  • CE marked after rigorous safety testing across mechanical and electrical systems
Mk3 tyre baler

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