Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler – The Epitome of Performance and Waste Reduction in Tyre Management

By:     Kieran Donnelly

In recent months we have been improving our MKII tyre baler, we recently mentioned the new control unit.

The new power unit has been designed specifically for the MKII tyre baler, a machine that carries our 30 years of experience in the waste management and recycling sectors.

This makes the MKII now one of the most efficient and quietest operating tyre balers on the market today. Thanks to more international customers we now offer this tyre baler with useful features such as a remote monitoring system allowing for us to provide remote troubleshooting and diagnostics which removes the need to arrange expensive call outs.

Why Buy A New MKII Tyre Baler From Gradeall?

What Sets the MKII Tyre Baler Apart?

  • Efficiency: Our MKII tyre baler is the result of years of expertise and dedication to sustainability. The new power unit is meticulously crafted to maximise efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Quiet Operation: We understand the importance of minimising noise pollution in your operations. The MKII’s innovative design ensures that it operates quietly, creating a more pleasant working environment.
  • Global Reach: Thanks to an increasing number of international customers, we are thrilled to offer the MKII tyre baler worldwide. Our global presence allows us to bring this exceptional technology to waste management and recycling facilities around the globe.
  • Remote Monitoring: To enhance customer experience and streamline maintenance, we’ve incorporated a remote monitoring system into the MKII. This cutting-edge feature enables us to provide remote troubleshooting and diagnostics, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming call-outs.

With Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler and its advanced power unit, you not only get state-of-the-art efficiency but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a reliable partner in waste management and recycling.

Discover the future of tyre baling with Gradeall’s MKII and experience the difference firsthand. Join the growing number of satisfied customers who are benefitting from this game-changing technology.


The right head pressure for the job!

The MKII has been developed specifically to produce tyre bales, with them in use worldwide it is well proven to be more than capable of being up to the job.

A tyre balers ultimate aim is to produce a tyre bale to reduce transport costs in shipping containers or curtain sider trailers, allowing the bales to be further processed at a different site. However, shipping containers have a weight limit of 27 tonnes, a standard PAS108 compliant tyre bale is sized at 1500 x 1200 x 750 mm which physically permits 32 bales in a container. With between 90 and 110 tyres there is no need to go over 1200Kg per bale as this will exceed the container weight limit.

Specialised Technology Revolutionising Efficiency

Gradeall’s MKII tyre baler power units utilise proprietary variable displacement Axial Piston Pump technology allowing real-time hydraulic oil flow optimisation to match compaction demands. This enables over 50% energy savings alongside 40% faster cycle times.

The power units also feature durable upto 8-year pump warranties from industry leaders like Danfoss. Gradeall’s global service network provides full parts, maintenance and repair support as well – ensuring maximum performance stability.

Achieving Higher Throughput Alongside Lower Operating Costs

Tyre recycling partners routinely validate the advantages Gradeall’s MKII innovation delivers for their operations.

Customers have reported electricity usage declines exceeding 35% enabling expanded production without proportional overhead hikes. By lowering kWh consumption per bale, the MKII units also support sustainability commitments on emission reductions.

The modular power units streamline upgrades of existing tyre balers with plug-and-play functionality, without necessitating full machinery replacements. This allows phased capacity expansion aligned to growing tyre waste influx – protecting equipment investments already made.

We have worked with customers and companies who deal with container loads of waste tyres to develop the MKII tyre baler to meet this exact requirement.

Conveniently the MKII tyre baler also produces the right amount of head pressure to cope with baling truck tyres that have been put through the sidewall cutter.

View a video of the new MKII tyre baler in action

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler – Baling car tyres in 2018 | Recycle Tyres | Recycling Baler Machines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler and Power Unit

Q: What is the Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler?

A: The Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler is an advanced machine designed for efficient and eco-friendly compaction and baling of end-of-life tyres. It’s a product of Gradeall’s extensive experience in the waste management and recycling sectors.

Q: What makes the MKII Tyre Baler stand out?

A: The MKII Tyre Baler is known for its exceptional efficiency and quiet operation. It’s designed to minimise operational costs while providing a more comfortable working environment due to its reduced noise levels.

Q: How does the MKII Tyre Baler contribute to sustainability?

A: By efficiently compacting and baling tyres, the MKII Tyre Baler helps reduce the environmental impact associated with tyre waste. It promotes responsible tyre disposal and recycling.

Q: What is the significance of the new power unit for the MKII Tyre Baler?

A: The new power unit is specifically designed to enhance the performance of the MKII Tyre Baler. It optimises efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and operational costs.

Q: How does the remote monitoring system benefit users?

A: The remote monitoring system is a valuable feature of the MKII Tyre Baler. It allows Gradeall to provide remote troubleshooting and diagnostics, eliminating the need for expensive on-site service calls and minimising downtime.

Q: Is the MKII Tyre Baler available internationally?

A: Yes, the MKII Tyre Baler is available to customers worldwide. Gradeall’s global presence ensures that this innovative technology is accessible to waste management and recycling facilities across the globe.

Q: Can the MKII Tyre Baler accommodate various tyre sizes and types?

A: Yes, the MKII Tyre Baler is designed to handle a wide range of tyre sizes and types, making it a versatile solution for tyre compaction and recycling.

Q: Is there a warranty or support for the MKII Tyre Baler and its power unit?

A: Gradeall provides comprehensive support and warranty options for the MKII Tyre Baler and its power unit. Please contact Gradeall’s customer support for detailed information on warranties and support services.

Q: How can I learn more about Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler and power unit?

A: You can find more information about Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler and its innovative power unit on our official website. Feel free to reach out to our representatives for specific inquiries and to request a demonstration.

Q: What benefits can I expect from upgrading to the MKII Tyre Baler?

A: Upgrading to the MKII Tyre Baler can lead to increased operational efficiency, reduced energy consumption, lower noise levels, and enhanced waste management practices. It also helps meet environmental regulations and sustainability goals.

Choose Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler and experience the future of efficient and sustainable tyre waste management.

Want to Learn More About Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Gradeall’s MKII Tyre Baler can optimise tyre waste management for your organisation, contact the Gradeall team at 028 8774 0484 to discuss your unique needs.

Their waste management experts can provide advice on selecting the right model and capacity for your tyre disposal needs and site requirements. They can also walk you through financing options, installation support, operator training, and maintenance packages.

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