Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler Controls Revised for Improved Usability

By:     Kieran Donnelly

In recent years Gradeall has been working with a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic components and control units to provide our portable and static compactors with a dependable, efficient, easy-to-operate intelligent control system.

The MKII tyre baler in response to feedback from our customers is now the latest machine in our range to receive an up-to-date control system. Any MKII tyre baler built from 2018 onwards will feature this new control system.

Advantages of the revised MKII tyre baler controls are:

  • Key switch to turn on/off the baler to prevent unauthorised access.
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  • Quiet operating pump and motor
  • Easy to operate intuitive controls
  • Additional warning lights. Machine ready, door open, flashing bale full light, and error lamp. Gives a better indication of what the machine is doing and provides a quicker diagnosis of problems.
  • Automatic head positioning when the baler is full. The baler will automatically perform an additional press stroke with increased pressing force to enable easier bale tying.

Wireless connectivity which provides a remote monitoring system, the MKII tyre baler equivalent to the intelli-fill system fitted to our range of waste compactors. On the MKII tyre baler, this has been called the Intelli-Link system.

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With over 1 billion end-of-life tyres discarded globally each year, developing sustainable management and recycling frameworks is no longer an option – it’s an urgent imperative. Landfill bans now cover 75% of waste tyres in the UK and EU. Without viable processing alternatives, illegal dumping already accounts for nearly 30% of tyre waste according to the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Specialised Technology Maximising Efficiency

Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology revolutionises baler performance via proprietary innovations like the programmable Variable Displacement Axial Piston pump system. By continuously optimising hydraulic oil flow to match compaction loads, the MKII system reduces energy consumption by over 50%.

Integrated servo-electronics monitor key variables like hydraulic pressure, cycle counts etc. to further enhance automation and uptime. By catching performance issues early, preventative maintenance is facilitated as well.

Driving Higher Profitability and Compliance

Tyre collectors like Wilson Tyres in the UK validate the MKII units’ impact. With 2 units powering its on-site balers, Wilson reduced electricity usage by over 40% annually while lowering its carbon footprint. The modular, plug-and-play MKII integration with existing lines also minimised capital outlay and disruption.

Such innovations continue fuelling Gradeall’s balers industry-leading processing capabilities while ensuring regulatory obligations on tyre disposal are fulfilled by partners responsibly.

The Global Tyre Waste Crisis

The scale of the global tyre waste crisis is staggering. Over 1 billion tyres are discarded every year, posing a significant environmental threat. Improper disposal of tyres leads to several problems:

  • Environmental Pollution: Tyres in landfills can release harmful chemicals and toxins into the soil and groundwater, polluting the environment.
  • Fire Hazards: Piled-up tyres are susceptible to combustion, resulting in long-lasting, hard-to-control fires that release hazardous fumes into the atmosphere.
  • Habitat Destruction: Illegally dumped tyres disrupt ecosystems and can harm wildlife by altering natural habitats.
  • Health Risks: Tyre fires emit toxic smoke, endangering the health of nearby communities.

Landfill bans have been implemented in the UK and EU to address this issue. These bans cover 75% of waste tyres, but without viable processing alternatives, illegal dumping has already become a significant problem, accounting for nearly 30% of tyre waste according to the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Gradeall’s MKII Power Unit Technology

Gradeall, a leader in waste management solutions, has developed the MKII power unit technology, which is revolutionising the tyre waste management industry. This innovative technology offers several key features:

  • Programmable Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump System: The MKII system continuously optimises hydraulic oil flow to match compaction loads, reducing energy consumption by over 50%. This not only saves energy but also lowers operational costs.
  • Integrated Servo-Electronics: The technology monitors essential variables such as hydraulic pressure and cycle counts, enhancing automation and uptime. Early detection of performance issues allows for preventative maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Driving Higher Profitability and Compliance with Wilson Tyres

Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology is delivering tangible benefits to tyre collectors and recyclers. One notable example is Wilson Tyres in the UK, which has embraced this innovative solution. By incorporating two MKII units to power their on-site balers, Wilson Tyres achieved impressive results:

  • Reduced Electricity Usage: Wilson Tyres reduced its electricity usage by over 40% annually, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Lowered Carbon Footprint: The adoption of Gradeall’s technology helped Wilson Tyres minimise its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.
  • Modular and Plug-and-Play Integration: The MKII system seamlessly integrates with existing production lines, minimising capital outlay and operational disruption.

The global tyre waste crisis demands immediate and effective solutions to mitigate its environmental and health impacts. Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology is at the forefront of innovation in tyre waste management.

 With its energy-efficient design, advanced monitoring capabilities, and proven customer benefits, it is not only driving higher profitability for tyre collectors but also ensuring responsible compliance with regulatory obligations.

As we navigate the challenges of the global tyre waste crisis, Gradeall’s commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions provides hope for a cleaner and greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About MKII Tyre Balers

Q. What is the global tyre waste crisis?

A. The global tyre waste crisis refers to the significant environmental challenge posed by the improper disposal of end-of-life tyres. With over 1 billion tyres discarded worldwide each year, it has become a pressing issue, leading to pollution, fire hazards, habitat destruction, and health risks.

Q. Why is the proper management of tyre waste important?

A. Proper tyre waste management is crucial to prevent environmental pollution, fires, habitat disruption, and health risks associated with toxic emissions from burning tyres. It also helps conserve resources and reduce the carbon footprint of the tyre industry.

Q. What is Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology?

A. Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology is an innovative solution designed to revolutionise tyre waste management. It includes features such as a programmable Variable Displacement Axial Piston pump system and integrated servo-electronics to optimise hydraulic oil flow, reduce energy consumption, and enhance automation and uptime.

eatens the health of nearby communities due to toxic emissions from tyre fires.

Q. How can Gradeall’s technology help address regulatory obligations?

A. Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology ensures responsible compliance with regulatory obligations on tyre disposal by improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Its advanced monitoring capabilities allow for early detection of performance issues, enabling timely maintenance and uninterrupted operations.

Q. Can Gradeall’s technology be integrated into existing waste management systems?

A. Yes, the MKII power unit technology is designed for modular and plug-and-play integration with existing production lines. This minimises capital outlay and operational disruption, making it a practical choice for upgrading waste management systems.

Q. Is Gradeall committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility?

A. Yes, Gradeall is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their innovative technology is aimed at reducing energy consumption, lowering carbon footprints, and promoting responsible tyre waste management to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Q. Where can I learn more about Gradeall’s MKII power unit technology?

A. You can find more information about Gradeall’s technology, its applications, and customer success stories on their official website or by contacting their representatives for specific inquiries.

Q. How can I contribute to addressing the global tyre waste crisis personally?

A. You can contribute by ensuring responsible disposal of your own used tyres, supporting recycling initiatives, and advocating for proper tyre waste management in your community. Additionally, staying informed about innovations like Gradeall’s MKII technology can help raise awareness of effective solutions to the crisis.

Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler new control panel

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