OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment Proves Success

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall took a visit to an OTR processing plant that was recently fitted with the new range of Gradeall OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment. Safe to say it yielded successful results for the operation and demonstrated the potential of Gradeall’s Tyre Recycling Machinery.

In this case study, we’ll outline how our innovative cutting equipment handles OTR tyres, turning them into smaller and more manageable pieces of waste tyres that can be processed more efficiently.

Why is Processing Off Road Tyres Challenging?

Processing and handling Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres presents several challenges due to their unique characteristics and size. Some of the challenges associated with the process of OTR tyres include:

Size and Weight

OTR tyres are significantly larger and heavier than regular tires, making them challenging to handle and transport. Their sheer size requires specialized equipment and machinery capable of accommodating their dimensions.

Transport costs

Due to their incredibly bulky nature, OTR tyres are also often more expensive to transport because they take up more room. This leads to increased costs in labour, fuel, and specialised vehicles that have enough room to fit them. 



OTR tyres are designed to withstand extreme conditions in mining, construction, and other heavy-duty industries. Their construction incorporates multiple layers of reinforced materials, such as steel belts, making them more difficult to shred and process compared to standard tires.


OTR tyres often accumulate various contaminants, such as rocks, debris, and dirt, during their usage in rugged terrains. Removing these contaminants before processing the tyres is essential to ensure the efficiency and longevity of the recycling equipment.

Environmental Impact

Due to their large size and heavy composition, OTR tyres require significant storage space, which can lead to environmental concerns if not managed properly. Disposing of OTR tyres in landfills is not an ideal solution due to their slow degradation and potential environmental pollution.

Recycling Technologies

OTR tyres pose a challenge in terms of available recycling technologies. Traditional mechanical shredding methods may struggle to handle the tough rubber compounds and steel reinforcements present in these tires.

OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment as Solution

These large OTR tyres pose a huge problem for shredders due to their large size and high wire content inside, they wreak havoc on the blades, bearings and other moving parts of shredder systems causing expensive breakdowns and increased maintenance requirements not to mention the issue of fitting these tyres into most shredders poses a problem in itself.


Overcoming the difficulties associated with handling OTR Tyres requires specialised expertise, advanced equipment, and innovative recycling technologies. The Gradeall range of OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment does exactly that, helping OTR Tyre handlers improve their efficiency and productivity when working with this type of waste.

The Gradeall OTR Tyre Splitter and OTR Tyre Sidewall Cutter

can downsize very large (off-the-road) OTR tyres at a very rapid rate of 15 tyres per hour.

Check out the full range of OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment below.

OTR Tyre Splitter

The OTR Tyre Splitter is able to half the problem by splitting the tyre in two. This industry performing machine can handle tyres between 1200mm to 1800mm in diameter and with a built in centralising system, it ensures a consistent split everytime.


The OTR Tyre Splitter also includes hydraulic lever controls and a high-torque gearbox that drives the cutting blade. With built-in safety guards to protect the operator, this tyre recycling  machine became an indispensable addition to the site we installed it in.


If you would like to hear more about the OTR Tyre Splitter and how it can enhance your OTR Tyre handling operation, get in touch with a member of the Gradeall team for expert support and guidance that you can trust.

OTR Tyre Sidewall Cutter

The OTR Tyre Sidewall Cutter removes the steel wire beading part of the tire, which is essential in ensuring the longevity of your tyre shredder machines. It features a strong steel blade to remove the sidewalls from these massive OTR tyres, leaving behind smaller segments of waste tyre that are much easier to handle and transport.


This tyre recycling machine is able to cut the sidewalls of OTR tyres ranging between 1200mm to 2000mm in diameter. It performs the manoeuvre efficiently with a high-torque gearbox to drive the cutting blade, swiftly leaving behind a further processed tyre for convenient handling.


The intergration of this machine proved a major success for the site. In combination with the OTR Tyre Splitter, this operation was able to process 15 OTR tyres per hour, which is extremely efficient and productive when handling this type of waste.


At Gradeall International, we aim to ensure that our tyre recycling machinery benefits our customers as a long term investment. Revisiting this site gave us the reassurance that our machinery is doing just that.

More OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment

In addition to the OTR Tyre Splitter and OTR Tyre Sidewall Cutter, we have also manufactured the OTR Tyre Shear.  This machine can process the remaining tread section and sidewall into segments that weigh less than 25kg.


The powerful steel blade is built to withstand the strong wire beading that remains in the sidewalls and with an effective safety guard in place, it reduces the risk of flying debris flying out and injuring operators.

The Gradeall OTR range is designed to make these large OTR tyres smaller and easier to handle, store, transport and shred. It is one of the most cost-effective and time-efficent systems on the market today for doing this.


International supplier of waste management solutions

The OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment was built upon the previous success of our tyre recycling machinery that handled passenger-type vehicle tyres and larger, lorry truck-type tyres.

Our customers requested similar machinery for handling OTR tyres and we listened to their requests.

Gradeall is an international supplier of waste management solutions, we aim to be innovative leaders in designing and manufacturing more efficient solutions. Get in touch with a member of the Gradeall team to discuss the range of OTR Tyre Cutting Equipment. We can help you find a practical and profitable solution that meets your operational needs.


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