Amenity Center Officially Opens Its Doors to Serve Community With G120 Static Waste Compactors

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Powys County Council has officially opened a recycling centre for household waste.

The site itself received a number of Gradeall G120 static waste compactors fitted with open top manually loaded hoppers for easy disposal of waste.

Working with the building contractors and architects of the site Gradeall provided 2D and 3D site layouts of the equipment prior to the installation in order to help plan out the site layout to improve traffic flow and make the site as efficient as possible.

With different static waste compactors designated for specific waste types, waste can be segregated which ensures that it can go on towards further recycling rather than go to landfill. The council aims to meet the Welsh governments target of recycling at least 70% of its waste by the year 2025.

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Initial site drawings. Gradeall visited the proposed sites and engaged in discussions with Powys council to help prepare site layout drawings.


Three-dimensional renderings were meticulously created to provide a vivid and detailed visual representation of how the equipment would appear once installed.


The fully assembled compactors were successfully dispatched from the Gradeall factory, marking the completion of their manufacturing process.


An early start on a January morning sees the compactors being installed.



Economic and Environmental Advancements at Powys’s New Recycling Centre

The establishment of the new recycling centre in Powys is poised to bring about considerable economic and environmental advantages for the local community:

  • Diminished Landfill Costs: The centre’s ability to divert substantial amounts of waste from landfills will result in significant savings on landfill disposal fees for the council.
  • Revenue from Recycling: The sale of recyclable materials like paper, plastics, and metals will generate additional income for the council, bolstering its fiscal resources.
  • Employment Opportunities: The day-to-day operations and upkeep of the recycling centre are expected to create new job openings in the waste management sector, offering employment prospects for Powys residents.
  • Environmental Fiscal Benefits: By lessening reliance on landfills and encouraging recycling, the council is set to achieve cost savings in environmental terms, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, decreased water pollution, and the conservation of natural resources.

The official opening.


Enhancing Community Involvement in Recycling through Education in Powys County

Powys County Council is dedicated to the success of the new recycling centre and is fostering sustainable waste management awareness among its residents through a well-rounded community education initiative. This initiative encompasses:

  • Informative Public Awareness Brochures: These brochures, distributed to both households and businesses, provide essential information about the types of waste accepted at the centre, guidelines for proper waste segregation, and the overarching benefits of recycling.
  • Engaging Educational Workshops: The council is organising workshops and seminars aimed at community groups and schools. These sessions are designed to enlighten residents about effective waste reduction techniques, the intricacies of the recycling process, and the broader environmental implications of proper waste management.
  • Comprehensive Online Resources: A dedicated section on the Powys County Council’s website offers extensive information about the recycling centre. This includes details on acceptable waste materials, operational hours, and practical recycling advice.
  • Active Social Media Campaigns: By leveraging social media platforms, the council actively engages with the community. These platforms are used to disseminate recycling tips, publicise recycling-related events, and address any queries or concerns about waste management practices.

Through these initiatives, Powys County Council is not only enhancing the operational success of the new recycling centre but also cultivating a culture of environmental responsibility and recycling within the community.



Future Initiatives at Powys County Council

With the recycling centre now operational, Powys County Council is dedicated to further advancing its waste management strategies and environmental sustainability efforts:

  • Enhancing Recycling Facilities: The council intends to evaluate the need for more recycling infrastructure or advanced equipment to handle increasing volumes of waste and meet the growing demand for recycling.
  • Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology: There is a plan to investigate the integration of sophisticated waste sorting and processing technologies to boost efficiency and improve recycling rates.
  • Championing Circular Economy: The council will motivate local businesses and organisations to embrace circular economy principles, aiming to reduce waste production, prolong product life cycles, and maximise resource utilisation.
  • Collaborating with Local Entities: Engaging in partnerships with local businesses, community groups, and educational bodies, the council will strive to promote sustainable waste management practices and nurture a culture of environmental responsibility within the community.

For more detailed information and insights, you can access the full article from Powys Council at the following here.


Q&A on Powys Council’s New Recycling Centre

Q: What economic benefits is the new recycling centre in Powys expected to bring?

A: The centre is anticipated to significantly reduce landfill disposal costs by diverting waste from landfills. It will also generate revenue through the sale of recyclable materials and potentially create new job opportunities in the waste management sector. Additionally, environmental cost savings from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and resource conservation are expected.

Q: How will the recycling centre affect landfill disposal costs?

A: By diverting a substantial amount of waste away from landfills, the centre will reduce the council’s landfill disposal fees, which can be considerable, especially for large volumes of waste.

Q: Can the recycling centre generate revenue for Powys Council?

A: Yes, the centre will contribute to the council’s income through the sale of various recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, and metals.

Q: What impact will the recycling centre have on local employment?

A: The operation and maintenance of the recycling centre may create new job opportunities in Powys, contributing to the local economy and providing employment for residents.

Q: What are the environmental benefits of the new recycling centre?

A: The centre will help in reducing environmental costs by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, minimising water pollution, and conserving natural resources through enhanced recycling and reduced landfill use.

Q: What future plans does Powys Council have for waste management?

A: Powys Council plans to expand recycling capacity, introduce innovative waste management technologies, promote circular economy practices among local businesses and organisations, and partner with local stakeholders to foster sustainable waste management practices.

Q: How will Powys Council expand its recycling capacity?

A: The council will assess the need for additional recycling facilities or equipment to handle growing waste volumes and meet the increasing demand for recycling services.

Q: What role will innovative technologies play in Powys’s waste management strategy?

A: The council is looking to adopt advanced waste sorting and processing technologies to enhance efficiency and optimise recycling outcomes, aligning with modern waste management practices.

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