Gradeall’s GPC P24 Brings Advanced Waste Management Solutions to Carrickfergus with Latest Installation

By:     Kieran Donnelly

A large meat processing plant in Carrickfergus County Antrim has taken delivery of a GPC P24

They had been using an old Gradeall portable compactor which gave over 10 years of reliable service, but it was time to change to a new machine.

A beacon of sustainability in Northern Ireland’s food industry, the largest meat processing enterprise in Carrickfergus recently upgraded to Gradeall’s latest GPC P24 compactor, after a decade of reliance on previous durable models. This proactive decision to replace equipment underscores their commitment to continuous modernisation, maintaining export-level standards through responsible innovation.


 By adopting the most advanced compaction technology, which maximises payloads per transport, the company significantly furthers its ambitious decarbonisation goals within its production processes. With a long trusted partnership with Gradeall, both teams work in seamless collaboration, implementing bespoke efficiency features that align with the company’s expansion plans.


This strategic approach helps to further optimise waste flows, keeping pace with yearly output gains that surpass regional averages. This collaboration is yet another instance where environmental stewardship and innovative progress align for the benefit of all.


Exclusive Features of This Site

  • Stainless steel chute which allows the compactor to be loaded from inside the building.
  • A sealed interface between the chute and compactor to keep bad smells and rodents away.
  • Liquid drainage ports on the container section of the compactor to drain away accumulated liquid.
  • Ground mounted guide plate with wheel stoppers to ensure compactor sits in the right position every time.
  • Double hook lifts. As the front of the compactor is up against the building its main hook lift is inaccessible to a hook lift truck. The rear waste discharge door features a second hook lift point to allow the machine to be removed from its parked position and slid back in with ease.

Delivery and Installation of the Waste Compactor at the Meat Processing Facility

Delivery Overview:

Gradeall recently undertook the delivery of a comprehensive waste management solution to a major meat processing factory. This included a state-of-the-art compactor, a stainless steel chute, and a forklift, all transported efficiently to the customer’s site.

Innovative Installation:

Upon arrival, the installation of the machine commenced, showcasing its unique second hook lift point mounted to the reinforced waste discharge door. This enhanced door design allows the compactor to be lifted from this side for easy manoeuvring out of its parking position. For standard transportation on the hook lift truck, the front hook point is used. The entire system maintains full compliance with CHEM standards, ensuring safe and efficient operation.


Seamless Integration:

The seamless integration between the stainless steel chute and the compactor is a key feature. It is meticulously sealed to prevent foul odours and leakage, thereby maintaining a clean and hygienic environment within the meat processing facility.

Chute Fed System:

This innovative chute fed system enables material to be conveniently fed into the compactor from inside the building. The operator interface is designed for ease of use and efficiency, as depicted in the accompanying images. This setup not only enhances the waste management process but also aligns with the facility’s ongoing commitment to sustainable and efficient operations.

Q&A on the Delivery and Installation of the Waste Compactor at the Meat Processing Facility

Q: What components did Gradeall deliver to the meat processing factory?

A1: Gradeall delivered a comprehensive waste management solution that included a high-quality compactor, a robust stainless steel chute, and a forklift for efficient on-site handling.

Q: How is the waste compactor designed for manoeuvrability within the facility?

A: The compactor features a unique second hook lift point mounted to a reinforced waste discharge door. This design allows for easy manoeuvring of the compactor out of its parking position. The front hook point remains the primary mode of transport on the hook lift truck.

Q: Does the installation comply with industry standards?

A: Yes, the entire installation and design of the compactor system maintain full compliance with CHEM standards, ensuring safe and effective operation in line with industry best practices.

Q: How does the stainless steel chute benefit the waste management process?

A: The stainless steel chute, which interfaces seamlessly with the compactor, is specially designed to prevent foul odours and leakage, contributing to a cleaner and more hygienic work environment.

Q: Can waste be fed into the compactor from inside the building?

A: Absolutely. The chute fed system is designed to allow material to be conveniently fed into the compactor from within the building, making the waste disposal process more efficient and user-friendly for the operators.


Transforming Your Way of Waste Management

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