Gradeall has recently played an instrumental part in developing a 21st-century Household  Waste Recycling Centre, located in Magherafelt, Mid Ulster. They worked in partnership with CIVCO Civil Engineering and with the Mid Ulster Council to develop and design innovative solutions for household waste management and recycling methods.

As a world-class manufacturer of waste management machinery, Gradeall was able to provide industry expertise and specialised knowledge to the success of the project. The result is a bespoke Waste Recycling Centre that is capable of handling and sorting a range of different recyclables in an efficient and effective manner.

What was the need for a waste recycling centre in Magherafelt?

This project was part of the £1.7 million refurbishment plan for a new Magherafelt Waste Recycling Centre. This new site will handle the household waste generated from the surrounding public.

In 2021/2022, the recycling rate of household waste in Northern Ireland was 50.1%, whilst the landfill rate fell at 24.7%. This new Household Waste Recycling Centre will help improve the recycling rate and reduce the landfill rate, within NI. 

Initial stages of developing the waste recycling centre

Gradeall played an instrumental part in the initial development stages of the new waste recycling centre. The first step was a site assessment, in order to determine the operational requirements and evaluate what could be achieved within the available space.

Gradeall drew up a detailed plan of their approach to the positioning of waste compactors. This ensured that all stakeholders were confident in the site design before the waste recycling machinery was installed onsite.

Picture1 12

Final Site Layout drawing

Installation of waste compactors

Gradeall engineers were onsite for the commissioning and installation of the industrial waste compactors. This ensured that everything went as smoothly as possible, with the Gradeall team at hand to support the operation.

In line with the initial site designs, seven different compactors were installed to the new Magherafelt waste recycling centre. The range of industrial waste recycling machinery included:

All of the compactors were also installed with walk-on-deck loading and handrail integration. This ensured easy access for public use, allowing visitors to drive right up to the compactor to dispose of their recycled waste, without having to haul it over a long distance. 

Picture2 5

G120 Static Waste Compactor

The G120 Static Waste Compactor has been specifically designed for commercial use and for local councils that handle large amounts of waste. The G120 features a strong and reliable chassis, and is capable of compacting waste material efficiently.

Two of the G120 compactors were also fitted with a household bin lift allowing standard wheelie bins to be rolled up to the compactor. This was part of the innovative Waste Recycling Centre design, that would meet both the public’s and local councils needs.

These compactors are also built with integrated sliding door hoppers to allow for the manual depositing of waste into the compactor. Gradeall are able to tailor waste machinery to meet the unique needs of each operation.

G140 Pre-Crush Compactor

The G140 Pre-Crush Compactor features a pre-crush chamber in order to drastically reduce the volume of waste. This is ideal for managing waste of large, bulky objects, including: white goods (washing machines, dishwashers) electronic devices, bathroom/kitchen fittings, etc. however, this machine is capable of handling all types of waste.

The G140 completely removes any memory of the former shape of the waste goods, this ensures a more efficient method of compacting this type of awkward waste. The container space in the G140 is also completely utilised, saving the local waste recycling centre costs on storage and transport.

Sorting Materials in the Magherafelt Waste Recycling Centre

Gradeall, along with CIVCO Civil Engineering and the Mid Ulster Council, made it a priority to create a Household Waste Recycling Centre that was designed with efficiency.

Each of the compactors, G120 and G140, were individually labelled with the specific type of waste that could be deposited into the compactor. This helped inform the public of responsible recycling methods and facilitate the recycling process further down in the process.

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Training Council Personnel

Gradeall also helped facilitate the training of council personnel who would be responsible for operating the machinery at the new waste recycling centre. This ensured that an adequate transfer of knowledge took place, from a team of Gradeall specialists who have designed and manufactured the recycling equipment.

Remote servicing for the Magherafelt Waste Recycling Centre

Gradeall also implemented remote access monitoring for the maintenance of the compactors onsite at the waste recycling centre. This allows the Gradeall team to remotely monitor and service the recycling equipment, making proper pressure adjustments if required and ensuring that the machine is performing to its full potential.

Remote Pressure adjustment allows Gradeall to access the control panel so that each compactor can be configured to best suit all civic amenity applications including cardboard, general waste, green and wood waste.

A successful project

The £1.7m project for renovating a new Magherafelt waste recycling centre was a success. It continues to aid the local council and the surrounding general public, in providing an adequate space for pursuing responsible and efficient recycling practices.

About Gradeall

Gradeall are world-leading manufacturers of waste management machinery. They design and create innovative equipment to streamline waste management solutions. Gradeall supplies its recycling and waste management machinery across the globe, including the U.K., U.S., China, Australia and more.

The Gradeall range of recycling and waste management machinery is capable of handling nearly all types of waste, whether its tyre disposal, clothes handling, waste glass, or any other type of material, Gradeall has built a reliable machine to aid in the efficient disposal process.

Gradeall has extensive experience aiding in the planning of council-run amenity sites and providing the equipment utilised at these sites. If you would like to discuss plans for enhancing a waste recycling centre, or any other business needs in managing waste, contact the team and Gradeall for advice and machinery you can trust.