Gradeall Machinery Enhances Waste Management Efficiency at Skypark Shopping Centre

By:     Kieran Donnelly

The Skypark shopping centre in Glasgow has recently taken delivery of several pieces of Gradeall equipment

Static waste compactor with bespoke bin lift hopper

A G90 static waste compactor with a bespoke bin lift hopper arrangement. The bin lift is mounted onto the deck of the compactor and as such a ramp was made to allow bins to roll up onto the compactor deck. A deck loading bin lift hopper was made along with a fully enclosed galvanised safety cage with lockable gates. A remote operator panel enclosed in a vandal-proof housing allows the compactor and bin lifter to be operated from the raised deck height.


The challenging thing with this site is that it is in an underground part of the building, available height is limited to lift a hook lift waste container, however, when measured there was still sufficient height for this making it an ideal spot to locate the compactor.


Waste Generation Statistics

Shopping centres are significant contributors to the global waste stream, generating an estimated 25 million tonnes of waste annually. This considerable amount of waste presents environmental challenges, including:

  • Landfill Overflow: The immense volume of waste produced by shopping centres significantly contributes to the rapid depletion of landfill capacity globally.
  • Environmental Contamination: Improper disposal of waste from shopping centres, such as plastic packaging, food remnants, and electronic waste, can result in soil and water pollution, detrimentally affecting ecosystems and posing health hazards.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The breakdown of organic waste in landfills emits methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas, exacerbating climate change.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Investing in Gradeall’s waste management solutions offers numerous cost-saving advantages for shopping centres:

  • Reduced Waste Disposal Costs: Utilising efficient compaction and baling systems can markedly decrease the volume of waste, thus reducing transportation and landfill disposal expenses.
  • Increased Recycling Revenue: Gradeall’s waste management systems aid in effective waste segregation and sorting, enabling shopping centres to optimise recycling efforts and profit from the sale of recyclable materials.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamlining waste management processes can lead to lower labour costs, improved productivity, and a cleaner, more sanitary work environment.
  • Boosted Brand Reputation: Committing to sustainable waste management practices can enhance a shopping centre’s brand image, attracting eco-conscious customers and fostering customer loyalty.

Future Waste Management Plans

Skypark Shopping Centre is dedicated to continually advancing its waste management strategies and is considering potential collaborations with Gradeall to further improve their sustainability initiatives. Future plans include:

  • Expanding Waste Separation: Introducing more waste segregation stations to encourage the recycling of a broader array of materials, including textiles, batteries, and hazardous waste.
  • Composting Food Waste: Exploring the possibility of establishing on-site composting facilities to divert food waste from landfills, converting it into nutrient-rich compost for landscaping.
  • Partnering with Local Recycling Initiatives: Collaborating with local recycling organisations to ensure the proper processing and recycling of collected waste, supporting circular economy principles and resource conservation.
  • Educating Employees and Patrons: Conducting ongoing campaigns and training programmes to educate staff and customers about effective waste disposal and recycling methods, highlighting the significance of sustainable waste management.

Bin lift for picking station

We typically build bin lifts for portable or static compactors but this was a more unusual request. A bin lift that would empty the contents onto a stainless steel table to allow materials to be separated for further recycling. The bin lift operated in much the same way a bin lift connected to a static compactor would, it even included the interlocked safety cage. This setup is allowing the shopping centre to ensure more waste gets recycled rather than sent to landfill.

Q&A For Gradeall’s Waste Management at Skypark Shopping Centre

Q: What recent advancements in waste management has Skypark Shopping Centre in Glasgow implemented?

A: Skypark Shopping Centre has recently enhanced its waste management system by integrating several Gradeall equipment pieces, including a G90 static waste compactor with a bespoke bin lift hopper and a range of balers for different types of waste.

Q: How does the G90 static waste compactor with a bespoke bin lift hopper work?

A: The G90 static waste compactor at Skypark Shopping Centre features a bin lift mounted onto the compactor deck, with a ramp allowing bins to roll up onto the deck. It includes a deck loading bin lift hopper and a fully enclosed safety cage with lockable gates, operated by a remote panel in a vandal-proof housing.

Q: What are the environmental challenges posed by shopping centres like Skypark?

A: Shopping centres generate significant waste, contributing to landfill overflow, environmental contamination from improper disposal of various waste types, and greenhouse gas emissions due to the decomposition of organic waste.

Q: What cost-saving benefits does Gradeall’s waste management solutions provide?

A: Gradeall’s solutions offer reduced waste disposal costs through efficient compaction and baling systems, increased revenue from recycling, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced brand reputation due to sustainable practices.

Q: What future waste management strategies is Skypark Shopping Centre exploring?

A: Skypark plans to expand waste separation, implement on-site composting facilities, collaborate with local recycling initiatives, and educate employees and customers on sustainable waste management practices.

Q: Can you describe the unique bin lift for the picking station installed at Skypark?

A: The bin lift at Skypark’s picking station empties contents onto a stainless steel table for material separation and recycling, operating similarly to a standard bin lift but with an interlocked safety cage to enhance recycling and reduce landfill waste.

Q: What is the purpose of the G-eco 50-3 3 chamber baler at Skypark?

A: The G-eco 50-3 3 chamber baler at Skypark is used for baling drinks cans, cardboard, and plastic packaging, with much of the waste coming from the picking station, demonstrating the effectiveness of waste sorting.

Q: How does the GV500 Vertical Baler benefit Skypark Shopping Centre?

A: The GV500 Vertical Baler is used for managing large quantities of cardboard waste, capable of creating large mill-sized bales, and is particularly suited for large shops and shopping centres with significant cardboard waste.


G-eco 50-3 3 chamber baler

A 3 chamber G-eco 50-3 was installed to deal 3 different types of waste in the one machine, in the case of this machine, it is baling drinks cans, cardboard, and plastic packaging. Quite a lot of the waste filling this baler comes from the picking station which goes to show how beneficial it is to sort waste as much of it can be recycled.


GV500 Vertical Baler

A GV500 baler was installed to deal with cardboard waste, the GV500 is capable of making large mill sized bales from cardboard or plastic and is a popular choice for larger shops and shopping centres that generate large quantities of cardboard waste.


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