Gradeall’s Commitment to a Greener Future: How Our Products & Services Make a Difference

By:     Kieran Donnelly

At Gradeall, we are focused on supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Our business is built around developing products and services that are both eco-conscious and efficient. Our approach is rooted in innovation, aiming to reduce environmental impacts through advanced recycling technologies and effective waste processing methods. We strive to minimise ecological footprints, offering sustainable solutions in waste management. Our goal is to contribute to a healthier planet by equipping our customers with environmentally responsible waste management tools.

Here’s what goes on in Gradeall

Innovative Waste Management Solutions

At the forefront of Gradeall’s approach is the development of innovative waste management solutions. Their range of balers and compactors are engineered to efficiently process and diminish waste volume. By compacting and baling recyclable materials, these machines not only reduce the space occupied by waste but also streamline the recycling process. This approach plays a significant role in reducing landfill usage and its associated environmental impacts.

Balers and Compactors:

Gradeall’s range of balers and compactors are crucial in reducing waste volume. These machines compress waste materials like cardboard, plastics, and other recyclables, significantly decreasing the space needed for storage. This reduction in volume leads to fewer transport trips, thereby lowering carbon emissions and transport costs.

Can Baler (GVC 750)

The Gradeall Can Baler (GVC 750) emerges as the ideal choice for aluminium drinks can recycling, catering specifically to the high-volume demands of large-scale beverage companies. This robust can baling machine is engineered to efficiently manage both empty and full beverage cans, streamlining the recycling process with remarkable efficiency.

Featuring an innovative design and powerful performance, the GVC 750 boasts a triple ram arrangement and heavy-duty construction, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual draining. Its seamless integration and high-performance features make it a standout solution in the realm of aluminium can recycling.

Key Features:

  • Processing Capacity: Capable of processing up to 48,000 cans daily, the Gradeall Can Baler ensures efficient handling of large volumes of aluminium cans, enhancing operational productivity.
  • Compact Aluminium Bales: The GVC 750 produces compact aluminium bales, each weighing an average of 120kg. In the current market, these bales hold significant value, potentially fetching up to £60 per bale, making it a lucrative investment for businesses.
  • User-Friendly Design: With features such as an easy-fill door, splash guard, liquid drainage sump, and a robust bale ejection system, the Gradeall Can Baler prioritises user convenience and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Safety is paramount, and the GVC 750 ensures it with door interlocks and two-handed operation on the control panel, providing peace of mind during operation.

In summary, the Gradeall Can Baler (GVC 750) represents a pinnacle in aluminium can recycling technology. Its exceptional processing capacity, compact bale production, user-friendly design, and stringent safety measures make it the ultimate choice for businesses looking to streamline their aluminium can recycling processes while maximising returns.

G-eco 50T

The Gradeall G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler is a versatile and efficient solution for businesses seeking to elevate their waste management processes. This baler distinguishes itself by its remarkable capability to handle various materials simultaneously, effectively increasing the volume of waste processed at any given time.

Key Features of the Gradeall G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler include:

  • Versatility: The G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler is adept at baling diverse materials such as cardboard, paper, and soft plastics. This versatility enables businesses to utilise a single machine for multiple waste types, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the necessity for multiple machines.
  • Efficiency: By allowing users to load and bale different materials concurrently, the G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler enhances waste processing capacity. This feature streamlines a business’s waste management process, promoting efficiency and productivity.
  • Compact Output: The G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler generates neat and compact bales, simplifying storage and transportation. This results in cost savings associated with storage space and transportation logistics.

In summary, the Gradeall G-eco 50T Twin Chamber Baler represents a significant advancement in waste management technology, embodying Gradeall’s commitment to providing efficient and sustainable waste management solutions.

G60 Supershort

The Gradeall G60 Supershort is a compact static compactor specifically engineered to accommodate areas where space is limited. Designed with versatility in mind, the G60 Supershort seamlessly attaches to waste containers of all sizes, up to a capacity of 32 m³, making it suitable for a wide range of locations.

Key Features of the Gradeall G60 Supershort:

  • Compact Design: The G60 Supershort’s compact footprint allows it to fit into tight spaces, maximising efficiency in areas with limited room for waste management equipment.
  • Versatile Attachment: This static compactor is designed to attach to waste containers of various sizes, offering flexibility and adaptability to suit different waste management needs.

In summary, the Gradeall G60 Supershort presents an innovative solution for optimising waste compaction in constrained environments. With its compact design and versatile attachment capabilities, it provides an efficient and practical waste management solution for diverse settings.

Tyre Baling Machines

For specific waste types like tyres, Gradeall offers specialised tyre balers. These machines compact large volumes of tyres into dense, manageable bales, making them easier and more cost-effective to transport. This not only reduces logistical expenses but also facilitates more efficient recycling processes.

MKII Baler

The Gradeall MK2 (Mark Two) tyre baler is designed to deliver maximum output in tyre baling operations. With the capacity to produce up to 6 PAS108 compliant tyre bales per hour, equivalent to processing between 400-500 tyres, the MK2 significantly enhances efficiency in tyre waste management.

By reducing tyre volume by up to 80%, this baler drastically improves transport and storage efficiency, making it easier to handle end-of-life tyres for further processing in various industries such as construction, civil engineering, shredding, pyrolysis, and energy recovery plants.

Gradeall’s global presence is evident in the widespread supply of MK2 tyre balers across the globe. This tyre baling machine is particularly ideal for tyre collectors, recycling centres, vehicle dismantlers, and tyre depots, offering a reliable and efficient solution for managing waste tyres.

Key Features of the Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler:

  • Reliability: The Gradeall MK2 Tyre Baling Machine is renowned for its unwavering reliability, ensuring consistent performance and minimal downtime. Its robust construction and proven design empower scrap tyre collectors to confidently tackle vast volumes of waste tyres with ease.
  • User-Friendly Design: Beyond its mechanical integrity, the Gradeall MK2 prioritises user convenience with its intuitive design, streamlining operation and maintenance. This user-friendly approach minimises the risk of human error and maximises productivity, allowing businesses to operate with steadfast confidence.

In summary, the Gradeall MKII Tyre Baler represents a beacon of reliability and efficiency in tyre recycling. With its robust construction, user-friendly design, and commitment to reliability, this baler enables businesses to manage waste tyres with ease, ensuring a consistent stream of compacted tyre bales ready for further processing or disposal.

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Baler is purposefully crafted to aid tyre disposal operations dealing with tyres extracted from large commercial vehicles, including trucks, lorries, buses, and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

  • Efficient Baling: This specialised baler is capable of producing bales containing up to 12 truck tyres. These bales, weighing between 600-700 kg depending on tyre size and composition, are dense and solid, optimising storage and transportation efficiency.
  • Container Load Maximisation: With the ability to fit between 40 – 44 completed truck tyre bales into a 40-foot container or trailer, this baler significantly enhances container load capacity. This brings the weight of truck tyres loaded onto a container to between 23/24 tonnes, further maximising transportation efficiency.

At Gradeall, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier tyre baling and processing machinery to the market. Our high-spec tyre balers are designed to improve waste management processes within your operation, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. As world-class manufacturers of recycling machinery, you can trust that you’re investing in the best equipment from a reputable and respected source.

While the truck tyre baler is tailored specifically for truck tyres, offering efficient processing for this specific type of tyre, we understand that some operations require a more versatile solution. To accommodate diverse needs, our MK2 and MK3 tyre balers are designed for baling car tyres. With the addition of our sidewall cutter, these balers can also handle truck/lorry tyres, providing a versatile and adaptable tyre baling solution for various operations.

Handling a Broad Spectrum of Waste

Gradeall’s equipment is known for its versatility, capable of managing a wide spectrum of waste types. This includes commonly recycled materials like paper, cardboard, and plastics, as well as more challenging waste such as tyres and wet waste. Such versatility is crucial in ensuring a broader range of waste types are effectively managed and diverted from landfills.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of Gradeall’s machinery is a key aspect of their design philosophy. Through the integration of advanced technologies and intelligent design, their machines are able to maintain high operational efficiency while consuming less power. This reduction in energy usage decreases the carbon footprint associated with waste management processes.

Durability and Longevity

Durability and longevity are core principles in Gradeall’s product design. The creation of durable equipment not only provides economic benefits through longer service life and reduced need for replacement but also contributes to environmental sustainability. This is achieved by minimising the resources and waste involved in the production of new machines.

Education and Awareness

Beyond providing state-of-the-art equipment, Gradeall is committed to raising awareness about the importance of effective waste management and recycling. Educating their customers and the public is a vital part of their strategy, as it promotes a culture of sustainability and responsible waste handling.

Supporting Compliance and Environmental Standards

Gradeall’s products are often instrumental in helping businesses comply with environmental regulations and standards. This compliance is critical not just for legal adherence but also for ensuring that businesses positively contribute to environmental protection efforts.

Gradeall’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures that they remain at the forefront of technology and environmental sustainability. They constantly evolve and adapt their product range to meet the changing needs of waste management and recycling.

Gradeall’s commitment to a greener future is clearly evident in its comprehensive suite of waste management solutions. By focusing on efficiency, versatility, energy conservation, and durability, Gradeall’s products and services make a significant contribution to more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management practices.

At Gradeall, our core objective is to introduce a range of innovative, efficient, and environmentally-friendly waste management solutions. Opting for our products means embracing our vision for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Discover how our cutting-edge waste management technologies are reshaping the industry and fostering a positive environmental impact. Our extensive lineup of products is tailored to address various waste management challenges while remaining steadfast in our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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