Gradeall’s G90 Static Waste Compactor Streamlines Waste Management for Scottish Bakery

By:     Kieran Donnelly

A large bakery in Glasgow has just taken delivery of a G90 static waste compactor fitted with a bin lift.

The customer occasionally disposed of waste using a dolav pallet box with their previous compactor and expressed a desire for the new bin lift to accommodate this method. However, they also wanted to ensure that the bin lift retained its standard functionality and design.

We designed a dolav pallet box adaptor for the customer which can be wheeled into this standard trunnion bin lift and allows the contents of a dolav pallet box to be emptied into the compactor with ease.


Bakery Waste Statistics

Commercial bakeries throw out huge amounts of still-good bread – around 30 million tons every year globally. This big loss means wasted ingredients, extra delivery pollution, and more landfill methane emissions that fuel climate change. Bakeries tend to over-bake, buffering against uncertain sales.

 Strict “sell by” dates lead to more dumping too. Getting stores and shoppers to waste less would help. But deeply fixing the problem calls for wider cooperation. Bakeries, shops and transport firms must share smart data. This enables better

production forecasts, efficiency and planning across the chain. Working together this way finally cuts the excess that threatens the future.

  • Landfill Overflow: The extensive volume of bakery waste substantially contributes to the rapid exhaustion of landfill capacities.
  • Organic Waste Decomposition: Bakery waste, comprising bread, pastries, and other confectioneries, decomposes in landfills, releasing methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas that accelerates climate change.
  • Contamination Risks: Inadequate disposal of bakery waste can lead to soil and water contamination, jeopardizing ecosystems and posing health hazards.

Challenges in Waste Management for Bakeries

Bakeries encounter unique challenges in waste management owing to their specific operational characteristics:

  • High Organic Content: A large proportion of waste from bakeries is organic, necessitating specialised handling and treatment to mitigate environmental effects.
  • Contamination Potential: The handling of food products in bakeries increases the risk of contamination, requiring stringent cleaning and waste segregation protocols.
  • Efficient Waste Handling Needs: Bakeries need effective waste management systems that can cope with high volumes of waste without hindering hygiene standards or production efficiency.

We designed a dolav pallet box adaptor for the customer which can be wheeled into this standard trunnion bin lift and allows the contents of a dolav pallet box to be emptied into the compactor with ease.

Gradeall’s Solutions for Bakery Waste Management

Gradeall offers expert solutions in waste management, specifically catering to the bakery industry’s needs:

  • Expertise in Bakery Waste Composition: Gradeall has a deep understanding of the distinctive composition of bakery waste, including its high organic nature and contamination potential.
  • Customised Waste Management Systems: Gradeall provides a variety of compactors and balers, specifically engineered for bakery settings, ensuring effective waste handling while minimising environmental impacts.
  • Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Practices: Gradeall promotes eco-friendly waste management in bakeries, advocating for waste reduction, recycling, and composting to enhance sustainability.

Through these tailored solutions, Gradeall aims to assist bakeries in overcoming their waste management challenges, fostering a more sustainable and efficient operation that benefits both the environment and the businesses themselves.


If you require a static compactor for your business, which may have some specific design requirements please get in contact with us by clicking the link below. All our machines are designed and built in house which allows us to tailor build to suit our customers needs.

Q&A For How G90 Static Waste Compactor Streamlines Waste Management

Q: What recent upgrade has a large bakery in Glasgow implemented for waste management?

A: A prominent bakery in Glasgow has recently installed a Gradeall G90 static waste compactor, equipped with a bin lift specifically designed to handle their unique waste disposal requirements, including the use of a dolav pallet box.

Q: How has Gradeall adapted their waste compactor to suit the bakery’s specific needs?

A: Gradeall developed a custom dolav pallet box adaptor, compatible with the standard trunnion bin lift of the G90 compactor. This innovation allows the bakery to efficiently empty dolav pallet boxes into the compactor, streamlining their waste management process.

Q: What are the global waste statistics for commercial bakeries?

A: Commercial bakeries globally discard approximately 30 million tons of bread and other baked goods each year. This contributes to environmental issues like increased landfill waste, methane emissions from decomposition, and challenges in managing the high organic content of bakery waste.

Q: What challenges do bakeries face in waste management?

A: Bakeries deal with unique waste management challenges due to high organic content in their waste, potential contamination risks from handling food products, and the need for efficient waste systems that maintain hygiene and production efficiency.

Q: What solutions does Gradeall offer for bakery waste management?

A: Gradeall provides specialised waste management solutions for bakeries, including compactors and balers tailored to handle the organic and potentially contaminative nature of bakery waste, while promoting sustainable practices like waste reduction, recycling, and composting.

Q: How does Gradeall’s expertise benefit bakeries in managing their waste?

A: Gradeall’s deep understanding of bakery waste composition and their ability to design customised waste management systems help bakeries effectively handle their waste, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Q: Can Gradeall cater to specific design requirements for waste compactors?

A: Yes, Gradeall designs and builds all their machines in-house, which allows them to custom-build compactors and other waste management equipment to meet the specific needs of their customers, including bakeries with unique waste disposal requirements.


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