USEL Belfast Multi Materials Baler

USEL (Ulster Supported Employment Limited) is a social enterprise which aims to help people with disabilities and health-related conditions into employment. One of the ways it does this is to recycle old matresses, preventing them from going to landfill and separating the different components within mattresses to aid further recycling. This means that the steel springs, polyester cover, and foam are now separate waste streams.

The foam is by its very nature space inefficient waste material, hence why Gradeall provided a multiple materials baler to deal specifically with this waste. Foam from mattresses is placed in the baler and baled to produce very dense bales of foam. Not only will the baler work with foam but also the polyester covers and cardboard waste which is also generated on site.

This has made USEL one of the very few facilities that can deal with waste mattresses in such a way, effectively preventing mattresses from going to landfill.

The Gradeall Multi-materials baler was specified with an optional loading platform which makes it much easier to load foam into the upper door of this baler, now equipped with 3 opening doors on either side this is a very versatile baler capable of baling a wide range of materials including paper, plastic, cardboard, foam, extruded polystyrene, and carpet to name a few.

  • Multiple materials baler with optional loading platfrom
  • Able to bale waste foam and polyester covers from matresses
  • Chain bale eject makes removal of finished bales very easy
  • Helps prevent mattresses from going to landfill

"We required a baler to deal with the foam from matresses and Gradeall sold us their multiple materials baler, tailored to suit our needs and with a very useful loading platform. The process was very smooth and preformed very professionally. We are delighted to have the baler."

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