Gradeall GVC 750 can baler installed in co louth recycling centre

Background: Stefan Roberts runs a bustling recycling centre that faced a unique challenge. The centre received an offer to recycle reject and out-of-date drinks cans, a tempting opportunity given the scrap metal value. However, their existing equipment couldn’t handle the job efficiently. “Before we got the GVC 750, we tried using an ordinary baler, but it just couldn’t crush everything. Plus, the mess from the carbonated drinks was a nightmare. They’d explode under pressure, sending liquid flying everywhere. We ended up needing to power wash the area multiple times a day.”

The Solution: Stefan stumbled upon the Gradeall can baler on YouTube and was immediately impressed. He reached out to Gradeall, where Stephen became his main contact. “Stephen was a great help. He took me to see the baler in action at another site, and the team there really convinced me to go for it.”

Gradeall’s commitment didn’t stop there. “Stephen visited my site to take measurements and check our power supply. Then, they sent over site drawings which were a godsend. We wanted to integrate a liquid treatment setup with the baler, and these plans made it easy to prepare our site for installation.”

Installation and Training: The turnaround time was impressive. “Only four weeks after ordering, the baler arrived. Gradeall handled everything – transport, installation, you name it. Their service engineer, Aiden, was top-notch. He trained my staff on using the machine and showed us the common maintenance checks.”

The Results: Stefan has been more than satisfied with the GVC 750. “It’s been flawless. We’ve put all sorts through it, and it’s handled everything without a hitch. The value we’re getting from the scrap aluminium alone has already started paying off the baler. Plus, we took out a maintenance contract with Gradeall. They come by once a year to service the machine, which has been great for peace of mind.”

Conclusion: Stefan heartily recommends the GVC 750 to any recycling centre dealing with large volumes of waste drinks cans. “It’s been a game-changer for us. If you’re dealing with lots of cans, you won’t regret going for the GVC 750.”

  • Clean tidy installation
  • Site audit and drawings provided to confirm fitment
  • On site training provided with installation
  • Gradeall service plan provided
  • Fast way to deal with full aluminium drinks cans
  • Generating scrap aluminium bales which have a good scrap metal value

"When we first considered recycling rejected and out-of-date drinks cans, we underestimated the chaos of exploding cans and the mess they'd create. That was until we introduced the Gradeall GVC 750 into our facility. It’s been a game-changer, reliably powering through every can we throw at it without any hassle. I'm not just satisfied; I'm impressed with how it’s performed and the return on investment we’ve seen from the scrap aluminum. I’d tell anyone who deals with a large volume of cans: the GVC 750 is the way to go."

Stefan Roberts

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