Emptying Static Compactor

Static compactors connect to hook lift waste containers, the compactor fills the container with whatever form of waste is being dealt with. Gradeall static compactors now come with the intelli-fill remote monitoring system which will alert the waste collection agency when the container is 75% and 100% full.

When full the waste collection agency will send a hook lift lorry with an empty container to the site. The compactor will enter pinning mode whereby the head travels fully forwards ready for the installation of the pinning bars which holds the waste in as the container is removed.

The rigging screws are then released between the compactor and container.

The truck driver will lift and move the full container out of the way replacing it with an empty one. The full container is then lifted again and brought to a waste handling facility. In the past container full loads of waste would simply have been dumped in landfill, however now the material is sorted for further processing and recycling with very little actually being destined for a landfill site.

The video below shows this process on a G90 although all static compactors follow the same process:

Emptying Static Compactor


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