Coca Cola site in Lisburn


The Hellenic Coca-Cola site in Lisburn found getting rid of beverage cans and bottles a very time-consuming, labour intensive and costly process. Bottles or cans in some cases had to be rejected and recycled, but these were often full of pressurised fizzy drinks. It was known that the aluminium cans and plastic bottles had a value but there was no way to capitalise on this.


After consultation with Gradeall, two separate installations took place. A new can baler was designed to cope with the additional volume of waste cans a large company such as this had to deal with. The can baler incorporated a large drainage sump and splash guards to safely channel away all leaking liquid that came from the cans as they were compressed. The end result was that valuable dense bales of aluminium cans were produced.

Bottles were dealt with in a different way; a new stainless steel conveyor with bottle shredding machine worked in conjunction with a GH500 horizontal baler, a custom touch screen control system was made to control all the systems through one easy to use interface. The end result was that again the fizzy drink was seperated from the valuable plastic, and dense bales of recyclable plastic were produced.

The fact that the company now produces bales of aluminium and plastic which can be sold on to processors results in a generation of a small revenue rather than being a cost to the company.


  • Less labour intensive way to dewater cans and bottles
  • Baled plastic and aluminium can be sold rather than cost the company
  • Integrates into liquid drainage system so liquid can be further processed
  • All machines installed are easy to use, Gradeall provided full training upon installation
  • Service and maintenance contract ensures machines are taken care of by gradeall

"Gradeall were very helpful, explaining what would be involved from the very start of the design process. The CAD drawings and images of the site before we gave the go ahead were very useful and allowed us to fine tune things to how we wanted them to be. In the end we have a setup that is a lot less labour intensive and allows us to deal with the waste bottles and cans we end up with, the revenue generated from the finished bales significantly reduces the cost of waste management on site."

General Manager, Coca Cola Hellenic Lisburn

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