Beyond Bins: Innovative Waste Management Solutions from Gradeall for UK Councils

By:     Kieran Donnelly

The field of waste management is reaching a pivotal point. Environmental issues are more pressing than ever, and it’s clear that just sticking to the old “reduce, reuse, recycle” isn’t going to cut it anymore. We need to start thinking outside the box and come up with some fresh, smart ideas that can really make a difference. 

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get creative, to make sure we’re doing our best for the planet. Let’s get ready to tackle these challenges head-on and work towards a future where taking care of our environment is just a normal part of how we do things.

  • Partnership with Councils: Gradeall has a long-standing history of working with councils, focusing on strategies to divert waste from landfills. This partnership is crucial in meeting environmental goals and adhering to waste management regulations.
  • Balers and Compactors for Recycling: Gradeall’s emphasis on recycling is evident in their range of balers and compactors. These machines are designed to be both cost-effective and reliable, a necessity for councils that need to justify their equipment choices through tendering processes.
  • Customised Solutions for Councils: Recognizing that each council has unique waste management needs, Gradeall offers the flexibility to manufacture static compactors tailored to specific requirements. From the compact G60 Super Short to the robust Pre-Crush Compactor, they provide a variety of feed arrangements to facilitate material entry.
  • Expertise in Waste Management: Gradeall’s experienced sales team works closely with councils to audit their current waste output. This collaboration is key to identifying the most suitable waste management solutions, ensuring that the selected machinery meets the council’s waste reduction and recycling targets efficiently.
  • Service and Maintenance Network: The company has an extensive network of service engineers across the UK, offering competitive service and maintenance packages. This support is essential for the longevity and optimal performance of their machines.
  • Advanced Technology in Compactors: Gradeall compactors are equipped with Intelli-fill remote monitoring systems. This innovative feature provides advanced warnings of any issues and allows for remote diagnostics, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of waste management operations. Intelli-fill also helps in coordinating with waste collection agencies by indicating when containers need emptying.

Static Waste Compactors: Revolutionising Waste Processing

Gradeall’s static waste compactors are at the forefront of transforming the waste management industry. They’re doing much more than just reducing the size of our waste piles. Let’s dive into how they’re making a real difference:

  • Revolutionising Waste Processing: These compactors are not just about squishing waste into smaller sizes. They’re changing how we handle waste, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly. By compacting waste, these machines significantly decrease the volume of waste, which is a game-changer for how we store, transport, and ultimately dispose of or recycle waste materials.
  • Enhancing Safety: Safety is a big deal when it comes to handling waste, and Gradeall’s compactors are designed with this in mind. They come with features that minimise the risk of accidents, like automated systems that prevent overloading and emergency stop buttons. This focus on safety is crucial not just for the people operating the machines, but also for creating a safer overall work environment in waste management facilities.
  • Meeting Regulatory Standards: In today’s world, there are a lot of rules and regulations around waste management, aimed at protecting the environment and public health. Gradeall’s compactors are built to comply with these standards, making it easier for businesses and municipalities to manage their waste responsibly and legally. By using these compactors, organisations can ensure they’re not just reducing waste, but also doing it in a way that meets the necessary legal requirements.
  • Long-Term Sustainability: The impact of these compactors goes beyond just the immediate benefits. By efficiently managing waste, they play a crucial role in our efforts to create a more sustainable future. Less waste volume means less space taken up in landfills, fewer emissions from transporting waste, and a better chance of recycling materials that might otherwise be discarded.

Portable Waste Compactors: A Closer Look

Let’s delve into one of our portable waste compactors—the Gradeall GPC P24. This cutting-edge solution is ideal for companies dealing with large volumes of wet waste, especially perishable or potentially malodorous materials.

  1. Large Wet Waste Compaction Capacity:
    • With a 24 cubic meter container capacity, the GPC P24 handles substantial waste volumes.
    • It’s perfect for environments like food processing plants and markets where organic or wet waste abounds.
  2. RORO (Roll On Roll Off) Design:
    • The compactor’s RORO unit features a large hook lift point.
    • This compatibility with CHEM-compliant hook lift lorries ensures ease of transportation and relocation.
  3. Efficient Compaction:
    • The twin ram powered pendulum head maximises compaction efficiency.
    • Concentrated pressure on the waste stream ensures optimal results.

What Compactors do we offer here at Gradeall?

Portable Compactors


The Gradeall GPC P9 represents a significant advancement in the management of wet waste, thanks to its innovative design and functionality tailored specifically for this type of waste. Here’s a closer look at its features and why it stands out as an ideal solution for wet waste management:

  • Pendulum Head Design and Twin Ram Arrangement: The GPC P9 employs a unique pendulum head design, complemented by a twin ram arrangement. This design ensures that pressure is applied evenly on each side during the compaction process. Such an arrangement is particularly effective in dealing with wet waste, as it ensures thorough and consistent compaction.
  • Increased Pressure Efficiency: One of the key features of the GPC P9 is the smaller surface area of its head. This design aspect allows for higher and more concentrated pressure during compaction. As the waste is pushed into the container, this increased pressure leads to more efficient compaction, especially important for wet waste, which can be more challenging to compact effectively.
  • Leak-Proof Loading Area: Addressing one of the primary challenges with wet waste – the management of liquids – the GPC P9 is designed with a leak-proof loading area. This feature makes it exceptionally suitable for containing and compacting waste types that have a high liquid content, such as food waste, medical waste, and green waste. The ability to retain liquids within the compactor not only enhances its efficiency but also prevents spillage and contamination in the waste management area.
  • Ideal for Various Types of Wet Waste: The GPC P9 is versatile in handling different kinds of wet waste. Whether it’s food waste that often comes with high moisture content, medical waste that might include liquid substances, or green waste like grass clippings and leaves that can be damp, this compactor manages them effectively, reducing the volume substantially and making disposal easier and more hygienic.
  • Benefits in Wet Waste Management: By efficiently compacting wet waste and containing liquids, the GPC P9 helps reduce the overall volume of waste, leading to fewer collections and lower disposal costs. Moreover, its design minimises the risk of leaks and spills, which are a significant concern in wet waste handling, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally responsible waste management process.

The Gradeall GPC P9 is a specialised tool that brings efficiency, hygiene, and environmental responsibility to the forefront of wet waste management. Its tailored design and innovative features make it a valuable asset for any operation that deals with high volumes of wet waste.


The Gradeall GPC S9 stands out as a versatile and efficient solution in the realm of waste management, particularly designed for handling dry waste. Its unique features make it a practical choice for various settings. Let’s delve into the specifics of what makes the GPC S9 notable:

  • Scissor Type, Chain Lift Design: The GPC S9 employs a scissor-type mechanism for compacting waste, which is highly effective for dry materials. This design, coupled with its chain lift system, allows for a 9 cubic meter capacity for waste containment. The scissor mechanism is known for its efficiency in compressing materials like paper, cardboard, and plastics.
  • Portability and Ease of Movement: One of the key advantages of the GPC S9 is its portability. Thanks to its compact dimensions and the ability to be moved using chain lift skip lorries, it can be easily transported between different locations. This mobility is a significant benefit for operations that require waste management solutions across multiple sites or where waste generation points may vary over time.
  • Ideal for Dry Waste: The twin ram scissor arrangement of the GPC S9 makes it particularly suitable for compacting dry waste. It can handle large volumes of paper, cardboard, and plastics efficiently, reducing the volume significantly. This compaction capability is essential for businesses that generate substantial amounts of these materials, helping to manage waste more effectively and reduce disposal costs.
  • Alternative Solutions for Wet Waste: While the GPC S9 is optimised for dry waste, Gradeall also offers solutions for waste with higher liquid content. For wet waste, a wet waste portable compactor would be more suitable, ensuring that the specific challenges of wet waste, such as liquid retention and spillage prevention, are adequately addressed.
  • Efficiency in Waste Management: The combination of portability, efficient compaction, and suitability for a range of dry waste materials makes the GPC S9 a convenient and effective waste management solution. Its ease of transportation and operation allows for flexible waste management strategies, especially beneficial for businesses or municipalities that need a reliable and adaptable waste compaction system.

In summary, the Gradeall GPC S9 is a valuable asset for efficient and effective dry waste management. Its design and functionality cater to the needs of modern waste management operations, offering mobility, high compaction efficiency, and adaptability for various types of dry waste, thus making it a practical choice for many businesses and municipal operations.

Static Compactors

G60 Supershort

The Gradeall G60 Supershort represents a notable innovation in the field of waste compaction, especially designed for locations where space is limited. This compact static compactor offers several key benefits and features that make it particularly suitable for a variety of settings:

  • Compact Design for Space Efficiency: The G60 Supershort’s primary advantage is its compact size. It’s specifically engineered to fit into tight spaces where traditional compactors might not be feasible. This design aspect makes it an ideal choice for urban areas, small businesses, or any location where space is a significant constraint.
  • Versatility in Container Compatibility: Another significant feature of the G60 Supershort is its ability to attach to waste containers of various sizes, up to a capacity of 32 cubic meters. This versatility means it can be integrated into a wide range of waste management systems, from smaller retail outlets to larger industrial settings, providing flexibility in its application.
  • Suitability for Diverse Locations: Given its compact size and compatibility with different container sizes, the G60 Supershort is well-suited for a variety of locations. Whether it’s a small business with limited back-of-house space, a residential complex needing an efficient waste management solution, or even a larger commercial facility looking to optimise space usage, the G60 Supershort fits the bill.
  • Efficiency in Waste Management: Despite its smaller size, the G60 Supershort does not compromise on the efficiency of waste compaction. By reducing the volume of waste, it helps in minimising the frequency of waste collection, thereby leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint due to fewer collection trips.
  • Ease of Installation and Use: The design of the G60 Supershort also takes into account ease of installation and use. Its compact nature allows for easier installation in constrained spaces, and its user-friendly operation ensures that it can be efficiently used without requiring extensive training or complex maintenance.

In summary, the Gradeall G60 Supershort is a practical and efficient solution for waste compaction in space-limited areas. Its compact design, versatility in container compatibility, and efficiency in waste management make it a valuable asset for various settings, contributing to more effective and sustainable waste management practices.

G140 Pre-Crush Static Waste Compactor

The Gradeall G140 Pre-Crush Static Waste Compactor is a robust solution designed to tackle the challenges of managing large, bulky, and difficult waste types such as furniture, pallets, drums, and wood waste. Its specialised features and capabilities make it an efficient tool in the waste management arsenal, particularly in settings where large-volume waste is a regular occurrence. Let’s delve into its key aspects:

  • Pre-Crushing Mechanism: One of the standout features of the G140 is its ability to pre-crush waste. This involves breaking down large and bulky items into smaller volumes before they even reach the main container. By pushing waste against a strengthened sluice door, it compacts materials to the most compact size possible. This pre-crushing process is crucial for efficient waste management, as it allows for more waste to be fit into a single container, thereby reducing the frequency of waste collections and associated costs.
  • Advanced Control System: The G140 is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system. This advanced system enhances the compaction process, allowing the machine to reduce waste volume much more effectively than standard waste compactors. The efficient use of container space ensures that the waste management process is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.
  • Variety of Hopper Options: The G140 comes with a range of hopper options to suit different needs:
    • Walk on Platform with Sliding Door Hopper: This design is tailored for maximum user safety and convenience, particularly in public-access areas like council-run sites. It ensures controlled and secure waste input, which is vital in preventing unauthorised dumping and maintaining operational safety.
    • Open Top Hopper: Ideal for industrial settings, this hopper type facilitates the easy disposal of large and bulky items, typically deposited by hand or forklift. It’s well-suited for environments like warehouses where such waste is common.
    • Sliding Door Hopper: Featuring a high-capacity enclosed design, this hopper option prevents unauthorised dumping of waste and enhances on-site safety.
  • Efficiency and Safety in Waste Management: The G140 is not just about compaction; it’s about doing it efficiently and safely. The variety of hopper options allows for flexibility in handling different types of waste, while ensuring safety and compliance with waste management regulations.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By compacting and reducing the volume of waste, the G140 contributes to a lower environmental impact. Fewer collections mean reduced carbon emissions from transport vehicles and a more sustainable approach to waste management.

In summary, the Gradeall G140 Pre-Crush Static Waste Compactor is a powerful and versatile machine designed for effective waste management, especially of large and bulky items. Its pre-crushing capability, combined with advanced control systems and a variety of hopper options, makes it a valuable asset for businesses and councils dealing with significant volumes of challenging waste types.

Gradeall’s static waste compactors are more than just waste-reduction machines. They’re a key part of a bigger movement towards safer, more responsible, and more sustainable waste management practices. By focusing on efficiency, safety, regulatory compliance, and long-term environmental benefits, these compactors are helping to pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Key Advantages of Static Waste Compactors

  1. Efficiency Amplified:
    • These state-of-the-art compactors significantly reduce waste volume, making waste management more efficient.
    • Whether in council-run amenity sites or private companies, they’re changing how waste is handled.
  2. Environmental Impact:
    • By minimising waste volume, static compactors contribute to a greener tomorrow.
    • Less reliance on landfills means less strain on our environment.
  3. Safety and Compliance:
    • Gradeall’s compactors meet stringent safety standards.
    • They ensure efficient waste handling while adhering to regulations.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Communities

Gradeall’s commitment to sustainable waste management empowers UK councils. Beyond bins, we offer innovative solutions that redefine waste processing. Together, we compact waste, expand possibilities, and build a legacy of environmental responsibility.

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Gradeall GV-500 baler next to a newly compacted cardboard bale.

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