2024 MKII Tyre Baler: Constant Evolution

By:     Kieran Donnelly
Expert review by:   Conor Murphy  Conor Murphy
Gradeall MK2 tyre baler beside stacked tyres ready for baling

The MKII or MK2 (pronounced Mark Two) tyre baler has undergone constant evolution over the years, firmly establishing itself as one of our most sought after machines, and one of the most prevalent tyre balers in Europe.

Dedicated to innovation, we at Gradeall have consistently refined and enhanced this machine with year on year improvements informed by customer feedback and the latest available technology, ensuring it remains the premier tyre baler on the market.

Why the MK2?

Firstly to answer the question why is it called the MKII. The very first iterations of our tyre baler over 15 years ago were just called the Gradeall Tyre Baler this was a single ram machine which validated the concept. However, we updated it with a two ram design and a stronger chassis, the twin rams and fact it was a significant improvement meant that we called it the MK2 tyre baler. Despite retaining the MKII name the machine sees constant evolution.

As we developed the larger baler with a wider load chamber and 3 rams the choice to name it naturally arrived at MK3 tyre baler.

2024 MKII Tyre Baler: What’s New?

  • Enhanced Security: On/Off Key switch to prevent unauthorised operation
  • New Door Handles: Heavy duty upper door locks with comfort grip handle
  • Operational Efficiency: A quiet running hydraulic system, paired with an intuitive control system. Featuring full PLC control to phase out relays. Also only when needed hydraulic pump keeps electrical usage to a minimum.
  • Diagnostic Features: Additional lights on control panel: Green ready lamp, red error lamp, white upper door lamp with flashing codes for easier diagnosis of problems
  • Ready to Go: Flashing green lamp on control panel to indicate baler is ready to eject a bale
  • Improved compaction head: Rear head guides added to restrict side to side movement of head and to increase longevity of guide strips, head itself has also seen structural reinforcement with transverse strengthening beams to ensure it presses down evenly on tyres.
  • Kept in check: Check valves fitted on door lock cylinders to ensure doors do not open even if a hydraulic hose should fail
  • Stronger Rams: Heavier duty stronger main rams to drive the compaction head into the tyres
  • Logical Layout: All hydraulic valves are located under the power unit cover, this keeps them safe and away from any potential damage
  • Remote Accessibility: Internet connectivity allowing Gradeall to remotely login to the baler to provide remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. It also provides a bale count function and alerts which can make it easier to arrange logistics to collect completed bales.

The video below shows the MK2 tyre baler working in January 2024

More information on the MKII tyre baler

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Gradeall MK2 tyre baler outside gradeall factory

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