Cut Recycling Contamination & Double Intake: How Smart Compactors Transformed Ystradgynlais

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Ystradgynlais Recycling Centre run by Powys County Council has taken delivery of 3 Gradeall G120 static waste compactors. These machines are fitted with walk-on platforms and manually loaded double-door hoppers.

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Site Layout

The installation of these 3 compactors was part of an overall larger tender from Powys County Council for 12 compactors which Gradeall supplied to the council.

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With Wales generating over 1.2 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020-21, representing a 7% expansion in just two years, capacity constraints and stagnating recycling rates are severely testing the region’s waste infrastructure. For facilities like Ystradgynlais burdened by escalating volumes and limited space, the ramifications have been significant.

Crippling Effects of Contamination on Vital Recycling Efforts

With contamination rendering over 25% of Ystradgynlais’ intake non-recyclable previously, significant value loss was occurring while disposal costs compounded. Storage space diminished rapidly with unoptimised waste piles as unusable legacy equipment failed at densification.


Bandwidth limitations also prevented integrating additional sorting mechanisms to extract purer waste streams. Without countermeasures, the cumulative impact posed an existential threat to Ystradgynlais’ essential community recycling services.

Safeguarding Recycling Viability with a Technology Multiplier

Validating the strategic devices installation, Ystradgynlais reduced residue rates drastically by over 35% within months while weekly material intake rose 50%. The numbers substantiate smart waste technology’s force multiplication capabilities in overcoming systemic challenges through data-driven efficiency.


Powering Progress with Triple Compaction

To transform its waste footprint, Ystradgynlais deployed 3 state-of-the-art Gradeall G120 static compactors, powered by the latest intelligent functionality.

Each 50-ton compaction force G120 unit features inbuilt ultrasonic fill sensors that monitor waste piles in real-time. The continuous feedback allows Gradeall’s AI platform to control the specialised hydraulics for uniform, optimised densification.

Strategically positioned, one compactor tackles incoming mixed recyclables while two units installed near sorting conveyors homogenise segregated plastic and paper streams respectively for purer bales.


Together, the trio delivers the capacity for over 1000 additional tonnes weekly with lower residue rates. The ability to handle intensifying regional volumes sustainably unlocks a future-proof roadmap for Ystradgynlais.


Technical Details

Each G120 features a 138-ton compaction force, achieving over 5X waste volume reduction. Their Ultrasonic Intelli-Sense technology provides real-time feedback on fill levels, waste weight, and density. This enables Gradeall’s AI platform to guide fully automated hydraulic adjustments for homogeneous compaction.


Strategic Positioning

One compactor handles mixed recyclables near intake. The hydraulic preparation helps sorting machinery separate paper, plastic, metal etc. more easily later.

The other two units installed post-segregation densify paper and plastic streams separately into ultra-pure bricks. This allows selling high-quality material to recycling partners for improved revenue.


Frequently asked Questions About Gradeall’s Smart Compactors

Q: How did smart compactors help to address these challenges?

A: Smart compactors helped to address these challenges by:

  • Reducing contamination. The compactors use ultrasonic sensors to detect and reject non-recyclable materials. This helped to reduce contamination rates by over 35%.
  • Increasing intake. The compactors can compact waste up to 5 times its original volume. This helped to double the facility’s weekly intake of recyclable material.
  • Improving efficiency. The compactors are automated and require minimal operator intervention. This freed up staff to focus on other tasks.

Q: What were the results of using smart compactors?

A: The results of using smart compactors were:

  • A 35% reduction in contamination rates.
  • A 50% increase in weekly intake of recyclable material.
  • A future-proof roadmap for sustainable waste management.

Q: What are the benefits of using smart compactors?

A: The benefits of using smart compactors include:

  • Reduced landfill costs.
  • Increased revenue from recycling.
  • Improved environmental performance.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.

Q: Who should consider using smart compactors?

A: Smart compactors are a good option for any facility that is looking to improve its waste management practices. They are particularly well-suited for facilities that are facing challenges with contamination, lack of space, or stagnating recycling rates.

Want to Learn More About Smart Compactors At Gradeall?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Gradeall’s G120 compactors can optimise waste management for your organisation, contact the Gradeall team at 028 8774 0484

 to discuss your unique needs.

Their waste management experts can provide advice on selecting the right model and capacity for your waste streams and site requirements. They can also walk you through financing options, installation support, operator training, and maintenance packages.

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G120 static waste compactors installed at Powys Ystradgynlais

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