Gradeall’s Tyre Rim Separator: Enhanced Performance for Efficient Tyre Recycling

By:     Kieran Donnelly
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The latest Tyre Rim Separator from Gradeall has been updated with some useful new features added:

An automatically lowering polycarbonate safety guard.

This covers the entire wheel assembly ensuring that no debris is able to fly in the direction of the operator. Polycarbonate has been chosen as it is both transparent and impact-resistant.

The transparent polycarbonate guard lowers automatically triggered by wheel size detection sensors to encapsulate the entire de-rimming process before retracting for discharge. This failsafe mechanism prevents firing metallic shards during steel bead or alloy rim breaking.

An alloy wheel insert.

For alloy wheels with a wide spoke gap which the normal separating ram would simply pass through this insert ensures the pressure is applied to the alloy rim and is able to break it.

To allow effortless handling of alloy rims between standard and wide-spoke wheels, Gradeall offers inserts tailored to dimensions that slot in and out of the main ram without needing realignment. RFID-tagged tooling allows the controller to auto-adjust separation pressures for the correct rim type.

A tool-free tyre rest base.

Means that adjusting the base to accommodate different sizes of tyres is a simple lift up, reposition and set down process.

The low-height base with pneumatic lifting assists enables easy loading/unloading of large OTR wheels without manual strain or need for specialised shop infrastructure. Its adaptive padding also withstands the rim removal forces uniformly securing fragile tyre walls to maximise usable rubber recovery.

The Tyre Rim Separator’s Removable Base

Reducing the overall height making it easier to transport this machine internationally, we have recently shipped these machines to Spain, Estonia, and Finland. The new this covers the entire wheel assembly ensuring that no debris is able to fly in the direction of the operator.

Gradeall has now delivered these new Tyre Rim Separators to customers in England, Scotland, Spain, Estonia and Finland.

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The Tyre Recycling Crisis Demands Urgent Solutions

With end-of-life tyres exceeding 1.2 billion units globally per annum as per industry estimates, developing sustainable tyre-to-tyre recycling ecosystems to divert waste from overflowing landfills is no longer optional – it’s an absolute necessity. However, safely extracting purer rubber and steel compounds from used tyres requires specialised technology.

Driving Higher Purity and Metal Salvage Rates

Gradeall’s updated tyre rim separator utilises proprietary ultrasonic control modules to profile incoming wheel dimensions on-the-fly. This allows auto adjusting blade positioning for effective rim removal without damaging tyre walls – raising usable rubber purity significantly.

The integrated granulator blade also grinds separators steel beads into uniform 5 cm pieces necessary for secondary magnetic isolation of this valuable commodity – improving recycling revenue streams. Global tyre processing leaders like Ragn Sells have validated the sheer output boost after Gradeall upgrades.

Technical Details

The high-precision ultrasonic profiling sensors continuously feed data to the PLC-based controller on wheel dimensions down to 1mm accuracy for dynamic cut depth calibration eliminating rubber damage.

Safety and Reliability

Safety features like emergency stop circuits, overload protection, automated fire suppression enable 24/7 operation. The upgrades minimise failure rates to <2% through FMEA testing across 50,000 hours.

Purer Output, Boosted Revenue

By extracting rim steel free of rubber residues, magnetic sorting purity exceeds 97% allowing sales to high-value markets like smelters. Minimum rubber charring also enables making premium recycled tires.

Optimised Integration

Standard conveyor, bin and sensor interfaces allow the rim removal unit to sync with shredders. Data analytics tracking helps manage end-to-end tyre-to-product workflows.

To find out more on the Tyre Rim Separator click here

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Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in learning more about how Gradeall’s Tyyre Rim Separators can optimise waste management for your organisation, contact the Gradeall team at 028 8774 0484

 to discuss your unique needs.

Their waste management experts can provide advice on selecting the right model and capacity for your waste streams and site requirements. They can also walk you through financing options, installation support, operator training, and maintenance packages.

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