Gradeall Enhances Waste Management Efficiency with Static Compactors at Lisburn Recycling Center

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall has installed 4G120 static waste compactors for Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council at the Cutts Recycling Centre.


The 4 static compactors were fitted with deck loading walk on platforms with extended platforms to suit the specific site layout at the Cutts. Handrails were also fitted with double door manually loaded hoppers. Also fitted to the compactors was an electronic keypad code startup feature to prevent unauthorised usage of the equipment. Gradeall also will provide servicing and maintenance of this equipment.

Initial site visit

Gradeall first visited the site to see the current waste management setup, there were several open top skips which were filling up too quickly and the need for frequent skip collections was costing the council money. While there was a static compactor installed it was reaching the end of its service life.


Environmental Impact Mitigation with Gradeall Static Compactors at Lisburn

Traditional landfill-based disposal methods have been identified as major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and the destruction of natural habitats. In contrast, static waste compactors present a more sustainable solution by effectively reducing waste volume, curtailing transportation emissions, and conserving critical landfill space

Research indicates that static waste compactors can diminish waste volume by an impressive 75%, substantially cutting down the number of truckloads needed to transport waste to landfills. This decrease in waste transportation not only results in reduced fuel consumption but also significantly lowers the carbon footprint. Moreover, by diverting waste from landfills, static compactors play a crucial role in preventing the emission of methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, and in preserving valuable land resources for future use.


Economic Advantages Realised by Lisburn Council with Gradeall Static Compactors

Since implementing Gradeall static compactors at the Cutts Recycling Centre, Lisburn Council has seen considerable financial benefits. The key factor contributing to these savings is the reduction in skip collection frequency by a remarkable 50%, leading to notable decreases in both skip hire and fuel expenses. Furthermore, the compaction process has substantially increased the lifespan of the council’s skips, thereby diminishing the frequency of skip replacements.

Here’s an overview of the annual cost savings:

  • Skip Collection Reduction: Achieved a substantial 50% reduction.
  • Skip Hire Cost Savings: Reduced by an impressive 40%.
  • Fuel Cost Savings: Lowered by a significant 30%.
  • Skip Replacement Cost Savings: Decreased by 25%.

These savings have positively influenced the council’s budget, providing the flexibility to redistribute funds more efficiently across other vital council services. This cost-effectiveness not only enhances the council’s financial management but also contributes to more sustainable waste management practices.


Site Layouts

After discussing with council officials from Lisburn & Castlereagh city council Gradeall produced site layouts for the inspection and then approval of the council



Gradeall manufactured the 4 G120 static waste compactors and installed them at the Cutts site in August 2019.


Advancing Waste Management and Sustainability in Lisburn

Lisburn Council is firmly dedicated to enhancing its waste management practices and bolstering environmental sustainability. Following the effective deployment of Gradeall static compactors, the council is actively seeking to broaden its waste management capabilities, elevate recycling rates, and fulfil its environmental aspirations.

Key initiatives on the council’s agenda include:

  • Implementing Cutting-Edge Waste Technologies: The council intends to adopt state-of-the-art waste sorting and processing technologies, aiming to bolster efficiency and refine recycling processes for better outcomes.
  • Advocating for Circular Economy: A central focus will be to champion circular economy practices. This involves encouraging local businesses and organisations to implement waste reduction measures, prolong the lifespan of products, and enhance resource recovery.
  • Engaging with the Local Community: Plans are in place to collaborate with community groups and educational bodies to cultivate sustainable waste management habits and instil a strong sense of environmental responsibility within the community.

Lisburn Council is optimistic that the introduction of static compactors, coupled with its unwavering commitment to sustainable waste management, will significantly contribute to creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment for the entire community.

More information about waste management for council amenity sites


Q&A on Static Compactors at Lisburn Recycling Center

Q: Why did Lisburn Council originally seek waste management upgrades?

A: Frequent and costly skip collections were needed as open tops filled quickly. Existing static compactor reached end of usable life.

Q: What annual savings did the council achieve after installing the Gradeall compactors?

A: 50% reduction in skip collections, 40% lower skip hire costs, 30% less on fuel, 25% decrease in skip replacement expenses.

Q: How much volume reduction is enabled by the new static compactors?

A: Research shows static compactors can reduce waste volumes by 75% resulting in fewer transportation runs.

Q: What environmental benefits do the compactors provide?

A: Prevent tons of methanogenic landfill waste. Conserve landfill space. Lower carbon emissions from transport.

Q: What additional waste management initiatives is the council pursuing next?

A: Implementing cutting-edge sorting technologies. Advocating circular economic practices locally. Engaging the community to encourage sustainable habits.

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