Gradeall’s Customised Compactor Solutions Streamline Waste Management for Ards and North Down Borough Council

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall has successfully installed a suite of seven static compactors across four distinct sites for the Ards and North Down Borough Council. These installations, strategically located at Portaferry, Kircubbin, Millisle, and Newtownards, represent a significant enhancement to the council’s waste management infrastructure.

Waste Generation Statistics

The Northern Ireland Waste Statistics Report 2021 highlights that local councils across Northern Ireland are responsible for generating around 5.1 million tonnes of municipal waste every year. This substantial amount of waste presents critical environmental challenges, including the rapid filling of landfill sites and the consequential emission of greenhouse gases as the waste decomposes.


The G120 compactors were built to meet the requirements of a Tender form the council provided, these required a manual loading hopper with simple hinge open door that could be locked closed and would also latch in the open position. The compactors also had to feature an electronic code pad to start the machines. Gradeall were able to meet these requirements and installed the compactors in a timely manner.


The video showcased was recorded six months following the initial installation. In it, a representative from our sales team, accompanied by a member of our design department, conducted a visit to gather feedback from the council management and the actual users of the equipment.

This visit was a crucial part of our commitment to continuous improvement. We place great importance on the insights and suggestions for enhancement provided by those who interact directly with our compactors. By earnestly considering these recommendations, we consistently refine and advance the design of our compactors, ensuring they meet the evolving needs and expectations of our clients.

Council’s Progressive Waste Management Plans

The Ards and North Down Borough Council has set forth ambitious targets in its waste management strategy, aiming to significantly reduce its environmental impact. These goals include:

  • Substantial Reduction in Landfill Disposal: The council plans to cut landfill disposal by an impressive 60% by the year 2030, a move that will dramatically lessen the environmental burden.
  • Elevating Recycling Rates: There is a concerted effort to increase recycling rates to 50% by 2030, showcasing a commitment to repurposing and reusing materials.
  • Initiatives for Waste Reduction: The council is actively implementing strategies to decrease the overall volume of waste generated, thereby reducing the strain on waste management systems.
  • Encouraging Sustainable Practices: A key focus is on promoting eco-friendly waste management habits among both residents and businesses, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Portaferry Site


At the Portaferry location, the deployment of the G120 compactor has been remarkably successful in managing the surge in waste volumes during peak seasons. This robust compactor has ensured that the site copes effectively with the seasonal fluctuations in waste, providing a dependable and efficient waste management solution all year round.

Kircubbin Site


The Kircubbin facility, known for its varied and complex waste composition, has significantly benefited from the versatility of the compactor. Its robust design and adaptability have been instrumental in handling a diverse range of waste materials, maintaining consistent and reliable performance under varying conditions.

Newtownards Site


At the bustling Newtownards site, the user-friendly and safe design of the compactor has been particularly appreciated. Tailored for areas with high foot traffic, the compactor ensures not only the safety and ease of use for operators but also safeguards the well-being of the general public, making it a vital component in the site’s waste management infrastructure.

Millisle Site


In the space-restricted environment of the Millisle site, the compact design of the compactor has proven to be an invaluable asset. Its efficient and streamlined operation has minimised its footprint, effectively reducing any potential disturbance to the nearby areas while maximising waste management efficiency.

Future Collaborations with Gradeall:

In a collaborative effort to further enhance waste management methodologies, Gradeall and the Ards and North Down Borough Council are looking into a range of future joint initiatives. These ventures include:

  • Innovative Waste Reduction Initiatives: Exploring new approaches such as conducting waste audits and introducing composting programs to reduce waste at the source.
  • Introducing New Waste Streams: The implementation of additional waste streams is on the horizon, including the collection of food waste and enhanced plastic recycling facilities.
  • Utilising Data Analytics for Insightful Waste Management: Leveraging the advanced data analytics capabilities of Gradeall, the council aims to gain a deeper understanding of waste generation patterns. This data-driven approach is expected to optimize waste management strategies effectively.

Through these collaborative efforts, Gradeall and the Ards and North Down Borough Council are committed to achieving their sustainability objectives. Their partnership stands as a testament to their dedication to fostering a healthier, more environmentally responsible community.

Enhancing Waste Management in Ards and North Down with Gradeall’s Solutions

Q: How has Gradeall improved waste management for Ards and North Down Borough Council?

A: Gradeall has significantly enhanced waste management in the Ards and North Down region by installing seven static compactors across four key sites: Portaferry, Kircubbin, Millisle, and Newtownards. These installations have bolstered the council’s ability to efficiently manage waste, especially during peak periods.

Q: What are the current waste generation statistics in Northern Ireland?

A: According to the Northern Ireland Waste Statistics Report 2021, local councils are responsible for producing about 5.1 million tonnes of municipal waste annually, posing serious environmental challenges such as landfill overflow and greenhouse gas emissions.

Q: Can you describe the specific features of the G120 compactors installed?

A: The G120 compactors, customised as per council requirements, feature a manual loading hopper with a simple hinge-open door, lockable closure, and a latch in the open position. They are also equipped with an electronic code pad for operation, aligning with the council’s specific waste management needs.

Q: What ambitious waste management goals has Ards and North Down Borough Council set?

A: The council aims to reduce landfill disposal by 60% and increase recycling rates to 50% by 2030. They are also focused on implementing waste reduction initiatives and promoting sustainable waste management practices among local residents and businesses.

Q: How have the different sites responded to the installation of the compactors?

A: – Portaferry: The G120 compactor has effectively managed increased waste volumes during peak seasons.

  • Kircubbin: The compactor’s robust design has adeptly handled the site’s diverse waste composition.
  • Millisle: The compact design has been crucial in managing waste efficiently in a space-restricted environment.
  • Newtownards: The user-friendly and safe design of the compactor has been beneficial, especially in high foot traffic areas, ensuring public safety and operational ease.

Q: What future collaborative initiatives are Gradeall and the council considering?

A: Future collaborations include exploring waste reduction initiatives like waste audits and composting programs, implementing new waste streams such as food waste and plastic recycling, and utilising data analytics to optimise waste management strategies.

Q: How do these collaborative efforts benefit the community?

A: Through these joint initiatives, Gradeall and the Ards and North Down Borough Council are working towards achieving their sustainability goals, contributing to the creation of a healthier, more environmentally responsible community.

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