Bridging the Gap in Tyre Waste Management: International Shipping of Sidewall Cutters

By:     Kieran Donnelly

The Global Crisis of Mounting Tyre Waste

With end-of-life tyres already exceeding 1 billion units yearly, developing urgent end-to-end frameworks for responsible disposal and recycling is imperative. However, reclaiming high-calibre, reusable rubber requires tyres to first undergo specialised processing like cryogenic freezing or mechanical shearing. This is where Gradeall’s innovative car and truck tyre sidewall cutters enter the equation.

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A new Gradeall Sidewall cutter with tread cutter packaged and ready for shipping to a customer in Sweden.

This is one of several sidewall cutters we have shipped to customers outside of the UK in recent months. The Sidewall cutter (including the optional tread cutter) is ideally sized for international shipping thanks to its compact dimensions.

Patented Design for Automated, Safe Cutting

Gradeall’s sidewall cutters utilise a patented tri-blade system allowing 360-degree tyre coverage in a single cutting cycle. The specialised sharp-edged blades are precision manufactured from durable, hardened steel for longevity across thousands of uses.

Unlike competing solutions risking dangerous projectile shards, Gradeall’s technology contains cut sections securely before ejecting them into collection bins safely. Automated fire prevention functionality like water spray mechanism and spark shields provide additional operational safety.

By handling over 500 truck or 1000 car tyre sections daily, plant throughput is maximised alongside security.

Shipping sidewall cutters on curtain-sided trailers

The images below show that the machine can be easily loaded into a curtain-sided trailer with no modifications or disassembly required. At the other end, the machine is simply unloaded and plugged into a mains supply making the installation process as easy as possible.

Transport Method

The sidewall cutters are shipped in secure wooden crates suitable for road, sea and air freight. Forklift-accessible base pallets facilitate loading/unloading. Impact recorders monitor shocks/vibrations during transit to ensure no calibration changes.

Streamlined Delivery

By utilising long-standing transportation partnerships across 150+ countries, Gradeall coordinates reliable door-to-door delivery with real-time in-transit visibility. The team handles customs formalities allowing rapid international shipping with reduced paperwork.

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Technical Specifications Of Gradeall’s Truck Tyre Sidewall Cutter

The truck tyre sidewall cutter dimensions are 5000mm x 2500mm x 3500mm with a weight of ~7000kg. The car tyre cutter is more compact at 3500mm x 2000mm x 3000mm and ~4500kg. These specifications enable thorough logistics planning.

Packaging Details

The rugged wooden crates securing the cutters feature waterproof shrouding inside for moisture/dust protection alongside adjustable platform mounts to prevent motion damage. Shock loggers help monitor excessive vibration.

Streamlined Customs Handling

Gradeall provides comprehensive customs paperwork including commercial invoices, packing lists, full equipment descriptions to expedite clearing. Certificates of origin, fumigation etc. can also be furnished as needed adhering to import protocols of 200+ countries.

Installation Options

Alternate flatbed trailer rentals options exist for sites lacking vehicle cranes. Gradeall technicians offer full supervision for assembly, circuit testing, safety checks and trial runs ensuring smooth commissioning.

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Sidewall cutters in shipping containers

For customers interested in purchasing sidewall cutters in bulk we can place them on board shipping containers. With some disassembly of the guard panels, it is possible to fit 3 sidewall cutters with tread cutters attached inside a 20Ft shipping container. The process of reattaching the guard panels is easy requiring no specialist tools, we can provide a full instructional video to demonstrate how to reattach the panels removed for shipping.

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If you are interested in buying a sidewall cutter, or multiple units please contact us to discuss options.

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