Revolutionise Tyre Waste Management: MKII Tyre Baler – Your Gateway to Efficient International Shipping

By:     Kieran Donnelly

The MKII Tyre Baler is a machine which has been well proven in the UK and Ireland. We have also sold these machines further afield to locations as far away as South Africa. However, they have been typically sold to these locations in batch quantities.

Why use the MKII Tyre Baler?

Tyre baling plays a pivotal role in promoting environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. By compacting discarded tyres into manageable bales, tyre balers significantly reduce landfill waste, thus minimising the environmental impact of tyre disposal.

Baled tyres also serve as valuable raw materials for recycling, transforming waste into a valuable resource. This not only conserves natural resources but also generates revenue for businesses involved in tyre recycling.

With the growing demand for tyre waste baling solutions across Europe, our engineers have recently innovated an ingenious transport apparatus enabling safe, cost-effective shipment of individual MKII Tyre Baler units.

We recently had interest from a customer in Spain, and a customer in Estonia about a MKII Tyre Baler. Each was an order for one single machine. To meet the customer’s needs we designed and built a transport cradle which bolts onto the MKII Tyre Baler and allows it to safely sit in a horizontal position inside a 20-foot shipping container or curtain sider trailer.


The complete ‘ready to crush’ package reflects our commitment to overseas partners seeking productivity improvements.

Payload Synergy Alongside Components Enhancing Tire Recycling Productivity

Rather than limiting containers to single machine shipments, the condensed MKII baler packing density leaves ample additional cubic footage to include customer-specified ancillary equipment like Ribbon Blaster sidewall carcass processors or T-10 tread shredding mechanisms.

Factory technicians pre-assemble, wire and test auxiliary tools for plug-and-play operation, thereby immediately boosting recipients’ comprehensive recycling capacities abroad. This payload synergy optimises overseas shipping charges, translating into further savings passed onto clients.


Engineered for Global Export Advantage

The more efficient packaging allows for more affordable international shipping rates, faster delivery times and depending on customer interest.

The MKII Tyre Baler, meticulously designed for seamless international delivery, presents a comprehensive solution for efficient and cost-effective tyre recycling worldwide. Its optimised packaging not only allows for more affordable international shipping rates and faster delivery times but also enhances environmental sustainability. This efficiency in design caters to the diverse needs of global clients, ensuring reduced shipping costs and expedited delivery, depending on customer interest.

To cater to the diverse needs of our global clientele, we offer the option to integrate a sidewall and tread cutter within the shipping container, further streamlining tyre recycling operations. This innovative addition empowers the MKII Tyre Baler to handle both car and truck tyres, maximising its versatility and adaptability.


Streamlined Setup Process

For our international customers, Gradeall offers the added convenience of having an engineer visit to commission the new equipment. However, we understand the importance of autonomy and efficiency in your operations.

To support this, we provide a detailed instruction booklet and a user-friendly video guide, meticulously crafted to assist you in unloading the baler from the container, reassembling it, and commencing its use. We have rigorously tested and refined this process in-house to guarantee simplicity and ease in performing the necessary tasks, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free setup experience.


MKII Tyre Baler- FAQS and Answers

Q: What countries beyond the UK has Gradeall shipped the MKII baler to in the past?

A: South Africa, historically in batch volumes, and more recently individual units to Spain and Estonia, indicating a growing global demand.

Q: How did Gradeall enable more cost-effective global delivery of single balers overseas?

A: We engineered a specialised transport cradle that allows assemblies to securely ship in 20-foot containers, using optimised space far more affordably than previous methods.

Q: What percentage savings does the new optimised container solution provide?

A: Over 40% reductions in international freight expenditure have been achieved, compared to earlier single baler export efforts, making it accessible for smaller firms.

Q: Does the baler arrive fully constructed or require assembly?

A: To maximise shipping density, it is broken down and accompanied by detailed video instructions guiding customers in reassembly within 6 hours, without the need for welding expertise, thanks to an intuitive bolt-together design.

Q: Can auxiliary recycling tools be shipped within the same containers?

A: Yes, the cradle innovation leaves substantial interior space in containers to include customer-specified components like sidewall and tread processors, immediately enhancing their tyre recycling productivity.

Transforming Your Way of Tyre Recycling

To explore how Gradeall’s modified truck tyre baler can drive circular tyre economies while maximising efficiency and cost savings, contact a tyre waste specialist at 02890844567.

The team can advise on the ideal baler model and capacity for your tyre volumes and assist with installation, operator training, and maintenance planning.

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