Gradeall has recently released a new machine in its tyre recycling range. The Truck Tyre Rim Separator.


Customers who previously utilised the existing Tyre Rim Separator  expressed a need for a more robust solution capable of handling larger lorry tyres. In response to this demand, initial considerations involved scaling up the dimensions of the Tyre Rim Separator. However, upon thorough evaluation, it became evident that the increased weight of the lorry tyres presented significant challenges.

Not only did the heavier tyres exceed the handling capacity of the upsized separator, but they also posed a risk of operator fatigue and potential back injuries due to the repetitive lifting required throughout the day. This insight led to a re-evaluation of the approach, prioritising both the efficiency of the process and the well-being of the operators.

As a result, innovative solutions were explored to accommodate larger tyres while ensuring safe and ergonomic operation for the workforce.The new Tyre Truck Rim Separator allows truck tyres to be rolled into its clamping area which means the operator does not have to lift these typically very heavy wheels. The rim is separated from the tyre in under 1 minute which is quicker than any other system for removing truck tyres.

Full safety guards have been provided to ensure that people are kept away from moving parts of this machine whilst it is in operation, and to prevent flying metallic debris caused by breaking alloy wheels from flying out and causing injury.

What’s the comparison for a Tyre Rim Seperator compared to the Truck Rim Seperator?

The upgraded Tyre Rim Separator offers several key advantages over its predecessor, enhancing both functionality and safety:

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Safety Cage: The new model is equipped with a robust safety cage, ensuring that the separation process is entirely contained, thus significantly reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Observation Windows: These allow operators to safely monitor the separation process without exposing themselves to potential hazards.
  • Safety Door: This feature ensures that the machine can only operate when the door is securely closed, thereby preventing any unintended access during operation.
  • Operator Platform: Designed for ergonomic operation, this platform provides a comfortable and safe position for the operator to work from.

Improved Operational Capabilities:

  • The updated separator can handle larger lorry tyres, addressing the needs of customers who deal with heavier and bulkier tyres.
  • The machine’s design reduces the physical strain on operators, particularly in handling the larger, heavier tyres. This minimises the risk of fatigue and back injury, promoting a healthier working environment.
  • With the ability to process larger tyres, the updated separator broadens the scope of recycling and increases potential profitability.

Integration with Recycling Workflow:

  • Like its predecessor, the separated rims and tyres remain highly valuable for recycling and profitability. The updated machine continues to offer this advantage but on a larger scale.
  • The separated tyres can be further processed using other machines in the Gradeall tyre recycling range, such as the Sidewall Cutter or the MKII Tyre Baler, for more efficient shredding, storage, and shipping.

How can this new Truck Tyre Baler make life easier on your business or recycling center?

  • Handles Larger Tyres with Ease: The most significant advantage of a larger truck rim separator is its ability to manage the bigger and heavier rims of truck tyres. This capability is crucial because truck rims are typically more robust and challenging to separate due to their size and construction.
  • Increased Efficiency in Separation Process: With enhanced size and power, the new separator can perform the rim separation process more quickly and effectively than its smaller counterparts. This efficiency is vital in maintaining a smooth workflow, particularly when dealing with high volumes of truck tyres.
  • Reduced Physical Strain on Workers: Manually preparing and separating rims from large truck tyres can be physically demanding. The larger rim separator reduces the manual labour required, thereby minimising worker fatigue and the risk of injury associated with handling heavy truck tyres.
  • Better Adaptability to Different Tyre Types: The enhanced size and design of the new separator allow it to adapt to a wider range of tyre sizes and types. This versatility is beneficial for recycling centres that process various types of tyres, including those from heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Improved Safety Features: Recognising the increased risks when handling larger and heavier tyres, the new truck rim separator is likely equipped with advanced safety features. These features ensure operator safety and reduce the risk of accidents during the separation process.
  • Enhanced Durability for Heavy-Duty Use: Given the heavier workload and the robust nature of truck tyres, the new separator is built to be more durable and withstand the rigours of processing larger tyres, ensuring a longer service life and better return on investment.
  • Streamlined Post-Separation Processing: Once the rims are separated from the tyres, both components can be processed more efficiently. For example, rimless tyres can be more easily shredded, baled, or otherwise recycled, while the rims can be directed to metal recycling streams.
  • Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Term: Despite a potentially higher initial investment, the larger truck rim separator can lead to significant cost savings over time. This is due to its higher efficiency, reduced labour costs, and lower maintenance needs due to its robust construction.

Q&A on Truck Rim Separators

Q: What is the primary function of a truck rim separator?

A: A truck rim separator is designed to separate the rims from large truck tyres. This process is essential for recycling centres that handle and process truck tyres.

Q: How does the new truck rim separator differ from standard models?

A: The new model is larger and more powerful, allowing it to handle the bigger and heavier rims of truck tyres more efficiently. This makes it suitable for recycling centres dealing with high volumes of large, heavy-duty tyres.

Q: What are the advantages of using a truck rim separator in a recycling centre?

A: The key advantages include increased efficiency in separating rims, reduced physical strain on workers, better adaptability to different tyre types, enhanced safety features, and improved durability for heavy-duty use.

Q: Can the truck rim separator handle different sizes and types of tyres?

A: Yes, the enhanced size and design of the new separator enable it to adapt to a wider range of tyre sizes and types, making it versatile for various recycling needs.

Q: How does the truck rim separator contribute to worker safety?

A: The separator is equipped with advanced safety features, including safety guards and emergency stops, to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, especially when handling larger, heavier tyres.

Q: What are the long-term benefits of investing in a truck rim separator?

A: Long-term benefits include cost savings due to increased efficiency, reduced labour costs, and lower maintenance needs. Additionally, its robust construction ensures a longer service life and a better return on investment.

Q: How does using a truck rim separator impact the efficiency of a recycling centre?

A: By streamlining the separation process and allowing for more efficient handling and processing of large tyres, the separator significantly enhances the overall productivity of a recycling centre.

Transforming Your Way of Tyre Recycling

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