Gradeall Delivers MK2 Tyre Baler to Spain, Expanding Global Reach

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall International recently achieved a significant milestone by delivering an MKII tyre baler to Spain.

In our previous update, we highlighted our capability to transport MKII tyre balers using curtain side trailers or shipping containers. Following that announcement, one of our tyre balers successfully reached its destination in Estonia, where it is now fully operational and performing excellently.

Excitingly, another MKII tyre baler has just departed from the Gradeall factory, securely loaded onto a 20-foot shipping container, ready for its journey to meet the growing global demand for efficient tyre recycling solutions.


Enhancing Global Reach with Innovative Shipping Methods

Gradeall’s utilisation of curtain side trailers and shipping containers for international MKII tyre baler deliveries brings a host of remarkable benefits:

  • Economical Shipping Solutions: Leveraging the uniform dimensions and widespread availability of shipping containers significantly lowers transportation costs compared to the use of specialised trailers or bespoke shipping frameworks.
  • Streamlined Handling and Security: Curtain side trailers offer the convenience of effortless access for both loading and unloading the baler. In contrast, shipping containers provide robust protection during transit, ensuring the baler’s safety. Additionally, these containers are designed for smooth integration into various modes of transport, be it sea, land, or rail.
  • Adaptable Shipping Capacity: These shipping methods not only transport the baler but also accommodate extra equipment or accessories, such as sidewall and tread cutters. This not only enhances the baler’s functionality but also simplifies the logistics of tyre recycling operations, making it a comprehensive solution for our clients.

This strategic approach to shipping underscores Gradeall’s commitment to delivering top-tier tyre recycling machinery globally in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Global Shipping Excellence with MKII Tyre Balers: Your Gateway to Efficient Recycling

At Gradeall, we understand the challenges of global logistics in tyre recycling. That’s why we’ve tailored our international shipping solutions to seamlessly align with your needs, ensuring that our MKII Tyre Balers reach you wherever you are in the world.


Why Choose Gradeall’s International Shipping for MKII Tyre Balers?

  • Cost-Effective Shipping: Our strategic use of standardised shipping containers and curtain side trailers significantly reduces your shipping costs. This means you get the best in tyre recycling technology without the burden of excessive transport expenses.
  • Customised Solutions: Understanding that every recycling operation is unique, we offer the flexibility to include additional equipment in the same shipment, such as sidewall and tread cutters. This customisation not only saves on shipping but also streamlines your recycling process upon delivery.
  • Rapid and Reliable Delivery: With a focus on efficiency, our shipping methods ensure that your MKII Tyre Baler arrives swiftly and safely, minimising downtime and accelerating your recycling operations.
  • Ease of Installation: Upon arrival, our MKII Tyre Balers are designed for quick and easy setup. We provide comprehensive guides and support to ensure a hassle-free installation, enabling you to start your recycling operations without delay.
  • Proven Track Record: With successful deliveries to countries including Spain, Estonia, and South Africa, our international shipping solutions have been tested and trusted across the globe.

Q&A on International Shipping for MKII Tyre Balers

Q: What are the key benefits of choosing Gradeall’s international shipping for MKII Tyre Balers?

A: Our international shipping offers cost-effective solutions, rapid and reliable delivery, easy installation, and the flexibility to include additional recycling equipment in the same shipment. This ensures you receive our high-quality balers wherever you are in the world, efficiently and affordably.

Q: How does Gradeall ensure the MKII Tyre Balers are safely transported internationally?

A: We utilise standardised shipping containers and curtain side trailers, which provide robust protection and ease of loading/unloading. The balers are securely packed and handled with utmost care to prevent any damage during transit.

Q: Can additional tyre recycling equipment be shipped along with the MKII Tyre Balers?

A: Absolutely. We understand the diverse needs of our clients, so we offer the option to include auxiliary recycling tools like sidewall and tread cutters in the same container, maximising the efficiency of your shipment.

Q: What kind of support does Gradeall provide once the baler reaches its international destination?

A: Upon delivery, we provide comprehensive installation guides, including detailed instruction booklets and video tutorials. Additionally, we offer remote support and, if needed, the option of sending an engineer to assist with commissioning.

Q: Are there any recent success stories of international deliveries of the MKII Tyre Balers?

A: Yes, we have successfully shipped MKII Tyre Balers to various global destinations, including Spain and Estonia, where they are now fully operational, demonstrating our commitment to expanding recycling capabilities worldwide.

Q: How does Gradeall’s international shipping of tyre balers contribute to environmental sustainability?

A: By facilitating global access to efficient tyre recycling machinery, we’re helping companies worldwide reduce tyre waste and transform it into valuable resources, contributing significantly to global environmental sustainability efforts.

Transforming Your Way of Tyre Recycling

To explore how Gradeall’s modified truck tyre baler can drive circular tyre economies while maximising efficiency and cost savings, contact a tyre waste specialist at 02890844567.

The team can advise on the ideal baler model and capacity for your tyre volumes and assist with installation, operator training, and maintenance planning.

Gradeall Offers a Wide Range of Waste Management Innovation:

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Gradeall MK2 tyre baler in 20 foot shipping container

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