Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall is an industry leader in creating and manufacturing tyre recycling solutions. The inclined tyre baler conveyor is their latest tyre recycling machine range, and it offers businesses the opportunity to streamline their waste tyre disposal process. 

This tyre recycling machine is the answer to many common problems with tyre disposal. It provides a solution to physical strain, increases productivity and ultimately increases the operational efficiency. 

Benefits of the new tyre recycling machine

The inclined tyre baler conveyor provides many operational benefits for waste tyre disposal. As a global industry leader in tyre recycling equipment, Gradeall has taken the time to listen to its customers’ needs and provided a tyre recycling machine that is built to last. 

Check out the benefits of this new inclined tyre baler conveyor below: 

Reduced physical demands 

The process of loading a tyre baler is known to be physically demanding, requiring the operator to bend forward and pick up over 100 tyres per bale. This repeated motion can lead to fatigue, injury and strain, causing back-related problems and ultimately leading to staff downtime and increased costs for the company. 

The inclined tyre baler conveyor is situated at an ideal height for operators to conveniently load tyres onto. It has been designed with operator safety in mind, reducing the physical strain required and providing a more accessible solution for loading tyres into bales. 

Increased efficiency 

The mere act of having to search for tyres is also a time-consuming one, any time spent not loading the baler is time wasted. The inclined tyre baler conveyor aims to resolve this particular issue. 

This tyre recycling machine is designed to work with a pair of MK2 tyre balers. The aim of this system is to ensure that balers are always being loaded and earning money with the absolute minimum of downtime. 

How does the inclined tyre baler conveyor work for recycling tyres? 

For the initial first stage of loading the balers, the conveyor platform is retracted, providing full access to load tyres at floor level. For each subsequent stage of bale loading, the sliding platform is pulled up against the baler. There is no need to bend down to pick up or place tyres in the baler.

The standard hopper is large enough to accommodate a truck with a full load of tyres, and its modular design allows it to adapt to the specific loading method your organisation prefers.

The conveyor itself is a chain-type conveyor driven by an electric motor to ensure slip-free drive. 

The chain drive ensures that the side-to-side belt roll-off that can happen to belt-driven conveyors does not occur, and the chain itself is much stronger and less prone to wear than a belt. A foot pedal operates the conveyor at a slow and safe speed and brings tyres at waist level to the operator.

inclined tyre baler conveyor.442

Tire recycling companies 

Gradeall is an industry leader in tyre disposal equipment; the inclined tyre baler conveyor is their latest addition and meets the demands of their loyal customers. With a Gradeall tyre recycling machine, you will receive ongoing maintenance and servicing, ensuring that your operation is working to the best of its ability. 
Check out the full product description of the inclined tyre baler conveyor, or alternatively get in contact with the Gradeall team to discuss how it can be integrated within your operation.

Render of Gradeall's Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor with two MK2 Tyre Balers efficiently processing a large volume of tyres.

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