Gradeall Takes the Load Off

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Gradeall is known throughout the world for its market-leading waste balers. The company offers a range of heavy-duty compacting equipment for the waste sector. In the waste tyre sector, Gradeall is best known for its tyre balers; they are almost ubiquitous in any tyre processing operation that moves tyres in any volume.

However, loading a baler is hard work. Baler loaders don’t need to go to the gym for a workout; they get it every day by stacking tyres into the balers. Whilst your workforce may have been trained on how to lift safely using their legs, human error is not completely exempt, and throughout the day, this activity can take a physical toll on operators. 

Lifting heavy waste on a regular basis, can increase the likelihood of injury within your workforce, which can often lead to staff downtime, which has a ripple effect on your operation, outputs and productivity levels. Gradeall has recognised the need to take the strain out of baling, and its latest development does just that. 

Tyre Recycling Machinery: Tyre Conveyor 

The Gradeall Car Tyre Conveyor is designed to reduce the strain and increase the speed of baling multiple car tyres. This innovative design is extremely useful for businesses that are baling large quantities of tyres in their operation. 

Not only does the Tyre Conveyor reduce the physical labour needed for baling, but it also provides a space to store waste tyres, freeing up space and reducing trip hazards caused by loose tyres laying around your site. 

How does the tyre conveyor work? 

Waste Tyres can be loaded directly onto the conveyor belt from a Curtain Sider, Transit Van, Moving Floor Vehicle or via Bucket or Grab. The modular design will allow loading from either side or rear loading from a moving floor trailer. 

The platform slides out of the way to open the baler doors for tying and the initial floor-level loading stage. The Tyre Conveyor will work with either 1 or 2 MKII or MKIII tyre balers or alternatively manufactured tyre balers.

Gradeall aims to meet the needs of a range of operations; that’s why the design of the conveyor has been created to be compatible with the Gradeall range of tyre balers and third-party machinery. 

Tire recycling machine – tyre conveyor benefits 

The Tyre Conveyor is the latest addition to the Gradeall range of tyre recycling machinery. They have spotted a need for something that will help streamline the tyre baling process and created an innovative piece of machinery to meet those needs. 

Ideal loading platform 

The loading platform is at a suitable height for the tyre balers, with no bending down required to pick up or load tyres. This conveyor includes a slide-out loading platform which places the operator at the ideal height to load tyres into a baler chamber whilst minimising the possibility of strain or injury. 

Safe loading speed

The conveyor is chain-driven, which provides slip-free drive, and a foot-operated pedal activates the conveyor at a slow, safe speed bringing the tyres to the operator where they can be conveniently lifted to the baler. This reduces the likelihood of loose tyres falling off and causing injury. 

How many tyres can the tyre conveyor hold? 

With a 40m³ hopper and tall sides, the Gradeall Tyre conveyor can hold an impressive 600-700 tyres to produce multiple bales.

Retention of experienced personnel  

Due to the physical nature of baling tyres, it is also common to see experienced tyre balers leave their career due to not being able to keep up with the physical demands of the job. This machinery will assist in the retention of experienced tyre handlers, making their job easier and a lot more pleasant to complete. 

Increased productivity 

The tyre conveyor saves time and labour of double handling and will make the job of baling car tyres a lot easier and much more convenient for operators. Productivity levels are also increased as staff aren’t having to waste time walking around and collecting more tyres after each bale. The tyre conveyor allows operations to streamline their tyre waste disposal process. 

Experienced tyre handlers with 2 balers in place should be able to produce 10-12 bales per hour using this system, says Gradeall.


A commitment to enhancing tyre recycling solutions

The Gradeall Tyre Conveyor is just one step in the Gradeall mission to improve the waste tyre disposal process across the world. They are committed to helping their clients improve their in-house waste tyre recycling solutions by creating a range of tyre recycling equipment that can meet the needs of various different industries and sectors
With the Gradeall range, you know that you are racing a piece of machinery that has been made with innovative design and is built to last. Check out the full product description of the tyre conveyor, or just get in contact with the team at Gradeall and help take the load off your operation.


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