Optimising waste collection with the Gradeall Intelli-Fill System: Reducing costs and environmental impact

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Landfill space is rapidly dwindling worldwide while waste generation rates continue their unrelenting climb. In the UK alone, landfill capacity dropped over 60% from 2005 to 2020. Within this landscape, optimising landfill utilisation is paramount.

This is where Gradeall’s revolutionary Intelli-Fill system comes in. Let’s examine how Intelli-Fill is enabling landfills to safely accommodate more waste through data-driven compaction.

The Problem of Suboptimal Compaction

Traditional landfill compaction relies heavily on operator skill and guesswork. With limited visibility into real-time density metrics, achieving optimal, standardised waste compaction is extremely difficult.

The result? An estimated average compaction density of just 650 kg/m3 across UK landfills. This not only heightens environmental impact but necessitates site expansions every 5-7 years despite dwindling land availability.

How Intelli-Fill Revolutionises Landfill Compaction

Intelli-Fill transforms waste compaction via an integrated system combining real-time sensors, automation, and data analytics.

It starts with ultrasonic sensors strategically embedded at multiple landfill depths. The sensors continuously feed data on compacted waste levels to an analytics module.

Here, Gradeall’s proprietary algorithms analyse waste density, rate of compaction, and other key metrics. The system automatically adjusts compactor settings and alerts operators when maximum, uniform densities are reached.

Operators also monitor data like waste weight, container fullness, and compression pressure on an in-cab display for informed decision-making.

Quantifiable Improvements for Landfills

By enabling consistent, optimised compaction, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to Intelli-Fill’s advantages:

  • Over 30% of waste density increases were reported across installations
  • Added 2+ years of capacity for numerous landfill sites
  • Reduced cell development & expansion costs by 40%+
  • Cut leachate volumes by up to 20% via denser waste
  • Validated site compliance with instant density reports

Priority Waste Management & Recycling – A Case Study

Leading UK waste contractor Priority Waste implemented Gradeall’s Intelli-Fill system across their network of municipal landfills. Their Broadpath facility saw waste density jump from 850 kg/m3 to over 1,100 kg/m3 within months.

This translated to 125,000 additional tonnes of intake annually – unlocking 20% extra capacity instantly. By optimising consolidation, Intelli-Fill enabled Priority to accommodate growing community waste without additional land acquisition.

Start Unlocking Your Landfill’s Full Potential

With sustainable waste disposal becoming increasingly vital, Gradeall’s Intelli-Fill system empowers businesses to overcome capacity limitations through next-gen, data-driven compaction. Reimagine your landfill with maximised waste volumes, minimised operating costs, and boosted environmental compliance.

The future of smart waste management starts now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Intelli-Fill system work?

A: The Intelli-Fill system uses strategically placed ultrasonic sensors to continuously measure waste fill levels in real-time. This data is processed by the system’s analytics module, allowing it to optimise compactor settings to achieve dense, uniform waste compaction automatically.

Q: What key metrics does the Intelli-Fill system monitor?

A: The Intelli-Fill system monitors critical metrics like waste weight, density, container fullness, compaction pressure, rate of compaction and more. This provides operators invaluable insights.

Q: How does Intelli-Fill improve operational efficiency?

A: By optimising waste density, the Intelli-Fill system maximises the landfill’s intake capacity. This delays expensive cell expansions and reduces transportation costs through fewer waste collection trips to reach maximum fill weights faster.

Q: What results have landfills seen after installing Intelli-Fill?

A: Landfill sites globally have achieved over 30% waste density increases, 2+ years of added site life, 40%+ savings in expansion costs, 20% leachate reductions, and boosted regulatory compliance.

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