GPC P24 installed in Maghera

By:     Kieran Donnelly

McKees butchers in Maghera is a family run business that has been on the go for over 100 years. An essential business for the local community providing a variety of food products especially during this period of Covid-19 uncertainty it is important that the business continues to operate at its peak. With increased demand for food came the inevitable increase in waste production. McKees had been using a static compactor and container combination but came up against the drawbacks of this arrangement; namely leakages and odours.

Static compactors are not designed for wet waste, and there really is no way to overcome this, we have been asked through the years by customers for a static compactor that will deal with wet waste, the interface between the compactor and container is nearly impossible to seal as is getting sufficent sealing between the head and loading chamber to ensure full liquid retention.

This is why gradeall offer a range of portable compactors, all in one items that combine the compactor and container, while all portable compactors are liquid retentive, being tested to hold up to 425mm of water. The Pendulum versions P9 and P24 are specifically designed with the correct type of pendulum head to provide the correct compaction force for wet waste that ensures waste does not bind up behind the head.

McKees took delivery of a brand new P24 portable compactor with hydraulically operated lid in may 2020. This allows them to use a Gradeall H1300 tipping skip to feed the compactor with waste. Paul Gibson managing director of McKees butchers expressed his satisfaction with this new machine stating that it now takes up less space in the customer car parking area and the problems of smelly effluent pouring down the yard are now long gone, taking the need to pressure wash the yard so often, we should have got a portable compactor years ago. Gradeall have provided us with a really well built bit of kit which our operators have found very handy to operate.

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GPC P24 installed at McKees butchers in Maghera
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Handling wet waste is no problem for the GPC P24

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GPC P24 mckees

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