The G90 static waste compactor is available with a hydraulic bin lift system to lift bins ranging from 240 to 1100 litre wheelie bins

Bin lift types available

Trunnion bin lift

In this instance the bin is lifted via its side mounted trunnions.

Trunnion bin lifts are best used on heavy 1100 litre wheelie bins, the trunnions on these bins are designed to support the weight of the bin and its contents. The weighted hooks on the trunnion bin lift rotate with gravity to automatically lock the bin into the bin lift as it tips ensuring that waste is deposited into the compactor and that the bin itself stays attached to the bin lift and returns safely to the ground. These heavy duty hydraulic wheelie bin lifters are ideal in commercial or hospital settings where large volumes of waste are being dealt with.

Trunnion bin lift manufactured by Gradeall, designed for lifting larger 1100 litre wheelie bins.
Maximize the lifting capacity of your Gradeall Static Waste Compactor with the Gradeall trunnion bin lift, designed specifically for lifting large 1100 litre wheelie bins safely and efficiently.

Comb lift bin lift

On a comb lift bin lift the lift features a hydraulic comb lift which clamps along the edge of the bin using a comb clamp.

Comb lifts are ideal for bins smaller than 1100 litres. The comb clamps on the edge around the bin which prevents it from falling into the compactor when tipped upwards. It is not recommended to lift extremely heavy bins using a comb lift as it can cause damage to the bin itself as larger bins are typically not designed to support heavy weight in this area.

Versatile comb bin lift from Gradeall, providing safe and efficient lifting of a wide range of small bins, up to 1100 litres in capacity
Experience the convenience and safety of the Gradeall comb bin lift, the perfect solution for lifting small bins on Gradeall Static Waste Compactors

Comb and Trunnion Hydraulic Bin Lifter Combined

Trunnion & Comb combination lift

Combined comb and trunnion bin lift manufactured by Gradeall, designed for use with Gradeall Static Waste Compactors
Maximize the versatility and efficiency of your waste management operations with the Gradeall combined comb and trunnion bin lift, compatible with a wide range of bins and Gradeall Static Waste Compactors.

Bin lifts are available as standalone comb or trunnion hydraulic bin lifts. However it but it also possible and generally more common to have a bin lift that features both comb and trunnion lift facility making it much more versatile in the range of bins it can lift. With a bin lifter that combines both trunnion and comb lift options you are not restricted to being able to lifting one type of bin. This is the ideal type of hydraulic bin lifter for use in council run amenity sites which typically demand a more adaptable bin lift system.

Dolav Bin Lift

Available also is a Dolav bin lift.

Dolav bins are also known as pallet boxes, bulk containers, and industrial bins. They can be used to store a variety of different materials, including waste, recyclables, food, and industrial products. Dolav bins are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large, and they can be stacked securely to save space.

Where there is a need to deposit wet waste held in plastic Dolav bin/pallet box this is the ideal bin lift system. Our Dolav hydraulic bin lifts are designed to allow a forklift to slide the dolav bin into position. The bin lift then allows the contents to be deposited into the waste compactor, extra wide chutes are fitted to the Dolav bin lifts as these bins typically contain wet wastes. The wide chutes funnel the waste material into the static compactor to ensure that splashing and mess is kept to the absolute minimum.

Dolav bin lift manufactured by Gradeall, designed to be fitted to Gradeall Static Waste Compactors
Enhance your waste management operations with the Gradeall Dolav bin lift, designed to seamlessly integrate with Gradeall Static Waste Compactors.

Hydraulic Bin Lift – Cage configuration options

Safety cages are mandatorily supplied with all bin lift systems fitted to our static waste compactors to prevent operators from coming close to the moving bin lift mechanism. The door, or doors (if double doors are specified) are magnetically interlocked to prevent the compactor and bin lift operating if a door is opened, as soon as a door is opened hydraulic power to the hydraulic bin lift is cut preventing the bin lifter from moving.

The bin lift can be positioned to feed the G90 from either the left or right side of the machine. As sites differ from each other we offer a range of bin lift cages to suit different site layouts;

  • Door on front, centre or back of the cage
  • Left or right-hand hinge mounting
  • Single or double door

Remote control panels can be fitted to bin lift safety cages which provide extra conveniene to operating the compactors.

The illustration below gives an idea of how many possible cage options are available.

Safety cage options that are available to surround the hydraulic bin lifters that can be built onto Gradeall Static Waste Compactors
Enhance safety and prevent accidents with our versatile safety cage options for hydraulic bin lifters on Gradeall Static Waste Compactors.
Configurable safety cages designed to secure hydraulic bin lifters on Gradeall Static Waste Compactors, promoting a safe and accident-free work environment.
Protect your work environment and ensure operator safety with our range of customizable safety cages for Gradeall Static Waste Compactor bin lifters.

This is why a site audit is carried out to determine the most suitable configuration for your application. A full 3D CAD model and sales drawing will be provided at the time of quotation and will show the waste compactor and bin lift cage sitting beside any features or artefacts present on the site to show how space is used.

Remote operator panel for bin lift system and waste compactor

If obstacles are present on site that would make it less convenient to access the main control panel it is possible to fit a remote panel onto the safety cage for further convenience. The remote operator panel offers the same functions as the main control panel and is fitted in a steel vandal proof lockable enclosure, it can also be equipped with an electronic code to prevent unauthorised access.

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