Gradeall G90 Compactor with Air Extraction: Streamlined Waste Compaction and Dust Extraction

By:     Kieran Donnelly

Frederick Jones is a large packaging supplier based in Belfast. Being responsible for making the boxes many items are packaged in there is inevitably waste produced. They came to Gradeall seeking a more effective way to deal with their cardboard waste.

As part of their plans to upgrade their waste management a fully automated air extraction system would be installed. We have worked with several manufacturers of these systems before with great success, this time was no different.

Full CAD drawings and other technical details were sent between Gradeall, the management at Frederick Jones and the company responsible for the air extraction system. The end result is a fully automatic and integrated waste management solution.

The G90 static waste compactor interfaces with the electronics of the air extraction system. This ensures that only operates when required to do so. The G90 will send information back to the air extraction system also such as when a container is not detected the air extraction system will not operate to ensure waste does not escape.


As the waste is paper and cardboard shavings it is very loose and can quickly cause a mess, at Gradeall we produce a what is called the ‘trim packer’ version of the G90 with a redesigned head for full sealing, there are also large rubber seals on the interface between the compactor and the container.

When the compactor is 75% full the Intelli fill system on the G90 will send an email to the relevant email addresses (management and skip collection company) so that skip collection is organised in advance of the container becoming full, minimising downtime. The full container can then be collected and taken away for recycling.

Cardboard Waste Statistics

Cardboard waste plays a substantial role in the global waste stream, with approximately 200 million tonnes produced every year. The improper disposal of this material brings about several environmental challenges:

  • Landfill Overflow: The substantial quantity of cardboard waste significantly accelerates the depletion of landfill capacities globally.
  • Environmental Contamination: Inadequate disposal practices, like littering or improper recycling, can lead to soil and water pollution, adversely affecting ecosystems and posing potential health risks.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: When organic waste such as cardboard decomposes in landfills, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that substantially contributes to climate change.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Investing in Gradeall’s automated waste management systems can offer Frederick Jones numerous cost-saving advantages:

  • Reduced Labour Costs: The automation of waste handling and compaction processes significantly reduces the requirement for manual labour, thereby cutting labour costs and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Increased Recycling Revenue: Efficient cardboard waste compaction and baling maximise the volume of recyclable material, thus enhancing revenue generated from recycling programmes.
  • Minimised Downtime: The Intelli-fill system provides timely alerts for skip collection, ensuring prompt emptying of containers and preventing any production delays or disruptions.
  • Improved Workplace Safety: By automating waste handling, the system reduces risks associated with the manual handling of heavy cardboard, thereby enhancing workplace safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Future Waste Management Plans

Frederick Jones is dedicated to ongoing improvements in their waste management procedures and is considering collaborations with Gradeall to further advance their sustainability measures. Prospective plans include:

  • Expanding Recycling Capabilities: Assessing the potential for on-site installation of cardboard shredding and baling machines to optimise the recycling process and maximise recovery of recyclable materials.
  • Implementing Waste Reduction Initiatives: Educating staff about reducing waste, such as minimising the use of packaging materials and favouring reusable containers, to decrease the total volume of waste produced.
  • Partnerships with Local Recycling Organisations: Working with local recycling entities to ensure the efficient processing and recycling of collected cardboard waste, thereby supporting the principles of a circular economy and resource conservation.
  • Exploring Sustainable Packaging Options: Evaluating the adoption of environmentally friendly packaging materials, like recycled cardboard or compostable alternatives, to lessen the environmental impact of their packaging choices.

Q&A Enhancing Waste Management at Frederick Jones with Gradeall Solutions

Q: What prompted Frederick Jones, a Belfast-based packaging supplier, to seek Gradeall’s assistance?

A: Frederick Jones, being a significant producer of packaging and consequently generating substantial cardboard waste, approached Gradeall seeking an effective solution to manage this waste more efficiently.

Q: Can you describe the waste management upgrade implemented at Frederick Jones?

A: Frederick Jones upgraded their waste management system by installing a fully automated air extraction system. This system was integrated with Gradeall’s G90 static waste compactor, creating a seamless and efficient waste management solution.

Q: How does the G90 static waste compactor enhance the air extraction system at Frederick Jones?

A: The G90 compactor interfaces with the air extraction system’s electronics, operating only as needed. It sends feedback, such as container status, to the air extraction system to ensure optimal operation and prevent waste escape.

Q: What are the specific features of the G90 compactor used at Frederick Jones?

A: The G90 compactor at Frederick Jones is a ‘trim packer’ version, specially designed for full sealing and handling loose paper and cardboard shavings. It includes large rubber seals to prevent mess and integrates with an Intelli-fill system for timely skip collection notifications.

Q: What are the global statistics concerning cardboard waste?

A: Annually, around 200 million tonnes of cardboard waste are generated globally. This waste, if improperly disposed of, contributes to landfill overflow, environmental contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Q: What cost-saving benefits does Gradeall’s automated waste management system offer to Frederick Jones?

A: Gradeall’s system reduces labour costs by automating waste handling, increases recycling revenue through efficient compaction, minimises downtime with the Intelli-fill system, and improves workplace safety by reducing manual handling risks.

Q: What future waste management plans does Frederick Jones have?

A: Frederick Jones plans to expand recycling capabilities, implement waste reduction initiatives, partner with local recycling organizations, and explore sustainable packaging alternatives to further improve their waste management and sustainability efforts.

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