Gradeall G140 Revolutionises Waste Management at Ballymena Recycling Facility

By:     Kieran Donnelly

The Waveney road household recycling centre in Ballymena has taken delivery of a Gradeall G140 static waste compactor.


This site has already had Gradeall equipment in the past but required a compactor to deal with general non-recyclable waste, mainly bulky items of furniture. It was chosen to replace an open-top skip which was not effectively using the available space well, with collections being required too frequently.

The G140 was equipped with a walk on deck loading double door hopper, handrails and a deck extension were made to integrate with the existing site layout. All walk-on surfaces were made from chequered plate and coated in non-slip epoxy paint.

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Comprehensive Waste Stream Management with the Gradeall G140

The Gradeall G140 is expertly engineered to manage a broad spectrum of waste materials, adeptly handling bulky non-recyclable items that previously posed a challenge for the centre’s open-top skip system. This includes:

  • Furniture Disposal: The G140’s generously sized hopper is ideally suited to accommodate large furniture pieces, including sofas, armchairs, and cabinets. Its capacity to handle such bulky items streamlines the process of disposing of sizeable household furnishings.
  • Appliance Compaction: Outdated or broken appliances, like refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines, are effortlessly compacted by the G140. This compaction significantly reduces their volume, simplifying both storage and transportation logistics.
  • Construction Debris Management: The G140 capably processes a range of construction waste, including wooden planks, broken tiles, and drywall scraps. Its effectiveness in dealing with renovation or DIY project debris makes it an invaluable tool for maintaining cleanliness and efficiency on construction sites.

Enhancing Space Efficiency at Ballymena Household Recycling Centre with the Gradeall G140

The integration of the Gradeall G140 at the Ballymena household recycling centre has markedly enhanced space utilisation. There has been a significant decrease in the area needed for waste storage. This efficient use of space has not only decluttered the site but also opened up opportunities for more effective layout planning and potential expansion of services.

Key improvements facilitated by the G140 include:

  • Substantial Reduction in Waste Storage Footprint: The centre has achieved approximately a 40% reduction in the space dedicated to waste storage. This optimisation effectively frees up room for a variety of other waste management activities and provides flexibility for future development projects.
  • Streamlining of Waste Handling Operations: The G140’s efficient compaction capabilities have minimised the need for frequent repositioning of waste containers. This optimisation has maximised the use of the available area, contributing to smoother operational flow.
  • Improved Site Organisation and Aesthetics: The compacting power of the G140 has contributed to a more organised and aesthetically pleasing environment. This enhancement not only improves the visitor experience but also fosters a sense of order and cleanliness throughout the recycling centre.

Gradeall G140 has transformed the Ballymena household recycling centre into a more space-efficient, organised, and visitor-friendly facility, setting a new standard in waste management efficiency.


Realising Economic Advantages at Ballymena Recycling Centre with Gradeall G140

The introduction of the Gradeall G140 at the Ballymena household recycling centre has brought forth significant economic benefits. Its proficiency in reducing waste volume and cutting down collection frequencies has yielded considerable savings in various aspects:

  • Lowered Waste Collection Expenditure: The reduction in the number of waste collection trips has resulted in notable savings on transportation costs, including fuel and labour expenses.
  • Decreased Landfill Disposal Charges: The centre’s efforts in diverting waste away from landfills, facilitated by the G140, have led to a reduction in landfill fees, enhancing both cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • Boosted Operational Effectiveness: By streamlining waste handling processes, the G140 has reduced labour requirements, thereby elevating the overall efficiency of the centre’s waste management operations.

Future Aspirations at Ballymena Recycling Centre

Committed to ongoing advancements in waste management and environmental stewardship, the Ballymena household recycling centre is looking to further refine its waste handling processes and expand its recycling endeavours.

Key future initiatives

  • Regular Waste Audits: These will be conducted to pinpoint further opportunities for waste minimisation and diversion from landfill sites.
  • Educational Outreach: The centre plans to implement educational initiatives to guide residents on effective waste segregation and recycling practices.
  • Community Collaboration: By partnering with local businesses and organisations, the centre aims to propagate sustainable waste management practices throughout the community.

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Q&A on the Economic and Environmental Impact of Gradeall G140 at Ballymena Recycling Centre

Q: What economic benefits has the Gradeall G140 brought to the Ballymena household recycling centre?

A: The Gradeall G140 has led to significant cost savings for the centre, particularly in waste collection costs by reducing the frequency of waste collection trips, thereby saving on transportation and labour. Additionally, it has decreased landfill disposal fees and improved operational efficiency, leading to overall economic benefits.

Q: How does the G140 contribute to reducing landfill disposal fees?

A: By compacting and reducing the volume of waste, the G140 minimises the amount of waste sent to landfills, thus reducing the associated disposal fees and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Q: In what ways has the G140 improved operational efficiency at the centre?

A: The G140 has streamlined waste handling processes, reducing the labour required for waste management and enhancing the overall efficiency of the centre’s operations.

Q: What future plans does the Ballymena recycling centre have for waste management?

A: The centre plans to conduct regular waste audits to identify further waste reduction and diversion opportunities, implement educational programs on waste segregation and recycling, and collaborate with local businesses and organisations to promote sustainable waste management.

Q: How will the Gradeall G140 contribute to the centre’s future goals?

A: The G140 will continue to play a crucial role in achieving the centre’s goals by efficiently managing waste volumes, aiding in recycling initiatives, and supporting the centre’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Q: What role do educational programs play in the centre’s future plans?

A: Educational programs are crucial for raising awareness among residents about proper waste segregation and recycling practices, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the centre’s recycling efforts and reducing contamination in the recycling stream.

Q: How important is community collaboration in achieving sustainable waste management?

A: Community collaboration is vital for spreading sustainable waste management practices. By working with local businesses and organisations, the centre can extend its impact beyond its immediate operations and contribute to a broader culture of sustainability in the community.

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