Tyre Centre in Donegal

A Donegal-based tyre centre, required some way of reducing the amount of volume truck and agricultural tyres required for transport. Gradeall provided them with a Sidewall cutter fitted with the tread cutter attachment.

With this machine, they are able to effectively and reliably remove sidewalls from tyres ranging in size from small car tyres up to large agricultural tractor tyres. The tread cutter reduces the volume required by the tyres even further, allowing more waste tyres to be placed in a storage container where it can be then transported for further processing.

  • Easy to move machine on site
  • Sidewall and Tread cutter in one unit
  • Reduce the volume taken up by end of life tyres
  • Easy to use and safe control system
  • Long life blade fitted

"Gradeall provided us with this sidewall cutter for us to try out, we quickly realised how useful it could be for our business being able to reduce the space large tryes take up inside a truck before, this saves us quite a lot on storage and transport costs"

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