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As a large food wholesaler supplying fruit and vegetables to shops across the UK and Ireland. Inevitably they have quite a lot of food waste to deal with and required a portable compactor to do this.

However, one requirement was that the portable compactor be located outdoors as far as possible from the main warehouse and that it would be fed by tipping skips that could be easily cleaned to maintain good hygiene and avoid attracting rodents.

Gradeall manufactured a GPC P9 portable compactor, a chain lift pendulum type compactor which featured a tipping skip fed lid. This lid opened up hydraulically to allow materials to be fed into the compactor. The pendulum compaction was much more effective for the wet mushy food waste encountered here. A deodorising system and liquid retaining sealing was also specified to ensure the compactor did not leak or attract any unwanted vermin around it.


  • GPC P9 chain lift portable compactor
  • Pendulum head is ideal for wet food waste
  • Intelli fill remote monitoring system informs waste collection service when compactor is almost full
  • Hydraulically opening lid to allow for tipping skip material feeding, bin lift also available

"The compactor was installed quickly and efficiently, the service engineer provided very good training and other than the servicing schedule we have had no issues with this compactor."

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