G120 Compactors at Larne Redlands Site

Gradeall has recently installed two static Green waste compactors for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council at their Larne Redlands site.

Green waste had been a problem for the council as up until this point only open top skips were used, there were a few problems with open-topped skips which led to choosing waste compactors:

Green waste compactor, council waste compactor

Garden waste compactor for amenity sites

  • Waste was difficult to load evenly into the skips, in order to maximise payload efficiency someone had to manually distribute the waste across the skip.
  • The skips filled up quickly and required frequent collection
  • When the skips were away being emptied there were times when waste was thrown onto the ground requiring cleanup before the empty skip was brought back.

Gradeall provided 3D cad site layouts of the proposed new setup, with a pair of G120static waste compactors sitting beside each other and a reinforced galvanized steel walkway that permitted vehicles to drive on for easy material unloading. The compactors had high hoppers with double doors with magnetic interlocks to prevent the compactor operating when the doors were opened, electronic coded keypads were also fitted to prevent unauthorized use of the machines. These 3D layouts were given to council officials to review, suggest amendments and approve before work commenced

Static waste compactor for Garden waste, Green waste compactor

The machines have just been installed in November 2017, we will have a case study soon reporting on the savings that the council is experiencing as a result of using these new Green waste compactors.

However, benefits over an open top skip are:

  • Easier to load waste in via double door hoppers
  • Drive on vehicle deck makes unloading large quantities of bulky green waste easy.
  • Waste is compressed into a smaller volume allowing more waste into a container the same size as the previous skip.
  • Safe infrastructure; platform is surrounded by handrails, magnetically interlocked hopper doors and coded start for the compactor ensures the safety of people around the equipment.

Drive on static waste compactor   Larne Redlands Amenity site after Gradeall install static waste compactors New static waste compactors, Green waste compactors, council amenity site compactors  Drive on static green waste compactor, Static waste compactor Hedge trimming compactor, grass compactor, green waste compactor  Split door hopper, Skip fed hopper, Green waste compactor  Drive on deck load compactor, Green waste compactor  Green waste compactor


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