Cheltenham council open top G120

Cheltenham council has taken delivery of 3 G120 static waste compactors fitted with double-sided open top hoppers. This configuration was chosen to make it easier to load in large bulky waste.

Cheltenham borough council | Council amenity site

Initial site visit

Gradeall visited the site to carry out measurements and see what would suit the council’s requirements best, the site already had static compactors with open top hoppers but the loading aperture was too high on them and an inconvenient step was required. The old compactors had also reached the end of their service life and had been decommissioned due to mechanical faults.

Static waste compactor replacementStatic waste compactor replacement

Site layouts

Gradeall provided the council with a number of site layouts to allow them to evaluate different options. One was to have sliding door hoppers, the other was to have double-sided open-top hoppers that had a lower loading aperture to eradicate the need for a loading step. In the end, the council decided that the open-top hopper was preferable for this site

cheltenham open top cheltenham sliding door


Open top waste compactor for amenity site Static waste compactor for amenity site Staitc waste compactor for amenity siteStatic waste compactor for amenity site Cheltenham 3 Cheltenham 12

Members of the public putting waste into the compactors, coded keypads prevent unauthorised use.

IMG 2228 IMG 2231 IMG 2244


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